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Mm-hmm I’m thinking we play some Kelly today Now I’m gonna lie to you [Music] All right so [Music] [Music] Foreign Great meme what’s going on man welcome In yes yes yes What’s going on man Welcome in [Music] It’s just chilling here likewise I’ll Never get that many viewers today dude I haven’t trimmed them white scene in Such a long time I’ll be damned if we get a lot of years Today Bringing shattered hope Part of me wonders if I should bring Blighted serum clown I wonder How was your day today Don’t mind me asking [Music] Just for the flashlight not so bad [Music] Foreign [Music] I don’t know how long this stream is Going to be tonight I’m being honest on uh on here [Music] Terrible map wow

Foreign I’m not using the uh the brown add-on Bruh I’m playing like [ __ ] Foreign Foreign I’m not playing too good the Survivor is Actually half decent pushing away from That challenge and was really smart on My end I’ll try to do that for a minute But she’s playing pretty good We did a people spun in Shack that was Unlucky Much spotted like dead center map is That you’re gonna have people spawn on Like all edges you know what I mean Plus it’s bad because I’m not really Used to um the arc on these bottles I’ve Been um using a lot of his brown add-on Which changes like the Arc of his Bottles and whatnot That’s like your dead hurt if you’ve got It Laughs [Applause] [Music] Oh I know somebody else is right there [Music] What in the world Foreign Great path thing Oh hello Survivor Nice

[Music] I don’t even said it’s worth wasting pop On Nobody’s in here Hmm She’s got life we stay pretty close to Her though with our haste A good Clown playing Hold on I I hear someone I thought as Toxic ass let me um hook him and then Let me go back to that agenda kicker and Uh I’ll read that Actos in here welcome in bro All right let me read this I thought this toxic went a while back And almost escaped alive I think I Already told you this so that was all Stopped back to YouTube holy Jesus uh Only for A little bit Oh there you are I think I might have misplayed that Bottle I forgot it’s not a grab unless she’s Injured it feels [ __ ] rough dude This is one of the best setups for this Map [Music] Oh misplayed it oh well I gotta leave here though Uh that bus orange is just really strong Laughs Hahaha Ah

A Thank you I was gonna hit the tree oh that’s Unlucky Still got haste from it though That honey What in the world Okay Um yeah actually I can take this chance I was gonna leave but [ __ ] I’ll take A 2king clown First game back She booked it this way Oh I have no bottles Beautiful I can hook on this side Ah You got one down It’s a 2K first came on I don’t think This is bad Uh this is a pretty terrible map for Clone anyways uh map is just so huge [Music] [Music] Yeah I don’t think they’re going to make Much of an attempt to save here I mean They’re next to a door but I mean I’m on That door so Open up the tree Yes It’s dumb Oh yeah too bad too bad too bad did you Want blood Um they’re really going to abandon her I Know dude come on now they’re supposed

To save so I can get that 3K come on now Dude you won’t play it tough one for the First game on Not even that good of a team to be Honest it was just a bad MAP that’s Really all what it came down to I think I could have played a bit meaner and Tunneled someone out a bit sooner but No I said [ __ ] it Excuse me I think eating your dead heart Too really burned me I could have ate Her dead heart or if I didn’t eat her Dead heart and I would have just hooked Her right away I would have gone Immediately to the other end of the map And then I think I would have um Been able to catch one of them I think from there my game would have Been a little bit easier to win but Eating that dead heart really sucked Because when the chase lasted that much Longer feels bad Octon welcome in uh villain Pokemon Great meme thank you guys for all being Here appreciate it 3 30 is unlocked though that’s not bad What’s the killer that you’re best at Probably demogor again Uh either a demogorgon or probably like Oh God I wouldn’t even know probably Demogorgon Understand though I’ve got um I haven’t played him in a hot minute I’ve been trying to stick with like

Clown momentarily so [Music] I wouldn’t really say there’s a killer That I’m best at I’d be like the killer That I most enjoy playing You know and currently that’s clown for Me [Music] All right right No I just like this gameplay a lot I don’t know I’m also going to be Throwing on because I think I’m better With that and I probably shouldn’t be Using it because like I think I’m Getting reliant on the add-on but um Hold on I’m really liking this brown add-on I don’t know like when when um using his Brown add-on Um This one it helps more when they’re out In the open I think it’s harder to use Though when you’re trying to throw it Over something right I mean there are times when I’m trying To use this add-on There are times when I’m trying to use This um this brown add-on when I’m on Like an Indoor map or like when I’m surrounded By trees or something and this I don’t Think it’s like really hard to use you Know I’m trying not to get more light on that

Add-on though because I mean dude it’s a Really good add-on for clown I feel like You know it makes his bottles way Smoother I feel like [Music] [Music] I don’t know if I mean I like clowns um Stretch our strategic play style almost Where like you have to know where you Want to place your bottles you know Throw down a haste throw down a Slow down throw it on a haste bottle Throw it on a slow down bottle you know Figure out where the best positions to Place them at like where are they gonna Path so that they run into the bottles You know like that’s the [ __ ] I like About clown you know it’s almost the Same thing with Trapper only I hate to Have a trap or you have to go around the Map and like replace down your traps in Better spots I hate that aspect because By then you’re losing like two to three Gens and I hate that aspect but clown at Least you have the bottles and like I think he’s nice to work with you know Like I really enjoy clown Yeah no it’s like you got four bottles Right five five or six if you bring an Ad on but base kid four you’ve got to Understand where you want to use your Haste bottles to try to speed up and Catch survivors off guard because the Hay spot along clown is actually worth

It you know like his haste is like up by Like an extra 10 Hayes and that is [ __ ] nasty if a Survivor runs through His haste it’s like they got Sprint Burst for like five or six seconds However long the duration is that Doesn’t tell you how good his haste is It’s crazy fast tough map I [ __ ] hate This map Um Last time I was on this map I had good Survivors and I got bullied for like 20 Minutes And again we spawned middle map again so I could have literally spawned anywhere I see someone or is that a pumpkin That’s a pumpkin There you are [Music] Foreign I love you She’s got a med kit plus that’s her Obsession unfortunately And she’s not even running into it oh my God that’s funny Not a whole lot of places where I can go Here That’s why we bring shattered hope That’s why we bring shattered hope These houses are just such a pain in the Ass to go through I feel like It’s like you know they’re around Somewhere right you know so it’s just Like uh

Hate it [Music] Foreign Just a WQ potential if you run these Houses to your advantage are such a Burden You probably got done here Bruh Bruh dude it’s so [ __ ] framing on my Screen right now thank you The new maps suck yeah I don’t know I just don’t like RPD or Have anything because how framing it Feels of maps get Such an annoyance There you are Perfect One of those nuts were like I really Don’t want to camp but like I just want To get this match over with so whether They want to generate me and I camp I’m Fine with you know Brooke My bottle fairs are [ __ ] terrible That I’ll admit The [ __ ] is this girl’s pathing I have a feeling she’s got windows Foreign Dude the [ __ ] frames on my screen are Surreal dude I hate [ __ ] playing like this but my Frames are just atrocious This girl this pathing is just horrible Oh my [ __ ] god

Please take that I’m all for it Foreign I can start happening now Okay just walking by you all right dude These games have been [ __ ] tough And then I telling somebody out though Pretty much got the whole team off of Jen’s No healing back here Oh My God Yeah we stood on the haste first and Then you throw it on the Slowdown Understand that Haze has to have time to Like I guess collect itself if that Makes sense has to have time to uh Foreign Falls from here you know My boy what’s going on dude been a while What did they run sir You got this I mean dude I’m struggling This is a tough map Or no no pretty much all I’m trying to Do is cut people off guard hand red uh Oh can’t be having that I’m actually giving up for a reason I’m Fine with that Just protecting my little clutton on Hook yeah I’m from just gamer Guns live Stream nice Are you doing better than I would I mean I had a tunnel somebody out there like You gotta understand this is a horrible Map for killer

Hmm Yeah it feels like any almost any other Outdoor map I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be Playing like this it’s just this is such A horrendous map for killer Hey remember me of course I remember you Bro How’s your Shooter’s been going All right Juju [Music] Oh wow That’s like a 3K on this map I can’t Understand this is a terrible [ __ ] Map Get out Oh no [ __ ] how many Subs are you at Because I thought you had to have a Thousand Subs with four thousand watch Hours what do you want Yeah that’s great dude happy for you Did you won’t play [Music] I know on Twitch uh your first buyout Has to be um Their payout sorry it has to be um Like 50 bucks Um and you have to have I think 50 Followers and That was I think just 50 followers I Think Hey likewise man appreciate it That’s to say you’re still streaming Dude Uh tough team God I [ __ ] hate that

