strawberry juice beside strawberry fruits
Juicing orange juice and pomegranate


I can tell the season is changing because my thoughts have become dominated by all the seasonal foods I want to cook –– it happens to me every late summer/early fall.

I love to be in the kitchen at this time of year.

The harvest season feels so abundant, the farmers market is exploding with bounty, and the recipes I daydream of making are all born through my heightened #foodspiration.

So, rather than choosing just one recipe to share with you this week (almost impossible!), I decided scroll back through the Boulder Nutrition archive to gather a slew of my favorites of the season.

First on my list to make this week was my go-to Wild Mushroom Bisque — it was heavenly.

This past weekend, Jason and I hiked on some of our favorite trails in the mountains where the leaves were just beginning to turn, and we were wowed by the impressive wild mushroom varieties throughout the forest floor.

I long to be a confident mushroom hunter –– some day I will hone that skill –– but for now it is to my long standing wild mushroom source, Hazel Del Mushrooms, for all the varieties (including my favorite, Lion’s Mane).

I hope you enjoy some of these favorite September seasonal foods and recipes, and please feel free to share your creations by tagging me @bouldernutrition — I’d love to see them!


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