PURE Juicer Demo: Cold Pressed Cranberry-Pomegranate-Black Grape Juice

Boosting our immune systems with this powerhouse juice: CRANBERRY-BLACK GRAPE-POMEGRANATE
1 bag of organic cranberries (about 3.5 cups)
1 2 pound bag of organic black grapes
2 organic pomegranates
Yield: 44 oz.
Time: 20 minutes (30 with prep)
Adult & teenager approved
We put the grapes into the feed tube BEFORE we turned it on. We covered one hand over the feed tube and then turned the machine on. We fed the grinder with grapes and cranberries. We used a regular strainer – which works the best for grapes (fine strainer is preferred for cucumber and celery).

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Use a spatula to move the liquid out. Put 1+ (no more than 1.5) cups of mash into a liner and then into a cloth. Press slowly. Use a fine strainer and pour the juice from the bowl into the pitcher.
You can peel pomegranate to get rid of extra bitterness or simply slice in half, wrapping each half in its own cloth. Press slowly.
We included our method and timing of cleaning the juicer. We like to clean stage one after using. Then we clean the rest while the press is going and when it’s all done, we clean the cloths and juicer base. This method is fast and easy.
Lets dive into the health benefits from Dr. William Lis book, Eat to Beat Disease and Dr. Ruhoy, our Chief Medical Officer:
Cranberries are more than just an urban legend. The University of Gainesville found that not only does cranberry juice change the acidity of urine (making it harder for bacteria to grow) it changed the gamma delta T cells (a special type of immune T cell). These cells are first-responders to viruses and bacteria. The study found that people who drank two cups of cranberry juice a day had 16 percent fewer reports of cold and flu. *From Eat to Beat Disease
Pomegranate has been found to have a positive impact on Akkermansia mucinphila, which is associated with decreased gut inflammation, fighting obesity, and it has anti-tumor responses to some types of cancer immunotherapy. University of California, LA, studied 20 healthy volunteers who drank pure pomegranate juice (per day) for four weeks and found the increased presence of Akkermansia by 71 percent.
Black grapes are rich in resveratrol which is known to be antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. They are excellent for our mast cells (more to come on mast cells), and our mitochondria (the energy powerhouse for our bodies).
Not only are these ingredients good for your body and nourish it with what it craves to stay strong and vibrant but they are DELICIOUS!! We made this for ourselves and the kids tried it and drank the rest. Oh well! I guess we have to MAKE MORE JUICE!
Thanks do Dr. Li, Univ. of Gainsville, Univ. of CA, LA, and Dr. Ruhoy for helping us understand the power of the foods we eat and the science and magic behind them.
Happy Juicing!

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