Map with a passion Um so we had triple Boon we had Shadows Or uh shattered hope I’ll pay it was I don’t even know how Much that is in the US uh but nice Clown one of your Mains dude I really Enjoyed playing as soon Like I think he was a hell I think he’s A hell of a lot of fun I just don’t like how he’s so like map Reliant at times you know get a map like Had and feel Larry’s or some [ __ ] and You are barely gonna get like a one or a 2K you know or like something like maybe I don’t know and then you get something Like autohaven and I swear to God even At a minimum get like a 3K [Music] I can sell them I just really like Playing them I love this play style Haste bottle slow down hey slow down I Think it’s so fun and just the mechanics Of the bottle there is just super cool That’s from dodos and super chats and Ads nice dude here I gotta stop by let Me open up your channel real fast Dude I have not been over and I have not Been on YouTube in so long man I left a Lot of people behind [Music] No [ __ ] 1.34 Subs What’s your most popular what’s your Most popular upload like I don’t know [Music]

Because you had to have pulled like a Big like a big views from somewhere 60 views 40 views I’m still looking man [Music] Thanks [Music] I love how you have like the same title For like damn near like 15 16 videos Oh my God never mind it keeps going oh And everybody keeps going oh it’s funny No that’s cool Glad you’re popping off on YouTube Oh no Thor like for dude like this Add-on on clown hold on uh not this one Sorry Um this add-on on clown is one of my Favorites I’m trying not to get reliant On it though What the [ __ ] yeah we back on YouTube Bro We’re back on YouTube I’m just trying not to get reliant on The add-on you know I feel like [Music] I’ll be honest corn lips you weren’t Supposed to see me on here I thought I’d swim pretty little oh Never mind it’s like 7 30. yeah that Wasn’t supposed to stream this early No I’m just kidding um you’ve been on Fortnite yet for the new event or no I want to pop a monster in a minute

Monster do be hitting different though [Music] Foreign Together you know [Music] Social security number okay Love that are you napping coin lips How’s it been though [Music] Foreign Ain’t no way what’s going on man Also I’m surprised we only got like four Viewers bro I wasn’t even expecting like Two It’s been such a long time since I’ve Streamed on YT it’s crazy man [Music] Still a tough map but it’s not as bad Oh My God Damn it dude What the hell Yeah True How to make sure there’s no that hurt Coming up this knee looks sweaty had to Make sure there’s no dead hard [Music] Steak Trip’s gonna get me killed Foreign Just the wrong [ __ ] generator dude Feels bad [Music] Obsession

Foreign ERS tonight [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] I swear to God I will tunnel you caught Up [Music] Drop that check out say I won’t [Applause] Ah [Applause] Laughs Foreign Foreign Laughs [Applause] Oh early swing my bad I thought VTech on the tree I like that Hold on I’ll miss playing the bottle I’m lucky I saw her leave just shy Foreign Foreign [Applause] Oh come on we’re trying for it Damn all right we gotta go for the pick [Applause] Look you just been the hook his hair has Been broken so we’re gonna look back Here Already fully healed by the way holy [ __ ] uh green Med kit Maybe

That’s quick as [ __ ] Damn this girl knows she’s good too Instapole Foreign Hmm She left mad [ __ ] early for that too Can’t stay here for very long She’s gonna go tap and then she gets Locked in here Oh It was a bad battle through Oh dude well [ __ ] played I didn’t see Your scratchbacks leave Foreign Dude I saw these players like to play I’m surprised you won that Laughs I cannot leave your slug Dunes girl’s The type to run like unbreakable and [ __ ] [Music] Yeah dude this chick was really good Ladder and Chase out the stone She was definitely really good A lot of time at Maine too I thought I played that map kinda good Too Kind of not really good but I misplayed A lot of my bottles when I was trying to Unthrow them A simple pip not too cozy [ __ ] me those Uh later was using a green Med kit yeah It makes sense that was a fast [ __ ] Heal

Can’t tell if this was a swift or not Though I just think it was good perks uh Nia was running windows by the way Holy [ __ ] Windows three of them uh That hard dead hard Sprint burst nothing Off the Record off the Record Surprised that ADA wasn’t running Resilience I just seem to know what she Was doing but with Kindred and bond Makes me tells me that she was a solo Queue player Good team a brand new part Um flashlight Syringement kit yeah damn good build GG I figured if Claudette was just gonna Aggro me get my face and whatnot just to Prevent me from having safe Stacks I Forgot I should just kill her off fast Though I still don’t know if that was a bad Player or not it got me a lot of Pressure at the start and Claudette Wasn’t one of the best Loopers in the Game so it was nice [Music] Foreign though That ADA could really make um That either could really make something Out of nothing in a lot of places good On her Foot dude that fov3 attack pissed me off So hard that was so good That makes me want to try it when I’m uh That makes me want to try it

[Music] Our first [ __ ] cigar box dude I can’t Believe I had to go through like two Full prestiges to get the [ __ ] cigar Box that is so [ __ ] Under the tarnish gloves give me the Cigar box I don’t know why they give me the cigar Box like rations bro it’s [ __ ] Infuriating All right I want to show you guys how Decent cigar box is so let me um later On a build just for cigar box right Cigar box and then invigorate duration Which is right here Or survivors whenever the clown of the Server is invigorated they see all the Other Survivor and killer ores within 16 Meters right so we bring that with Invigorated add-on right then we bring A blackboards because I don’t want to Lose the add-ons I usually bring like a Map like um the game or something for This because the game is pretty small Actually maybe better yet something like RPD RPG doesn’t have as many pallets and I can win most pallets on that map But no you bring um those two add-ons And I will show you how monstrous uh It is dude I mean the aura reading is Just nuts it’s great [Music] Part of me wants to run um Like an end game perk with us because I

Don’t think shutter hope is going to be Needed as much right I wish we try to bring something like Hold on hold on hold on hold on [Music] I don’t really want to bring no Ed but I Might bring No Way Out actually to go With a I feel like for getting very little very Little Um Boon value I think I’m just gonna throw On no way out because usually I’m Getting down to like three survivors Left in the end game And the end game is where you can maybe Most of the time make something work so We’re gonna try this build instead and Then we’re gonna bring these two uh Add-ons because I just want to show you Like how decent they are together it’s It’s nice it’s nice [Music] I don’t like the look of this baby mag Baby magazine for Siege 32. I’m a little Scared bro a little scared Hip hip Hooray Not man um are you one or no I remember just on a YouTube for once [Music] Again I don’t know how often we’re gonna Be on this account but Welcome everyone back to the tube

No man I don’t know how much I’m gonna Stream on YouTube but I mean I just Figured for some Nostalgia and for some Of those people I can’t watch on Twitch Maybe I’ll start streaming on YouTube Like once or twice a week who knows It should be always it shouldn’t be Always I prefer twitch Twitch chat and just over on this twitch [Music] That could be why is that Geo why is That I think it’s easier to find them I think It’s easier to find people on a I think it’s easier to find people on Twitch in my opinion Foreign [Applause] I don’t even know where that was from I Wasn’t paying attention Foreign Jesus I seem like you’re so quick Oh My God Oh man Ah I’m gonna play a little hit in the room Now [Applause] And that’s why we bring haste [Music] Foreign Foreign

Hahaha [Applause] [Music] No she’s done Foreign I’m not willing to take this Chase here All right Oh what the [ __ ] did I just get caught On dude What the [ __ ] is this dude’s ping Dude [ __ ] your lag bro it is so horrible I gotta check my girls temperature first Oh dude you are totally fine Ah A What the [ __ ] is your thought process There You’re dead on hook which is the only Reason I’m committing to this [ __ ] I hate that [Music] [Music] Shows distortion Damage your guns bro No I probably should shouldn’t I No hold on Foreign [ __ ] love you for that I’m trying to beat up my ass Thank you That’s a waste bottle I understand that Foreign Foreign That’s good for me

Happy and substitute event Foreign All right Normally I was still up dude Foreign She does have [ __ ] distressing dammit I’m not distressing sorry uh distortion I can’t believe she just got that on me I need a hook here I’m getting greedy I can still pull a 3K out of this game Oh I’m lucky I got hesitated for too long My stick drift burned me this game And the Distortion is pretty good that Really [ __ ] me over I both at the door Brad distortion Foreign Look at that dude Distortion for the Dove damn dude [ __ ] Oh well 2K on that map I could have played better dude [ __ ] I Gotta get a new controller because every Time you guys see me like look up and Like flick my screen up when I’m trying To look down like that’s my stick drift Kicking in so you guys know like what That is Super frustrating Rebecca’s Distortion came in clutches [ __ ] that game I could not see her at all That’s that burned me I’m self-care too [ __ ] yikes

