This Single Ingredient Juice Gives You Energy & Calms You | Ash Gourd Juice

John from shares with you how to make the best ash gourd juice that will give you energy and a sense of calm at the same time.

In this episode, John will share a little-known vegetable that is high in pranic energy according to Indian Guru Sadguru. This vegetable is one of the highest in prana according to yogic traditions and Ayurvedic principles.

You will learn the best cold press juicer to make the most nutritious ash gourd juice. You will learn where you can buy ash gourds in the USA.

First, you will learn about some of the benefits of the winter melon aka ash gourd and why using a blender or high-speed juice is not the best for making ash gourd juice.

Next, you will learn more about juicing the ash gourd and why a vertical slow juicer may be the best kind of juicer to extract the nutrients out of the ash gourd fruit and ash gourd seeds

You will learn why it is important not to juice too many ash gourd seeds at once, or how it can jam up your juicer. You will discover how to clear out the juicer should it get clogged during mid-juicing.

You will learn about a special tool that can make cutting up ash gourd easier.

Finally, you will learn what 100% ash gourd juice tastes like and his thoughts.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about the best juicer to make ash gourd juice, its benefits & how it tastes.

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