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Unexpected Things I Learned from The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

At the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, we don’t hold back from prospective students. We lay out the full course curriculum, the types of assignments students complete, what our grads are doing in the field and how we structure our teaching – plus we throw open our doors for virtual sample classes and offer a detailed info session with our director and founder, Meghan Telpner. Still, every year our students are delighted by the unexpected things they learned during the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. Today, our alumni are sharing these tidbits with you!

unexpected things I learned from the  Culinary Nutrition Expert program

Name: Jenna Richards

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Unexpected Thing I Learned:

That kale is yummy! Honestly, I know it sounds silly, but I really didn’t know how to make kale taste good and now we eat it almost every day.

Name: Caroline Sabbah

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Unexpected Thing I Learned:

Having us submit pictures of our weekly recipes as homework really helped me develop my love for food photography, recipe development and also helped with the creation of my Instagram page. I also learned how to make elixirs on my own!

Name: Disha Kagdada

Location: Singapore

Unexpected Thing I Learned:

Blog writing is something I didn’t expect to learn in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. It gave me the right steps to help uncover my writing skills.

Name: Michelle Marshall

Location: Newmarket, Ontario

Unexpected Thing I Learned:

I was surprised at how the training from the course fit so easily into everyday life, and how much it changed my thinking about food and its therapeutic qualities. Right after finishing the program, my mom became very ill. Because of my Culinary Nutrition Expert training, I was able to do the research necessary to make health supportive meals to give her body a chance to heal.

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Name: Melissa Torio

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Unexpected Thing I Learned:

I didn’t expect to appreciate meal planning so much. Eating and preparing real…


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