The bottles were nice but Nah dude the [ __ ] Man Distortion’s good [Music] Ethan first originally found me when I Was on YouTube I’m still iffy unsave dude like do you Have like a not so good team who doesn’t Know who are like in a solo queue who Don’t know that I have save The Best For Last can be so strong on Clown same thing with brutal strength Which is why I’m bringing it [ __ ] man Yeah dude Isn’t as bad on YouTube for a long time That was a joke There’s a lot of noise gym as if I’m not Playing like the worst [ __ ] killer in The game [Music] Again I do think knowing outs the move I Just like again same thing with no way Out I activated I was able to get like An extra three hooks and Personally I think I should have tried To get someone killed during no way out While that was up I think it was not Smart for me to get everybody on death Hook I think I [ __ ] up there to be honest Mm-hmm [Music]

[Music] Debating if I should bring sloppy Butcher instead of Save The Best For Last I just don’t like how some games I get Like amazing value out of saving other Games like I get like no value out of Save you know Like part of me wants to run something Better because I’m getting a ton of Value out of brutal A ton of value out of Pop I mean last Game I got great value out of no way out I just didn’t punch them enough for it I Feel the way I should have [Music] Hey niggs hey Evan how are we doing Tonight [Music] Foreign [Music] The same add-ons though chant one more Time See it scares me because like off the Record in Distortion both like they both Cut me it’s [ __ ] It’s weird seeing me stream on YouTube Again yeah First person that said that but yeah no It’s true I did more for Nostalgia I guess Back to my old YouTube days Yeah I figured that like with TTV in my Name too I figure I wouldn’t be getting

That many viewers so Oh well [Music] I think everybody switched me over to Twitch [Music] I’ll be true Nostalgia if you turned on The Texas Speech true but then you have People spamming the word [ __ ] And that is like I’m over that bro I Mean y’all ruined Texas speech for me When y’all had to say like Mike ox and like [ __ ] Chris P bacon Over and over You guys can’t just burn Texas beach for Me Hey what’s going on everyone True [Music] [Applause] I am Uh I joined the party because I was Already loading into a game Probably Survivor because you joined Uh Warrior poppers Laughs Yeah I mean I put it on my Nancy [Music] Well for what [Music] Uh no I don’t know Just kidding Nancy It’s like right there how would you know That she was there without uh my add-on

I really enjoyed playing him I wouldn’t Know if I’d call him one of my memes Right now Um it’s just someone that I’ve been Enjoying playing you know and I swear to God I am debating about keeping safe on This [ __ ] guy I’m beginning no value Out of Burke What in God’s name Foreign I’m like I know like it’s good because It gets people off the gents right away But I personally wouldn’t Snap my uh go-to Gether Oh that’s not gonna go that far not Running speed bottle That’s it down Oh let’s go I’m actually going to check my um I was Thinking about color brown personally I Was thinking about Carla Brian Uh instead of save But then again like I’m not really using Then again I’m not really using all too Much of kick perks because I can’t Really kick gems as much So I’m debating Like I said get in search I didn’t have To go around kicking gents like a madman 24 7. Distortion She’s dead hunting I don’t know why she Didn’t use it I was trying to eat her

Dinner and suck an extra stack of save Because I’m ahead right now I have like Four hacks and at five gems hey yeah From the dead welcome back Sorry I’m sorry Oh God and Melody I know I just call it Brian eruption brutal and plaything on Wesker nice Foreign Like to hold the window tight on shag And you can hit through that I’m sorry one more time Laughs You just gotta like understand when to Use it like on unsafe pouts where people Think they’re gonna double back you Gotta like Vault there you know That would have pissed me off for real Um That’s not gonna hurt oh yes it is Foreign [Laughter] [Music] I mean dude it’s just something that Like most Killers don’t understand that You can do I was trying to hit the top of the thing [ __ ] son Did they really in that sound I was hoping that was gonna oh something That was gonna stay in the game for like A little bit longer Yeah me too no stupid Something like people got more than one

Like one flashbang per use anyways [ __ ] Distortion game is Um five minutes max uh one’s already Done these have four gems left I’m Stomping these guys right now Oh that’s not the haste [Music] Foreign Yes my favorite of menses Yeah I don’t know dude I took out uh I Took off shattered hope for um I took off shattered hope for no way out And I’m really glad I’ve done that I’m back nerd welcome back off the top Didn’t know if you hit off the top of That it spreads further right which is Why I always try to hit the top of the Generator instead like add the generator That’s gonna thread the needle let’s go Missed [Laughter] Anything nobody’s feeding that ego of Yours but I’m sorry to say Little 11 Hunt game if we can get a Patch Top of the generator [ __ ] [ __ ] Uh there’s a hatch offering for Moon In this game Maybe not Be quiet next [Music] I won’t say that I assume she already checked this out

For the map but um I’d still rather be Safe than sorry What’s up Uh YouTube YouTube Nostalgia check What was hatchback there lady I missed It No I just up here dude [Music] What’s up what’s up watch your Flashlight And get haste one more time Lady it was back here Foreign [Applause] I pretty much stomped on them this game That’s the only real time I tend to give Someone a hatch that or if they play Like expectationally well and like I Somehow kill the team that’s only real Time I tend to give people hatch when I Feel bad or when uh there’s like a Really good player that’s like always The last one left and I somehow get them Downed Yeah All right 2G well played Plus I brought some pretty mean add-ons To skin not gonna lie I’m on YouTube dude Oh Maybe I don’t know No it’s all good Thank you

I don’t care dude it’s fine my YouTube’s Dead anyways I got like dude I got like North or under like 700 subscribers just Under And uh I don’t think anyone knows that I’m Still active anymore YouTube’s dead and I’m totally okay with That that’s why I stream on Twitch Do you want to turn on do I turn on Texas speech guys for you guys just this One time just for a little bit of Nostalgia If I hear one person say [ __ ] I’m Turning this [ __ ] off or any other swear Word I’m turning the [ __ ] off you hear Me Nugs just nugs Just n-o-o-g-s dude just look up like Niggs dbd or dead by daylight or Something and something’s bound to come Up Normal All right we’re gonna [ __ ] around a Little bit with Texas speech all right Someone say something or here I’ll do Say something Spam I mean just don’t be annoyed don’t Say [ __ ] that you wouldn’t say unless There’s that yeah there you go it’s on EA Sports It’s in the game yo what’s up Welcome in All right say that Evan you’ll lose your Mod so fast how did you saying it

All right let me switch to surviving Never I got you Chris is Mario Chris Pratt is Mario is a Joke Didn’t even try to change his voice or Add like a little bit of Italian unit Like what the hell I’m offended Dang autocorrect goes bad Foreign Like blighted Bubba which I heard is [ __ ] nasty by the way Mario American Uh with Bubba yeah dude you know the Amount of times I’ve run blighted uh the Blighted atom and I’ve seen um Okay so I have her voices low right now And I’m really not [ __ ] with it I’m Gonna go back to normal All right we’re going back to normal Where is dunhart at pitch three you can Join me if you want Nevermore Pretty cool in the new Mario movie What Mot faced with tears of joy I told them if I hear one bad word Or like one [ __ ] spam Like you guys know how I feel about Emoji spams when Texas speeches on Because it literally I did not seen that Meme The one piece is real I’ve seen that [ __ ] that was funny Yeah well Mario should have been telling Accent since like ever come on now it Was never true all right give me a iron

Will with dead heart and then give me You want me to join you never more or no [Applause] [Music] Oh just slam like two monsters let’s go That’s healthy Mario always had a Brooklyn accent yeah Nothing like a West Coast party cause a West Coast party don’t stop All right well done what build are we Thinking tonight guys something meta Players Ethan is the best what do you mean by That Let me just see the build That’s used That’s not used In one zero minutes Dude damn what the hell Who would do that to themselves the Result wasn’t pretty yeah you think to Me that’s just common sense not to do Um I Heard rookie spirit’s also pretty Good but nobody uses it dude Let me just think about here let me find Rookie’s fair and read it to you guys Um recently installed this page Somewhere Rookie Spirit rookie Spirit raise it up Okay so read this right you hit three Skill jokes You hit three skill checks and after That uh it’s activated for the rest of The trial but once it’s activated you

