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I’ve spent the past few days settling back in at home after a beautiful and healing retreat week in Bali.

I needed this retreat as much as my guests this year, and I declared a very clear and much needed retreat intention before I left. 

To do some deep inner healing within my nervous system.

This spring, I have been holding a lot of tension in my body. I could feel it deep in my cells and embedded in my nervous system. The state of the world combined with the ups and downs of being a human had left me with some residual stress and intense nervous system holding patterns that I was not resolving as well as usual.

To be totally transparent, I was having a really hard time relaxing and sleeping.

While I am still sorting out exactly what converged for me in Bali, I am more certain than ever that the land of Bali is one of the most healing places I’ve ever been –– for me and for my guests.

🌺 The Bali magic is palpable!

I am happy to say, over my 10 day stay, I experienced some very deep relief, stress resolution, restful sleep, and found myself coming home with a much deeper well of joy and happiness than I have felt in a very long long time.

Just last night Jason affirmed to me that I seem much lighter than before I left.

To that end, and in celebration of the SATIATE YOUR SOUL ~ BALI 2023 dates opening for registration today (with limited space!), I wanted to share some of the healing virtues of Bali that inspire me most, and keep me returning year after year.


RITUAL: If you know me, you know I like to ritualize my daily tasks whenever possible. Within Balinese Hinduism there are many daily, monthly, and seasonal rituals that underscore the spirituality of the Balinese. From how they set the table for a meal, to creating elaborate flower mandalas, to their monthly full moon ceremonies (pictured below), mindful nature-based ritual plays an integral part in the daily life on Bali.


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