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Out Of The Box Fitness Heroes

Our out-of-the-box fitness heroes refuse to conform to the traditional notions of exercise and physical fitness. They think beyond the gym, the weights, and the treadmill. Instead, they create new and innovative ways to stay fit and healthy, using everything from park benches and playground equipment to urban landscapes and natural terrain. They inspire us to embrace the world around us as our gym. These heroes prove that exercise can be fun, creative, and accessible to all. 

The third edition of Healthcare Heroes: Health-Tech & Wellbeing Conclave & Awards, presented by Dabur Vedic Herbal Tea and co-presented by Instashied and Piramal Finance, brings you such out-of-the-box fitness heroes.

Meet The Heroes

Our endeavour is to felicitate ingenious and unique fitness initiatives that help break the monotony of life and motivate people to stay fit.

Sohini Singh, Aerial Silks Expert

Sohini Singh is a true inspiration to anyone looking to push their limits and achieve heights in the world of aerial fitness. In aerial art, one or more artists execute acrobatics while suspended from a fabric. As a master of aerial silks and an accomplished hand balancer, she has honed her craft through years of dedication and rigorous training. But what sets her apart is her incredible skill and unwavering commitment to safety and injury prevention. Sohini’s classes are a testament to her dedication to making aerial fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level. With a focus on thorough conditioning and a step-by-step approach to mastering new tricks, her classes empower students to achieve their goals while maintaining safe and injury-free practice. 

Deepak Mali, Parkour Freerunner

Deepak Mali’s incredible journey from a professional parkour athlete to the co-founder of Team Make Your Own Way is nothing short of awe-inspiring. He is the director of this Pune-based sports team and Mumbai Parkour. With over 16 years of experience in the field, he has dedicated his life to mastering the art of parkour and freerunning. His passion has taken him to new heights, from performing stunts in Bollywood…


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