Can see all the regressing generators so If a kill is using surge pain res pop Anything else yeah right Evan that’s What I’m saying like no you run like Rookie Spirit dude and like you can see Like half the perks right there you know Run it with like um alert too so let me Know if he’s got like pop or anything Like that it could be so good Here I’ll run at this game Dude it’s like I was reading up on like Every single perk the other day you know Because like what’s like some off meta But like meta that could be meta perks That like I want to try Oh you guys want to see something else Let’s [ __ ] you too Hold on let me let me show you these Guys I’m [ __ ] Hold On That’s the basement one right Oh dude that’s nasty Putting this round skin to be honest The new clown skin to be honest uh I Have not seen it was the one from a Previous Rift because I might have it This is the one with the um this is the One the Halloween themed one Oh a little TV I’m gonna try this build like it’s got Some meta in it it’s got some meta and It’s got some off meta Pumpkin eater right I don’t I mean dude Just think about like what are all like The Gen regressing perks you can kick

The Gen he’s got pop all this other Stuff right like think about that you Know so we’ll be able to tell Face mask [ __ ] sure dude I love that Ghost face mask Like dude rookie Spirit could tell you Like almost every [ __ ] like gen Regression perk that he could have Whether it’s ruin whether it’s Um pop surge uh um eruption stuff like That dude like let’s say someone goes Down then boom you see one generator uh Light up you know that’s got to be Eruption or surge you know it’s one of The other it depends on how far the down Is and depends on how far the Gen is From the down you know and you should be Able to tell that pretty easily you know Um If you see a uh Uh visionary Uh I don’t find Visionary I find Visionary dog [ __ ] at that point you Might as well run deja vu Jake’s skin actually looks pretty clean The um it’s about the one that um About the one that um Like the dress suit Jake right let the Suit Jake You know dressed up for Valentine’s Day Gonna take Claudette I wanna date looks Beautiful I need me I need someone to run the Meg Fit the Claude fit and then the Jake fit

With me Oh I think I think I’m thinking about Last or last season’s rib never mind [ __ ] hate that fit Yeah the one that looks like he’s from The future like you’re in gyms Without a damn Fang skin laughing yeah That’s true I don’t know how they did it That must have taken some really strong Wills down at the behavior Corp S to not add a fangskin to the rift oh My God they had to burn them mentally Wait you’re telling me we can’t have a Fake skin and every ripped what But our little piggy bank How else are we supposed to earn money Oh [ __ ] time here we got one to be Honest yui never gets one But it’s Community made so it’s really Nice I’m really glad that they chose a Community skin artist a new way Because those uh killers are both like And Survivor are like never used I feel Like The Trapper one Um I’m running rookie spirit I thought yunjin was just a [ __ ] Ghost face for a hot second Dude you’re fine I go for them all time And I miss sometimes you know oh it is a Ghost face Can we use the best original Survivor ah Cap Dwight

I need one skill check there just one Skill check and I’m fine for the rest of The game Thank you And now I can see regressing generators I don’t know what color they show up as Though Oh yeah see I just missed one too can’t Go for a great skill check Nevermore [ __ ] happens There’s like five five reasons why I Took off Texas beaches because of this Spamming because people love this fam Emojis It was because people like to like spam Racial slurs and it was because it was Annoying and hard to hear like in-game Because I see something neat let me show You got something cool I wonder if they patched it I see your [ __ ] ass They didn’t patch you yet Let’s go Alert I love you alert value Love That Trick Oh I’m stood down by the way Alrighty Carl Rip Your gin my bad We’re hopping on a generator [Music] So he broke a pallet because um if it Was a generator we’d see the generator Aura right so you just kept on breaking

A pallet over there No you’re fine because it’s got a Horrible thing you should be fine I got horrible ping Oh my God have mercy oh have mercy what The hell 360 Peng why the hell am I on Your servers It’s not really all that good either Nia should have gotten a [ __ ] uh Event shirt in my opinion Yeah right That one God’s name is my thing Uh you got them or no Uh where you at I’m here On by buses They need to give Jacob event cosmetic Dude when was the last time they did That though Okay you lost all your stock though on You because the M1 do I’m pretty sure That’s how it works If you have one suit you uh lose all Your stock Oh that’s a skill issue [Music] Oh my God What a I like Uh so right there that’s [ __ ] that’s Pain right she’s got pain rest So they readjusted [ __ ] Beamers again That makes me salty as [ __ ] Dude they need to quit changing Flashlights for oh God

Like look at my arm what the [ __ ] is my Arm doing bro Dude I was literally aiming at the [ __ ] sky this time oh my God I’m Gonna just waste money on every cosmetic She gets oh dude facts dude I keep Saying that I’m like dude Fang Ming like All the Fang names are like the personal Piggy banks for like all of behavior Also made it have a new noise This cloak somewhere Now we are true The fact I was aimed at the [ __ ] Sky Burned me nice that hard I think that Was that hard I’m here for you again Sorry if I missed a flashlight they Readjust the [ __ ] flashlights again Behavior just can’t make up their minds That’s it Yeah no problem I’m gonna go work on a Gem You got a pretty good setup in mid dude You got some tnls to [ __ ] around with Uh sure What the hell stop moving Stop moving Foreign If you want you can find a different gym Either I’m gonna come in with this if I can I see Hell yeah brother What’s okay looking more rip uh Yeah right

I’m not really too salty about the uh The reset click animations I’m not really upset about that I’m more Upset about the um Uh no brutal you want to go tap my gun It’s regressing Yeah yeah where we were at before I’m currently running to the buses So good windows open Wow you are so greedy for that [ __ ] it Is crazy Overcharge Thank you where the [ __ ] is this dude [Music] You don’t wait out that hard I’m running for some tea now walls mid Map Never mind I got a four-lane palette Here Come on Skill issue Uh okay No that’s cool that’s cool Um eruption over change Um with pain rest that’s what we know Right now this is a painter’s hook They’re about to scream Uh no deadlock so we know what three of His perks are No He’s on Main side he’s not even close [Music] I was going towards the double A and Just come pull me if you’d like

Because I hadn’t made any more Cosmetics Dude I think everybody in this game Needs more Cosmetics than come on now Oh they’re [ __ ] I’m coming I couldn’t see a leon getting a new skin They um It’d be nice but he’s from Resident Evil So probably not most likely Just want to heal me Dude like I need more outfits for like People like David like obviously they Can’t give out more skins for DLC Characters because then they gotta like We get the license and all that [ __ ] or License characters sorry So You can pretty much wipe those off the Table but people like I think Jake need More fits like uh I feel like Dwight’s Got plenty I feel like Nia Cosmetics that is good enough for me LOL He got car lots and detective Noir Eric Carlos and detective Um I don’t know who detective uh Noor is But I knew Carlos is that’s a nice skin Though I really like how they made Carlos uh he Is cloaked Okay Um Jenna Mann was kicked Well you went try to run middle map if You can

Okay I’m running towards you now Lincoln Doesn’t have any skins I mean he’s got The um I’m not taking hints I’m sorry I need This paper saved Oh good pathing Look at Nevermore bucket Ah [Music] Try to crawl off the wall Dude I’m pissed because I know Be aiming at the sky now because that’s How they like taught me to use [ __ ] Beamer since this patch so now like I’m Naturally like aiming at the [ __ ] sky Because I got a [ __ ] tree Yeah so like I’m naturally looking up Here and I’m aim at the [ __ ] sky Where I should be like looking down like Here and I’m still gonna blind his ass [ __ ] I I hate how they keep changing the Flashlights in this game Uh most progression is Most progressed genozon currently I’m 60 Percent No you’re good uh let me know if you can Chase again so I can come help no dude You’re doing great Okay I’ve seen that pathing at the School bus that was great I was on Janet shot can you make your Way towards Shack or no I I kind of Don’t want to leave this shenko’s pain

Res If he’ll look around maybe he’s worried About the Beamer slave [ __ ] this guy Ah so for those who don’t know if you Have pain res you can hop off at the Exact second oh I was gonna say you can hop off at the Exact second that um They hook Gen mid map has been kicked That’s gonna have eruption and Overcharge on it Beautiful now I’m at Max don’t you [ __ ] dare Nice beautiful stuff Probably mid map stalking me right now Because they screamed on the gym Maybe not I’ll try to make this game faster never More I know there’s a genre up here that I can go uh work on My thought there it is Overcharge that is tier one overcharge For you oh my God that skill check was So slow Oh man he did just fine Hey appreciate all none of you guys Being here to the ogs I used to watch me On YouTube and I have been um streamed On YouTube and like I swear to God like 10 or four and five months all you guys Being here warms my heart so much Appreciate every single one of you Foreign

