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Reasons why this move-to-earn crypto will explode 30x in 2023

Web3 games are shaping our world as they aim to fix the various flaws in Web2 game models. Take the fitness industry for example, it was plagued by key problems that were exploitative in nature. Players still have to deal with poor quality games and get no direct incentives. But Web3 games are here to fix these issues, and Fight Out, an emerging metaverse crypto, is a great example of it. 

For anyone who has not yet heard of Fight Out let’s get to know this innovative project, which experts believe will grow 30x by 2023. Here is a comprehensive insight into Fight Out to better understand why it is expected to explode this year. 

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Introducing Fight Out, a unique fitness metaverse crypto based on move-2-earn model 

Fight Out originated as more than just another conceptual metaverse project that has no real-world utility to offer. At the core of it is the belief that gamers deserve “real” incentives, whether they are Web3 natives or not. To achieve this, its founding team has prioritized the health and fitness of every participant because there is no better reward than health. 

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Thus by combining real-life physical exercises in a play-to-earn model used for gaming, Fight Out offers a unique Move-to-Earn opportunity. In a Move-to-Earn model which is Web3 integrated, participants are rewarded for meeting their fitness goals. This makes the Fight Out platform that missing link we all needed to join web2 users to the Web3 world. 

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Reasons to add Fight Out (FGHT) in your portfolio 

Now that we have an idea of what this project is all about, we know why it’s so popular in the crypto market. But even so, this isn’t enough to convince buyers to consider Fight Out as a worthwhile investment for 2023. To be able to make that choice and support Fight Out as it grows to surpass 30x its current value, one needs logical reasons. 

Therefore, we present 6 obvious reasons to buy Fight Out while you still can and profit from its incessant growth. 

1. Expert team creating a vast ecosystem 

This project…


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