Nama J2 Fruit, Leafy Greens & Vegetable Juicer Now Available in 200+ Countries

John from announces that the Best-Selling Nama J2 Juicer is now available in 200+ countries around the world.

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In this episode, you will learn about the All-New Nama J2 International version that is designed for countries that use the 230v-240v standard including European Union, United Kingdom & Australia. These juicers will also work in other countries with an appropriate plug adapter.

First, you will learn about the modern and easy-to-understand packaging of the Nama J2 and how it is really neat & clean, and easy to unbox.

Next, you will learn why the Nama J2 juicer is John’s favorite juicer and why he uses it most in his kitchen. You will discover how this juicer is the juicer he would buy if he was in the market for a vertical slow juicer.

Next, John will compare the Nama J2 International Version and the Nama J2 North American Version. You will learn how these juicers are the same, and how these juicers are different. You will learn about how Nama J2 is continually being improved. You will see the two colors that the Nama J2 comes in and why you may want to buy one or the other. You will learn how to void your warranty on your machine if you use it in a non-authorized country.

You will learn why John would buy the Nama J2 over the similar Hurom slow Juicers and why he likes it over other vertical juicers on the market at this time.

You will discover how the Nama J2 juicer can juice almost all fruits, vegetables, and even leafy greens that can be juiced. John will juice in two Nama J2 Juicers at the same time! One juicer will make a fruit juice and the other will make a leafy green juice.

You will learn how using storage jars available at Ikea can be used to make juicing simple, quick, and easy in the Nama J2 by pre-preparing the produce in the jar and then dumping it into the juicer.

You will see the North American and the International Version of the Nama J2 Juice fruits and vegetables at the same time. You will learn how you can juice hands-free and have time to do other things in life besides babysitting your juicer. You will learn if juicing fruits or juicing leafy greens is faster in the J2 and why.

John will then taste test the juices for you and share his opinions of the flavors of the juice and which recipe he liked more.

Finally, John will share his final thoughts about the Nama J2 juicer and why you should purchase the Nama J2 juicer over other vertical juicers. You will also learn how Joe Cross of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is now promoting and recommending the Nama J2 Juicer.

After watching this episode, you will learn about the all new International Nama J2 Juicer that is now available.

Buy the Nama J2 International Version directly on Nama’s Site at
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Buy the Nama J2 North American Version directly on Nama’s Site at
use coupon code DJJ210 to get $55 off (10%) off.
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