Not you reason I’ll hit this Some clothes [ __ ] eruption Oh that’s only two year [ __ ] that’s not Tier three eruption that’s only tier one Or two [ __ ] I wish I was counting that Bar is going down so fast [ __ ] Um [ __ ] you tough guy oh man which way you Going Say I won’t help that skill check Is somebody else on a gender He cloaked again I forgot the pillar existed LOL I knew we closed I was trying to [ __ ] Find him dude unlucky No it’s not fast stock it’s just um Yeah it’s not really the fact that it’s A fast stock it’s just um I didn’t [ __ ] see where he’s trying to stalk Me at I knew he was in Cloak I was just Trying to find out where toxic I need him to swing there I needed him to swing at that window Fake [Music] I need somebody else on a trend right Now I can’t be the only one These guys are showing the match because Nobody’s on a gem Yeah a nice one right in front of the Hook

Let’s go Foreign Too smart because nobody’s on a drone I Don’t know if we’re in a region or not I Think we are I think we have one at main one here and Then we have [Music] Choose that insta stock Oh you’re dead that hard I’ll skill issue Oh no tea bags no tea bag gamers Foreign Woman let’s see it she got unbreakable Or no I’m lucky if these good friends runs This game I think we might have had a Chance Oh well [ __ ] happens I thought I’d play Pretty decent that game My games are a bit off but or not oh Well Uh GG well played If my ping is bad again like if I come In the match and we have three engine Thing again Nevermore we were switching To my servers I’m just saying that right Now Survivors win Base Kit unbreakable gets Added TV I’m scared of that update only because Of nurse only and blight That Um unbreakable and they’re pretty much

Basically unbreakable update We’re gonna get Base Kit unbreakable That’s like 45 seconds forever We were only in three Dunes for that Long dude I mean I popped the last gen And then it seems like nobody else was Popping guns and I don’t even think that We were in a three gen we had one at Mid And then we had one that I was trying to Work on And the other one was back on track side I don’t know why nobody was trying to Work on it When will What’s going on Thor welcome back Anybody online there you are [Applause] I have enough blood I have enough blood Points to get The Prestige 54. Just a bit if I want to get it or not What’s taking a nap how you feel now After your nap My wife About hop on yeah I’ve been getting in Here I hate how you two greet each other it’s A stupid [ __ ] Price procedure I feel like I could be like for stage 60 On this guy or like or on this girl or Like 70. if I spent all my if I spent All my blood points on one character The fact that I’m pointing them into People like in the killer in the like

Demogorgon in my clown that’s [ __ ] Rough Give me that green flashlight give me Those So you’re probably gonna get Thor in Here and then we’re probably gonna jail In here as well so we’re gonna have a Pretty good team going [Music] Oh My God we walked right through this Rhine and I’m spending all my BP to find It Um When you unlock life in the shrine You’re automatically going to get get it At tier one Um you just have to level it up in the Blood web if you want to get it to a Higher level I’ll probably turn a little bit oh You’re fine bro See I am I don’t know I also spent some blood Points to get David up to prestige nine Um But I mean with Rebecca and with Ada I Just got them both at Prestige one and Then I just pretty much leveled them up To Max on like the characters I like to Play a lot of people like uh Dwight uh Michaela Nancy stuff like that but um I don’t know man Um

I thought I get Nancy to procedure 100 I’m probably gonna go work on a killer Killer Prestige with this could be clown Or demogorgon it might be like demo I’m Thinking or clown either or I’m thinking I should do clown Just because like Dude Look at this inbred breed of [ __ ] Nia’s Arena and Jane Hot pass Let’s have a good long look at his face My God I get Karen vibes from this outfit I Like Michaela I love Michaela dude Uh when did we get this shirt On Hattie I actually like that shirt damn It dude only moms wear this these Bottoms I swear to God only moms rock This You know with the DLC damn I didn’t even Know S or Gremlin that’s funny coming from Somebody who means I had a Howdy I swear to you is like some Crossbreed between Nia and like Zarina And then with like that Jane bod it is Hot pass All right dude I made Nancy buddy nope You said you made Hattie I love this Felix vet you know if I like Better than I don’t know Felix this one Let me tell you guys why I like this fit

So much the jeans looks like the shoes Are fine whatever but this coat this Coat looks so good with the pants and Then you got the maroon undershirt then We go and get these glasses and then They have the maroon glasses with the Spiffed up hair this is I swear to you One of the most unique hairstyles on This guy face is amazing It’s not amazing when you load into a Game I mean you run this you got blue glasses You run this one you got uh yellow Glasses I mean I’m just not a huge fan Of them Like I was thinking about this one for The black hat but the uh this hat goes With the pants so I’m not feeling it Hair dude the um detective nor Uh Felix and um Wesker look all like Hella similar it’s crazy My favorite fix uh Um another teammate I guess Oh sorry wrong character I try to click On Nancy Yeah we’re just waiting on another Teammate I guess uh nope nope Ethan’s Not online I can invite Geo he might join Um also let me try to spend some blood Points and then I’ll join you zero zero Zero zero zero blood points That’s just how life goes bro I swear to you that’s just how life goes

I do I spent North to 2 million blood Points on clown and I didn’t get a Single [ __ ] Cigar Box Cigar Box for Those who don’t know is that whenever You’re invigorated pretty much infused With this yellow bottle you see all the Survivors ores within 16 meters it took Me 10 19 DVD is not an hourly dire yeah dude I Don’t know like pre-lobby she looks fine You know like Nancy and Steve actually Look like I guess Nancy and Steve in the Movie that’s when you load in they do Not look anything like It’s bad I don’t know it’s rough [Music] Oh god dude I would not Wait to Survivor side have you dude did You just see the tiles and how Shaq was Based dude back at that time oh my God Dude I missed the old Graphics that’s What I missed I genuinely missed the old Map designs in an old map Graphics That’s what I miss old Ormond old um Hold anything that’s all like it rubs me It rubs me right you know it feels so Nice Dude it’s fine dude I um I don’t care if there’s passive swearing You know because I mean I swear pretty Like on and off you know I don’t care About that it’s when people are like Saying it intentional to be like a [ __ ] troll

That I can’t say and the people are Saying like [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] we’re like [ __ ] you [ __ ] you [ __ ] you like it it’s Just a troll you know and I hate that [ __ ] you know if you [ __ ] mature in My chat there get the [ __ ] out before I Ban you you know It’s just that stupid stuff I don’t care You know if you want to say like dude [ __ ] this game or something or like dude That was a [ __ ] hit like I fully Understand you know because that’s just How some people talk I dare you say the n-word I’m sorry it’s Just I’m comfortable around saying it I Mean I know some people aren’t but I am You know again you don’t like it you Don’t have to be here I’m sorry but I grew up around that culture Still one of those immature one Two-year-olds spamming the n-word in Chat yeah we’re just like oh no dude Like you don’t need to drop an F-bomb or Like a swear we’re in every sentence you Know you really don’t that’s so Unnecessary All right Joe sounds good Come on dude I’m saying it’s annoying Dude you know I think we swear they’re like 12 think It’s like fun and cool to swear and it’s Really not you know Same thing like how when you’re like 13 You think like smoking owning a debit

Card or a credit card or like drinking Is like the coolest thing ever it’s Really not you know like for me swearing Was a really bad habit of mine I cannot Go like one sentence without swearing Back how I used to talk you know and I Think I’ve come quite far learning how Not to swear as much you know still Sometimes it slips but we’re posting a Rage That was not the reason why I banned you But okay That wasn’t a band it was a oh sorry no You did say kick my body To do that maybe for the raid Shadow Legend that I may have just doing that Just for to be comical maybe you’re Right I can’t remember Loki I’m just trying to stock up on like Bladed series Especially if it’s like over some dumb [ __ ] you know Like do you feel like a comical joke I Think is fine Again I just don’t want people like Abuse that you know Oh nice Um Holy flashlights yes Like button I’m hoping there’s no Franklin’s I prefer to be light one Because then I can use my flashlights For their window texts Albert Loki I’m such a [ __ ] hypocrite

I’m such a hypocrite and I know it Yeah plus I’m hoping it’s not uh I’m hoping it’s not Franklin’s because That’s a brother Uh White word if he’s got Franklin’s Low-key I might just pick up my Beamer And then run away to a corner and then Just [ __ ] DC most likely so I can Save my flashlight I have a white word Yeah dude I mean if he smacks me And my Bieber disappears that I’m [ __ ] You know so I’m trying to save those green batteries I got like 86 of them Yeah then there’s Michaela the sweet old Innocent Michaela not bringing any item Besides a little spell book in the in The show and tell Me all right take your time Ethan we’ll Be here Just kidding on the count of three I’m Gonna close up and everyone leave One two three let’s close this app close This app so fast I know I got a bang I don’t mind thanks Dude I always like to see the outfits That people run like if I ever see Someone like rock like a really drippy Thing Cool oh yeah wash the dishes do some Chores of this map Um at least you have at least we have a Locker in man I can save you from play

