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The Four Best Selling Supplements on

Today’s article promises to be a fun one, and very likely the last one I’ll publish this year.

In order to best understand consumer health trends, I frequently monitor Amazon Canada’s top selling supplements list.

This is an imperfect but serviceable way to understand which types of supplements are being purchased with high frequency in Canada.

So what I’m  going to do next is as follows:

Identify The Four Supplements Which Most Frequently Occupied The Top 5 Spots On The List
Comment On Whether The Supplement “Works” And Link To My Writing/Commentary On It

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Given that fish is the only truly robust source of Vitamin D3 and that a significant portion of the Canadian population has suboptimal blood levels of this elusive nutrient, it should come as no surprise that Vitamin D3 perpetually remains on the top 5 list.

If you’d like to learn more about the role fish intake has to play to boost your Vitamin D3 status, please do read my article on the subject which can be accessed by clicking through the graphic below.

My regular readers will know that I pay an incredible deal of attention to the role that nutrition and supplementation has to play in modulating skin health and skin aging.

I do this, above all else, because I know its a topic that generates a great deal of curiosity.

Generally collagen has demonstrated some efficacy to improve skin hydration, skin elasticity and reduce skin wrinkles.

Keep in mind as well that food has a massive role to play in maintaining skin vitality, you can read blogs from my website on both topics – linked below via the images.

Magnesium, wow….

This is one  POPULAR mineral.

Magnesium is found in important foods that tend to be under consumed or under appreciated, which is why nearly half of the adults in Canada do not consume enough.

Supplementing magnesium, for example, may help individuals who suffer from migraine.

The reality is, however, that strategic dietary enhancements ( see below, and click through to learn more) should reduce the need for broad magnesium supplementation in otherwise healthy…


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