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TikTok fitness influencer Liver King admits using steroids after claiming diet of raw organs helped him build muscle

Social media’s self-proclaimed “Liver King”, who gained fame by claiming a diet of raw animal organs helped him naturally obtain his muscular physique, has been exposed as a heavy steroid user.

Brian Johnson, 45, gained millions of followers who watched him eating raw animal liver, bull’s testicles, cow’s lungs and other organs.

Johnson promised to help fans unlock their “highest and most dominant form” by sticking to an “ancient primal” carnivorous diet.

Appearing on numerous podcasts, videos and in interviews, he always firmly maintained that he obtained his herculean physique naturally, without the use of any type of steroids.

“The question has always been, ‘Do you take steroids? Do you take [performance enhancing drugs]?’ The answer to that is no. I’ve always told the truth, I still tell the truth”, he said on a podcast in October.

About two months later, the Liver King sits shirtless on a throne-like chair in a dimly lit space, apologising to his followers.

In the YouTube video that has been viewed more than 2.8 million times, he comes clean and confesses his lies.

“Before social media, I was rich and anonymous and after social media, I’m still rich, but no longer anonymous. I never expected this kind of exposure,” he says. 

“Yes, I’ve done steroids. And yes, I’m on steroids, monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician.” 

The confession came just a few days after Johnson was exposed by fellow fitness YouTube star Derek, aka More Plates More Dates.

Derek showed his followers what he said were leaked emails from the Liver King asking for advice on his steroid use.

In the emails, Johnson allegedly said he was spending about $US11,000 ($16,400) a month on steroids.

Young men adopting unrealistic standards

Dr Mair Underwood, an anthropologist who specialises in the study of bodybuilding culture at the University of Queensland, said the reveal did not come as a surprise.

“Anyone who’s seriously into fitness would look at the Liver King’s body and say that is an enhanced body,” she said.

And she said she was sceptical about Johnson’s claim that his quest for fame was motivated by a desire to help…


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