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This week has felt like a great big exhale to me.  

While I love the summer vibes of fun, spontaneity, and expansion, as per usual for late August, I’m craving a bit more routine and structure. 

This is my favorite time of year to reset my rhythm.

Our ancestors lived in harmony with natures rhythms and cycles, which then determined their circadian rhythm.

Our circadian rhythm connects directly to our primal brains –– impacting all of our involuntary systems –– and hence, our over all well-being.
Every aspect of our daily life is rhythmic.

For example, our internal clock prepares us to wake up in the morning by lowering melatonin, increasing cortisol, increasing the speed of our breathing, picking up pace of our heart beats, raising blood pressure levels, and increasing our body temperature.

Our circadian rhythm (influenced by the ☀️) optimizes all of our biological functions.

Our circadian rhythm is governed by melanopsin, the light sensing protein found in our retinas. This is why exposure to sunshine throughout our day (especially in the morning) has such profound health benefits.

Although many of us are guided by technology (alarm clocks, artificial light, and long hours on our screens), the circadian system is malleable, meaning there many ways to continually reset our circadian rhythm, to improve our well-being.

With a new rhythm emerging for many of us, as the back to school season (and late summer) is upon us, you may find with just a few micro-adjustments you can set up you and your family for success to find optimal energy, brain function, focus, deep sleep, and circadian health:

Eat a blood sugar balancing breakfast: Our blood sugar is most sensitive in the mornings, and with all that we are up to most days, we need strong and stable blood sugar levels to carry us through, especially in the morning. Research shows that focus issues such as ADD and ADHD both occur in those with more sensitive blood sugar, and symptoms are also are dramatically improved with stabilized blood sugar. You can check out one of my favorite ways to do this in a new reel I made HERE.

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