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Take action against the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ newest “Evidenced-Based Guidelines”

Are you someone who believes in a non-stigmatizing, weight-inclusive approach to health? If so, please continue reading – a very powerful organization is trying to put forth guidelines that will have severe health consequences for higher-weight people.

Whether you’re a dietitian, healthcare provider, or community member with lived experience — any human who believes in and/or who has personally seen the benefits of a HAES-aligned approach to health and wellbeing — I’m asking you to take 2 minutes to share your thoughts with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

More details and a link to provide feedback is below (if you’re unsure what to say, keep reading).

If you haven’t already heard, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has opened up public comments for their newest “Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines” regarding Medical Nutrition Therapy Interventions for Adult O******** and O****** Treatment.

Unfortunately, these guidelines are incredibly problematic and have the potential to do large amounts of harm if they are adopted.

Some of the many (many) issues with these guidelines:

The guidelines are full of – and perpetuate – anti-fat bias and weight stigma (which is an independent risk factor for poor health)They use poor quality evidence to back their recommendations (mainly citing 1C and 2C research – i.e. “they can’t even back up their own BS”)They use that faulty “science” to say that dietitians should not use a HAES approach to health and nutritionThey omitted the vast amounts of research that speak to the limitations of the BMIThere is no inclusion or acknowledgment of the Social Determinants of Health (which account for at least 2/3 of health outcomes) on the health of higher weight individualsThey completely mischaracterize the HAES paradigmThey recommend disordered eating behaviors including severe calorie restriction, which we know does not work in the long term for the vast majority of people AND contributes to weight cycling (which, as weight stigma, is an independent risk factor for CVD, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and much more)



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