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1. Prepare Your Food With Intention And Mindfulness

You may focus your attention more on your eating and less on the act of preparing your food. In the tradition of Ayurveda, attention is encouraged in both activities. Sadhana is a common Ayurvedic practice of being present in everything you do. Food prepared with sadhana is food prepared with intention, prayer, mindfulness, and awareness. This kind of preparation is said to enhance the potency and vibration of your food.

Traditionally, Sadhana is seen in examples such as the grinding of masala in the mortar and pestle while chanting, praying, and being surrounded with community and love. Notably, the kitchen is often considered the heart of the house. The kitchen is where food is created to nourish your whole self, where your love for your family (and yourself) can turn into a nourishing meal. One study showed that people chose healthier foods when the food was self-prepared.

Try this:

Start with simple foods and recipes.

Set an intention for the food you are cooking.

Bring your attention to creating healing food for yourself and others.

Think of your food preparation as a sacred act to nourish those who will enjoy the food.

Chop your ingredients slowly and mindfully.

Create a sacred space in your kitchen through creating ambiance, praying, chanting, singing, or meditating.

2. Set a Seasonal Table

Every season is full of opportunity for a decorative seasonal table. From simple to complex décor, you can bring your own creativity and flare to the table. Whether you are sharing a romantic meal with your beloved, entertaining your favorite friends, savoring a quiet moment to yourself, or enjoying a family meal celebration, take a moment to set your table.

With a sacred seasonal space to sit and enjoy your meal, not only will you connect more deeply to your mealtime, but you will also honor nature and the seasons in the process. Sitting down to a pretty table (of your choice and style) can set the stage for you to feel comfort, intention, and presence when you eat.

Try this:

Clear away the clutter, papers, and various things that pile up on your table.

In the fall,…


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