To be honest Yes do you know where the savable Locker Is here in Maine It’s right here Yep Dying Light by the way I don’t know why it’s Or maybe someone has slowed down like Than that Yeah most likely as a buyer’s but it Could be something like um the not dying Light or something But then again if nobody’s gotten Slammed if nobody’s gotten slapped yet I Have affiliate there’s a minus Either Bubba Travis I was gonna say you bubba Trapper all Those guys have the same uh heartbeat Solid guess though He doesn’t respect that Harden [Music] Wait needs your music I kind of gave uh I love how they gave Hag new music as well I [ __ ] love Hagg’s newer Chase music I seen a birch witch and I thought that Was like Birch witches um new music like Personal new music but now it’s just Overall hagged and I’m like bro I love This new music I genuinely love hag’s Chase music makes Me want to become a Hagman for it Uh you can pick me if you want David

He’s half the map he’s he’s on the other Half of the map Not anymore [ __ ] sad dude I could Have gotten picked if you weren’t Remembering you can explain this out [ __ ] sad little light Nevermore a Little late dude Stop he’s just gonna down if you’re cute [Music] [Music] Are you in basement right now Nevermore Then Um So much he’s ugly as well You’re fine He’s coming back to hook What a great map for trapper About what I wanted to tap the gym but there’s no Point That’s cool I’m gonna work in the Gentleman What Oh bye That’s weird dude Dying Light but no Fanatic or anything like that that’s Funny No um no gift of pain just Dying Light All right Uh the one on the outside or inside of The um Oh okay thank you Thank you

He dropped the pallet middle map oh [ __ ] I can’t run towards Shack FML Trapper and Shack I like Huntress and Iron Maiden Loki bro I’m in Chase sorry dude Someone coming now or no Not anymore [ __ ] Yeah Good Trump [Music] He’s going straight back oh no this is How we Throw everyone’s over there Together oh FML One of us used to start bringing up During dude if we can Yeah I can bring him to the next game it’s Cool I don’t mind No no I’m just probably back where I Slept in mine [Music] What a weird build dude to run on Traffic we don’t know what this man has Probably no way out because no way out Such a great brick to run on trapper Um dying way back I think that’s all What we know of at the moment All right [Music] No time I know it’s a tough map to find totems On though You ever reset this one trapper

Nada Wasn’t looking towards me I’m gonna go Try to disarming trap that I know he’s Still got placed down there Probably wondering if he’s got the Iridescent add-on The one that just resets traps Oh yeah we’re running this on you better Place that [ __ ] back down Jason trapped down at on middle palette So right there guys let’s stick drift on My screen just immediately flicks up out Of like nowhere that stick drift Wow And that’s how you run those windows Make sure you’re holding the outside Wall uh he left me by the way Oh yeah Yeah It’s not like it’s an unrare spawn There it is couldn’t find it for a Minute You on the dock or no Was what if he was the strap Yeah me too bro me too I’m gonna sign that right away He’s over at Main right now so if you’re Over on that uh dock you should be Totally fine for a minute Yeah somebody’s running him on main Building right now Yeah there’s no brutal strength on this Guy I really don’t know what perks he’s

Bringing maybe lethal At the same time that’s such a stupid Perk to bring oh he seems like he’s Running like an off meta like build on Trapper Foreign yeah there’s no brutal on this Guy Just kidding we’re dropping that on you I keep looking like so far in the [ __ ] air dude Nothing upstairs is trapped Right That’s a weird looking plague Plague Nerf question mark The [ __ ] is this guy But I dropped out on this [ __ ] dude’s Noggin I swear You said they [ __ ] changed Beamers Again dude or not There it is That’s tar bottle by the way that’s one Of his add-ons is tar bottle did he Bring the map [ __ ] Oh he got lucky dude Tar bottle on this map is nasty Dude I’m telling you man I’m telling you Man it’s a bad day for I think everybody Right now I hate her I actually don’t mind on Rio Actually I’m gonna open up this chest Try to get a flashlight that’s my Generator

Um rookie Spirit tells us that both Those Trends right now are currently Regressing so meaning that nobody’s on Either one of those gems Oh that’s tempting as [ __ ] Foreign Beautiful Where is this trap Those are the worst type of players Racist because they were all right That’s the worst Three six nine twelve Fifteen Eighteen He’s got 21 slow down right now He’s got 21. Go down Dude [ __ ] my skill checks are you Serious Foreign There it is This is why I don’t want to be flying on Your ping Nevermore I got 130 right now Huh That’s tough I played that so [ __ ] well damn it Dude oh well They’ve got 24 slowed down on Jensen These guys most likely aren’t on one the Hell yeah dude it feels bad I’m lucky [ __ ] happens No it’s not helping that I’m streaming Either I’m lucky damn I got less points than

You never more [ __ ] at least you got the Most right now [ __ ] Uh I picked up though that’s [ __ ] Then it’s racist against Nancy yeah I Did [ __ ] Behavior Racist against Nancy making me get Railed through every window I get the least amount of points but I Pip up Uh I’m not sure Um I only had 2 000 less points than you Uh what a great iridescent great are you I’m gold two or gold three On God also Brew I get the worst maps For a live PBS You might have been on jensmore but you Might have not done as well in like Everything else You might have not gotten as much Altruistic Chase stuff like that Staying hidden you might have only Gotten gen points and because right now I get more gen points because of um Their event generators Might have been why you gotten 2 000 More points than I did Because you’re 21 and I had like 19 but I had the least amount of points so Yeah I might have did less gems than you But I um I did a little bit of Everything that game so If I get another or Niro I think I’m gonna run Boone this game That’s fine dude I mean it’s not really

Gonna help much I might only go down Like an extra 10 pairing you know It’s fine when you stay on yours I know the main issues is because I’m Streaming right now so whenever I stream My ping always shoots up like an extra 30 40 which sucks but oh well you know Like right now I always deal with around Like 110 120 100 you know and usually I’m dealing with like and usually if I’m Not sure I’m gonna deal with like Anywhere from like 60 to 70. Depending on the game like 80 but I mean also sound like I’m getting that Much value out of that hard dude because Dude because like I’m Yeah it just sucks I’m not really Getting that much dead heart value right Now because Nah uh Oprah do you want me to bring You bring overcome Sprint burst length Or whatever you want I usually [ __ ] around with Sprint person I’m not running that hard but Why mother’s dwelling Overcome gotcha Overcomes tends to be something I Wouldn’t like with maybe we’re being Lightweight with it [ __ ] it Why is that name look so familiar Nah who knows Uh yeah Dwayne Fairfield that’s an OMG name uh What’s going on dude welcome in

Mr TV You cannot tell me that that outfit on Ace does not look like an Amish dude That facial hair that hat reminds me so Much of Amish where I work I see a lot Of Amish people and dude oh my I swear They all have like the same facial hair Heavy black heavy black hair Um with um In that way with that approach heavy Amish vibes from that and I’m not saying That’s a hate on people or anything I’m Just Reminds me of heavy Amish All right what’s the builds uh last perk Is whiteboard that’s mine Uh yeah I’ll be right back I’m gonna use The bathroom [Music] Foreign We’re getting into puberty talk Um dude pimples [ __ ] I hate them So for the past like three or four days I’ve had like the nastiest pimple like On my back And like every time like I lie down Every time like I rest my back against Like my back rest dude Hurts like hell like if I put a little Bit of pressure on this pimple dude my Whole body starts aching in pain it’s The worst right so last night I finally Popped this pimple right because I was Just like so sick of the constant pain

Oh dude I had tears of miles and Everything I was like holy [ __ ] it was a Bad pimple dude it was it was huge Um But nah dude instantly relief yeah Instant relief it was nice I don’t see You with Better Together But yeah I was like instant relief uh I Got 120 things this game feels bad I do have a boon totem though so maybe I’ll try to get it down if I can Get some pressure going on this gen and Then I’ll uh And then I’ll place it down Can I bring that up no Uh killer has a heartbeat or no Killer have a heartbeater now Cool Trapper again Um I see him halfway across oh alert never Mind Yeah he’s literally opposite of the map For me me and um my killer on a gen Right now together He left me But I did have to waste I’m lucky you had to waste it while Fully healed Brittle Merciless storm unnerving Where he kicks it hard skill trip Um over overcharge So expect things like uh color Brian and Or

Even the same chapter From before The last chapter wasn’t running [ __ ] Uh Overcharged though And he’s got a different weapon I Personally doubt it [Music] [Music] Um [Music] No [ __ ] that I want that [ __ ] with the Willow wisp God damn it [Music] Oh that’s only tier one uh that’s only Tier one a nerving that skill check’s Way too big or that might be tier two That may be tier two It’s kind of flashbang That’s like blind with like four people With the hats Not on YouTube That might be um that might be too too Come on now All right let’s go on some gents dude [Music] Yep I wouldn’t say those are good old Days but yep [Music] Energy Oh is this um Does this one uh Katya starts watching My streams now now that we have Texas

