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This Fitness Tracker Helped Me Nail the Balance Between Moving and Resting—and It’s Up to 46% Off

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It tracks my sleep, steps, intensity, activities, and more.

I have a slight obsession with fitness trackers. I’m of the habit-stacking productivity mindset: that if you track something, you can improve it. I love externalizing my athletic motivation to a device, and I find that knowing which days I should rest and which days I should push myself helps me stay consistently active. At this point, I’ve tried several—the Whoop, Apple Watch, and a borrowed FitBit—but I have landed on the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music as a jack-of-all-trades choice that boosts both my performance and recovery. More so than even tracking my fitness, this device actually forces me to listen to my body and relax. And for a limited time only, the smartwatch is on sale for up to a whopping 46 percent off.

To buy: $190 (was $350);

First and foremost, in my search, I cared that my smartwatch would have step and workout goals. I find that completing my rings, getting my checkbox, or whatever motivational function a specific brand uses keeps me moving throughout my day. Next, as a relatively hit-or-miss sleeper, I wanted a device that would stockpile data to  help me build a helpful nighttime routine. I also love the validation when I get a bad sleep; it allows me to be more gracious with myself about resting and taking it easy. As I explored various fitness devices, I also realized that I didn’t want to have to charge my watch every night and I didn’t want to pay into a monthly fee system.

While Garmin offers a variety of watches meant for everyone from the casual mover to the ultramarathoner (not me), I chose the Garmin 245 Forerunner Music as a comfortable middle ground. My exercise regimen varies. At my core, I’m a runner who hopes to complete a marathon this year, so the device has built-in training plans and benchmarks to track my pace, GPS, heart rate, training status, and more. Still, the watch has activity settings ranging from yoga to cross-country skiing to boxing, so there’s plenty of room to explore.



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