strawberry juice beside strawberry fruits
Juicing orange juice and pomegranate

My 3 Day Juicing Journey 🥬🍏🥒 | Day One #juicing #health #vlog

I decided to juice and exercise for 3 days
straight to see if i see any change at all. Im
no expert at this but im going to make it do
what it do!
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[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you Actually Um I just made this Vlog one vlog [Music] And um so today I’m just going to be Vlogging a little bit I’m gonna go to The store probably go get something to Cook from Walmart or Target Okay guys I got my mask on right now so Um I saw I decided that For the next three days I want to do Juicing for the three days I’m just Gonna try it for three days And I’m gonna see how I go from there I’m trying a new diet I’m trying to get Rid of this guts Baby this good has to go if nothing else On me goes this gut has to go ASAP before the holidays I want to be Body suits and sweatpants is this one or Whatever whatever I wear I want to look Better in my clothing so anyway I got Some strawberries And banana that’s what I’m starting off And then I realized dang my yogurt went Bad to make it I guess literally I don’t Know but I’m gonna try I may have to add

A little milk I know yogurt is better But um I’m going to the grocery store Today to get my yogurt and some more Vegetables and fruits and I kind of want To do it on a daily to go to the store So it could be more fresh as I juice on These next three days so y’all pray for Me if y’all got any um information y’all Know about this juicing what I can do For breakfast lunch dinner snack Whatever good combinations that’ll taste Good you know that’ll go down good and Now you know I won’t be it won’t be so Hard on me to uh drink or whatever so Leave a comment below right now if you Got any informative information on this Juicy all right y’all [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] It’s been over 30 minutes but um I wish I would have made I didn’t put no Strawberries and bananas in there to Make a full glass or whatever but I Ain’t gonna lie this dude got my stomach Going And I’m I’m you know juicing is supposed To you know go to the bathroom so for When I come back for dinner I’m gonna

Show you what Uh I’m going to drink For dinner okay but this was enough this Is like my Uh I say my snack Slayer’s lunch because for my breakfast I only had coffee this morning for a cup Of coffee this is the second thing and I’m gonna record my weight you know Through my measurements and I’m going to Exercise [Music] Now I’m in the car I’m on my way to the Grocery store see I’m still finished I’m Finishing up the last little bit of my Juice Strawberry banana Juice White [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hmm It’s not too bad And uh the benefits of this is supposed To be Weight loss Good for your skin and hair with the Apples and I don’t watch a couple YouTube videos before I went to the

Store and tomorrow this is my dinner I’m Gonna drink this whole thing Before you know I’m gonna try to drink it within the Next couple of hours because I ain’t Gonna lie like it’s just all that all That good man y’all got a cold too so I’m battling with that too but um yeah So that’s the end of this Vlog because It’s like this first Vlog is long yeah I Promise the day two will not be as long Um I have been trying to get it together So I’m gonna count it the next vlog’s Gonna be short I promise you so if you Got to to the end of this video Comment down below team juicy To let me know that you made it to end This video make sure you subscribe hit That notification Bell so you know every Time I post a new video hit the like Button share share share and make sure You tell a friend to tell a friend to Tell a friend that t Marie is on YouTube And I’ll see you all in the next vlogs You’re gonna