Speech background we’re on YouTube this Is how she starts watching more of me Now It’s gonna make her stay in my streams And um [Music] No they won’t even say that they come in Here salty as [ __ ] that they that I’d Escape against the killer or pissed off As [ __ ] because I camped them and then When they saw a text to speech on they Just Spam the n-word or like just any Other swear word and I’m like bro that’s How you know this dude’s like [ __ ] Nine I’m like bruh so I just banned it From my chat that’d be super because Like they say like the N word like 50 Times and then they copy and paste the Whole thing and just [ __ ] spam it Like I’m just like bruh Except for like the next like 10 minutes All you’re hearing is a [ __ ] n-word Spam and then these guys are getting Like their friends are coming into it And it’s just the most annoying [ __ ] Ever Energy Yeah I ran no and then you have like Those Bots yeah those suck spots that Would pretty much spam uh emojis It’s like free online sex better than Tinder and have like the [ __ ] water Emoji with like the eggplant emoji and [ __ ] I’m just like brah

You want some back rubs Yeah it’s only two that’s tier two Unnerving presence that’s not two three [Music] Foreign Have your fun keep spamming I’ll turn Off the Texas beach have your fun No that might be two three [ __ ] I misspelled apples Fair then or when we spend that and I’ll Just chat for like five minutes until The end of the stream because you know How to turn off the Texas beach oh That’s funny as [ __ ] Apples apples apples apples apples Apples Story time so me and Thor in a party one Time then we saw our friend Audrey Streaming like [ __ ] Apex or some [ __ ] Please Well I pretty much we’re going on be Donor [ __ ] uh because [Music] Um we’re going to your stream and we Pretty much spam apples apples apples For like [ __ ] four like for like Maybe like 10-15 minutes straight like She’s in the middle of the game so you Can like pause it you know you can like Ender stream or anything You guys You guys want a Spam [ __ ] and I’m in Emojis and like just swear words and you Guys just want to spam me and chat and

All this time I’m just I’m trying to text speech That’s all That’s why we turn it off from the first Place you know most because people want To do a spam You know there’s multiple reasons but I think it was also at the time I had Like 30 some viewers in every one of Those 30 people were spamming in my chat It was annoying I double pipped I didn’t just shut that game this guy Was a t-tv he probably just didn’t like The map most likely All right you’re having pretty fun Character keep going there we go Dude it’s funny because like you guys Don’t do any of this [ __ ] with Texas Speech off none of you guys do none of The show when Texas beach is off you Know it’s only when Texas beaches on you Guys just want to like say the most Stupid [ __ ] I swear Whatever Lucky Charms you can’t have any Don’t worry I’m not even you trying to Lucky Charms I’ll keep it up Kaya see what happens Catcher I think you meant to say uh Catcher I want to fetch this upbrand our object Again If I write like all right so like who Made your pfp Um I did the [ __ ]

I’ve got a PhD in being stupid me too me Too No um I had a friend who recommended me To this Discord server and pretty much You could like make custom images if you Wanted to You just had to take on the keyword so Whether that type in the word nugs Green bold letters No I mean I didn’t but like I did if That makes sense like I got an AI to Generate it for me but technically AI Made it but like I generated AI Generated it but I like inputted the Binds to make it No but it was a Discord server where you Could type in pretty much anything you Wanted anything you wanted and it would Make like a custom image so if you typed In like black silhouette of a hunter uh With the Northern Lights Woods cabin A silhouette of dark deer [ __ ] like that And you’d get like some beautiful and Then you have like 4K or some [ __ ] you Get some beautiful like uh background of Like some realistic woods but like some Uh Northern Lights in the background With some uh with like a black Silhouette of a house Hunter and some Deer it was the most beautiful [ __ ] you Know Available time you have free time to do So I’m off tomorrow tonight Face creates a a banner for me and then

Take a screenshot of it I’ll give you all the details in a Private message Dude okay Um I can tell you how I did mine I mean my Banner on [ __ ] uh YouTube is trash Because I didn’t know how to do like Customizable but I’m just gonna take this Okay you take a screenshot screenshot And then I’m going to take a screenshot Of it I don’t know how to dude I don’t Have uh the PlayStation I have on my Phone I can’t send it on PlayStation You have Discord I can probably do it on Discord 170 on Discord if you want Free I don’t remember anything about it No but pretty much how I created my pfp Was I just went on this app and I’m Light and I wrote uh the word nugs comma Uh green neon lettering comma like big Bold bubble letters comma black Background uh comma splatter or green Neon splatter comma uh logo comma and I Pretty much just wrote like all the Details of this thing and it gives you Like four different pictures you can Click uh re-roll and it’ll give you like Four more pictures that are with that Fits the description and [ __ ] or you Have to like click on the image to say More more like this you know nice just Like that and I’ll switch it for like

Five or ten minutes and this is the one I’m liking I end up trying to do something I end up Doing like bubble letters I ended up Trying to look up like sharp lettering Uh It’s just gonna give you like a [ __ ] Robotic person most likely because when You type in future That’s fine if you type in like future Or something it’s going to come in as Like Um Like I don’t want to say it’s beyond Like robotics like I don’t know I know how to describe it but no it was A coolest [ __ ] thing I can probably Find the link if you want it No luxury people like being things like Um big sunflower background with like um If you type in future husband you gotta Like write like the future husband’s Description you know what I’m saying That’s a ghost face again Our wind should be closed Oh he’s got [ __ ] um he’s got um crew Limits To kill myself That’s an old roast Is there anywhere we can hop in a locker Room Main building I’m here with you in Maine Yeah it’s a mechanic uh Vine Crawl out more if you can yeah keep

Crawling out keep crawling out His mind is shattered yeah you can’t Believe he just got that hit he’s trying To he’s trying to comprehend what the [ __ ] just happened uh get off the tree Crawl out like more uh that way thank You It’s a fangle to hit dude I thought it Was aim too high Maybe you should I [ __ ] love haste Would you mind gaming ghost face would You mind gaming back there Trying to say hello to someone [ __ ] dumbass Um I need to find the totemic in place hold On Totems looking for some totems Are you in chasing a never mind Where oh Mia She’s probably gonna go down here I’m Trying to pull up That’s a pallet there Got that Unholy respect This is where I’m at That’s early as [ __ ] dude what I got That Okay [Music] To do FML dude [ __ ] for [ __ ] sake Um Never should I play David for the

Nostalgia though A little chicken nostalgia Nostalgia Pretty much this whole stream is like a Nostalgia overload for some people I know For the uh What appears to be Vietnamese I’m not sure what language that is Okay he’s going back towards such Which are you guys running to I’m running to kill shot I’m behind you I start running into killer shark by the Way Oh Playing with fire are we never more Dirty setup What is just this window Crawl out more I’m ends up four down just one hook I Feel like he doesn’t like me dude it Just You’re struggling to it man Hello a little bit of hook action here God damn it overcome value Good You’ve seen the type ghost face What in God’s name Try to try to stalk my ass and fall I’m Injured In about five seconds [Music] Foreign

[Music] [Music] And then I got grabbed well now like I Was vaulting outwards oh that’s so [ __ ] funny [Music] This [ __ ] guy You mean door Too bad there’s no no one There you are to your right why does he Keep swimming me [Music] Are you chasing the killer That skill issue Just yelling yeah heal him heal him heal Him Let him pick up one pick up one pick up [Music] I said let him fit that’s a little pick He may drop He’s not dropping Yeah you gotta run him Take his ass I was terrified there for a minute I’m Like I mean I escaped and then I got Like picked back up and brought into the Trial What the [ __ ] Time to kill me let’s go big boy you got It oh there it is he’s got Deli too Oh that’s funny as [ __ ] I’m like let him get hooked yeah see Master plan I knew I knew he was gonna Get I knew he had Deliverance bro I knew

It What the hell He did a curl limits or claustrophobia TG well played That’s funny [Music] I wish I didn’t have to be carried so Much Dude I wish I’d love to suck so much I Also the skin When you see that pound do you mean Panda Express and no I have not Been in a place called China Gate before That was pretty damn good They had like some coconut chicken that Was that was [ __ ] to die for Are you there nor was there um honey Glazed chicken [ __ ] dude they’re honey Glazed chicken I was addicted to I had To stop myself from eating that [ __ ] I Had to move to the coconut chicken I’ve never heard of that before Um Trevor and goons weren’t bad No I have not though Um absolutely not Come eat my food at shitty walk No the cranberry moons awesome huge fan Of egg rolls but I actually really like Their egg rolls um they weren’t bad You Say that I don’t know I think I’m gonna start bringing it away I think I’m gonna start bringing some Stuff like what about the job actually

What about anyone’s necessary [ __ ] it [Music] Foreign I just figured I would I was feeling risky you know Feeling dangerous Super chill people Super chill I like them Bill Yuri not done with twitch though no Of course not what the [ __ ] Hold on If I won’t be playing I don’t know picks But if I had one more scent then it Would take it in the off better better I liked which BC of the Emojis if I’m on Watch TV then I’m on strike bro First dreaming in my opinion I guess I’m watching TV are you not Online [ __ ] dude Oh dude Geo I didn’t know you’re online That just says you’re online but not on The game shot tonight and I love green tea Um I’m on strike bro I’m [ __ ] on what Or what do you mean on strike sorry Oh dude it’s no I’m not dude it’s fine Get into yeah yeah I’m sorry Geodude how do you see you Online man That’s my that’s my fault bro that’s my Fault I think he asked the place I invited

Thinking I saw corn online put him in Your message which one what’s up Clips What the [ __ ] are you talking about I Guess I’m gonna watch TV then What in the world on PS4 Um yeah gear if you want to take never More spot after this game if you want of That above Dude holy [ __ ] how far up am I scrolling Um I am allergic to milk Sucks to suck I guess you can’t suck on My titties and I think I need to pay my Subscription so y’all can run oh [ __ ] Okay Oh I forgot my back yeah okay you can uh You can join up yeah if you’re totally [ __ ] out of school for a minute In game chat news Yeah we saw him by the last night You can join after um next game because I never nevermind’s gonna hop off Afterwards That’s fine dude I totally understand Ethan asks because everybody knows you Might chat You’re more immature than Dante foreign Don’t have to play good to be playing With us Say something Yellow elegant you didn’t see the Message that urgent post Geo She dropped the swear word it’s not Going to show up in chat

You I’m avici news yeah I can I can set Up a voice voice chat hold on By daylight hold on Yeah I’m running this charm right now on My uh I’m just running his charm right Now on my Nancy only that turn Left I’m oblivious I’ve not seen too much of Puppies videos but I feel for what’s Going on with them you know it’s tough I Feel sorry for the guy I shoot you not I don’t have a pattern At work Yeah I don’t watch uh Watch TV dude Jeff you swore in that Text I’m not gonna see it dude because It’s not showing up It doesn’t show up for me if you’re Gonna say I swear word in chat Uh and what days are usually work I Don’t really work a pattern of days if They need someone to fill in that’s when I go in you know they put me on random Days of the week so if someone takes off On let’s say like Halloween I’m the guy That goes in on Halloween you know the Villain for people that’s the days that I work Not really I mean when you’re a no-life Like me When you’re in a wife like me it doesn’t Really [ __ ] me up Imagine voice shot I mean you enjoy it If you want

Okay Love the terror radius and I’ve got a Flashlight so they [ __ ] Sentence For to have a routine don’t get me wrong So then I can actually get my like a Schedule on track you know like let’s Say if I work all night shifts and I can Like sleep during the days in the work Nights but since I’ve got five or since We’ve got like five employees at my job Someone’s been cleansing [ __ ] Boons Bruh Dude I have a [ __ ] Boon and someone Cleanses the totem up on top yo who did That come on no Okay I didn’t hear you dude but come on man Why would you cleanse that [ __ ] even so You have a challenge or something oh for [ __ ] sake that sucks dude Yeah dude no So currently I’m just a guy That worked that fills other people’s Spots whenever they can’t make it into Work type [ __ ] you know it’s like Someone calls in early then that’s me All right I found another totem it took Me a minute to find Foreign Like if I know that like in the week I’m Working like two morning shifts and like Three night shifts so I’m gonna be Working uh I don’t know big thing I told them is

Like they’re not making at home is do Not make me close on like a Monday and Then make me open on a Tuesday that’s The worst that they could do uh that’s The worst [ __ ] that they could do to me And do not make me close and then do not Make me open the next day A lot of people are going to a party on Halloween would you say a coin All right that’s fine I was in the Disco chat Let me know like right now at work we’ve Got like someone that can only work Weekends someone that can only work Weekdays and prefers to have the Weekends off so that’s fine but they can Only work nights you know and the only Two people prefer to work mornings they Work mornings so like pretty much for me Right now until we get more employees I’m mainly closing which is I’m totally Fine with you know And it’s just like the same thing like We have someone that comes in and works Like mornings or that prefers to work Nights and most likely those two people Are going to close and then I’m gonna be The guy that like fills in during the Day so then stream time is going to be Like in mornings instead you know and Then I’m gonna sleep more like at night So you know like normal I wasn’t paying attention first Uh she’s setting traps

Actually someone that uh Thank you Yeah dude I gotta just swim for a window I literally do everything dude I bring Them in bring them in bring them in is Just called uh truck days Um So I work truck days I do stock shelves I work register I [ __ ] count tills You name it I do it type [ __ ] The times Uh I know where one is I’m gonna go for It now [Music] What the [ __ ] Yeah I’m going for one right now but I Go disarm it she’s not the best at Teleporting to her trap so that’s good For us This one over here I’m gonna quickly Disarm it and then I’m going to To work out first sometimes Didn’t get any currents or anything Not really dude I mean you get a couple Of old [ __ ] dudes coming that are Bitching about like okay so our biggest Issue where I work right now is that if You order like gift cards or something You have to scan each individual gift Card you know per order so like if they Like get three gift cards for 20 bucks For like Walmart or some [ __ ] at my work Right because we work at Dollar General And we have those gift cards there

Sometimes right so if we get that then Um we have to do three separate Transactions or else it’s not gonna like Work so uh we get a lot of like old People get really [ __ ] pissed at that Because I don’t want to do three Transactions like type [ __ ] what the [ __ ] am I ever mean to I’m just gonna check that because why Not Yeah I mean dude so it’s like I deal With that [ __ ] and that gets kind of Frustrating I’m like sorry I mean I Could do this all one transaction but Then you’re not gonna get your [ __ ] Cards to work I’m like so it’s really Whatever you want sir I mean [ __ ] you Want your cards to work then uh you Gotta let me do three separate Transactions if you want you don’t want That [ __ ] to work then like It’s not gonna work babe Whatever you know it’s like yeah I mean I could do this all in one transaction But then you’re gonna have two [ __ ] Gift cards I ain’t gonna have [ __ ] on Them I mean but it’s truly up to you I’m sitting here like what the [ __ ] Nah but That’s like the big thing or like when Okay so like I can’t do returns or some [ __ ] and um just a Dollar General I get Paid minimum wage like 10.75 that might Not actually be minimum wage I think

Minimum is like 9.25 but I get paid 10.75 where I work it’s not like the Most amazing thing But still okay You’re fine Oh what the [ __ ] the solution I’m so Sorry I would have never vaulted that Damn no she’s got um Dollar General Flashing like like flashing for just a Couple seconds I gotta Yeah I got a job offer that pays me 22 Starting and it gives me all benefits Which is really or it gives me like a Lot of benefits so like I’m really Looking at that Um yeah dude I don’t know it’s a factory Job but like the only downfall that is I’m working 10 hour shifts five days a Week yeah so Yeah Dude and then 22 starting pay is like [ __ ] balls to the walls I mean if I Work there I could definitely see myself Being there like for the rest of my life I feel like you know YouTube twitch I prefer twitch Personally for streaming Oh [ __ ] I was gonna steal that eat the No joke my buddy [Music] Better Twitch is easier for me to reach at

The same switch is just easier for me to Reach out it feels like it’s more neater More compact I have a flashlight so [ __ ] You and your traps You and your traps And [ __ ] trap number one I was never a Fan of space [ __ ] drop number two There’s still another one That’s next to me no you’re fine you Guys have a question shoot go ahead Kaya I’m gonna reset [ __ ] me Uh Go for it if you want never Praying Uh no it’s just a nostalgic thing I mean I might start streaming on YouTube like Once or twice a week but it’s gonna be Mainly twitch again I do find twitch a Hell of a lot easier Gonna [Music] I just said Thank you Yeah but no like pretty much you’re Supposed to be working Monday through Thursday 10 hours a week but then right Now Friday is mandatory from what I’ve Been told and um you get paid I think uh One and a half times uh for overtime It’s like if you’re making 22 an hour You’re gonna make like 31 an hour I Think Um for overtime but then if you work Over eight hours if you get paid over

Eight hours for every hours you work That week you get paid an extra dollar If you work 10 extra hours of over your Time then you get paid two dollars for Every hour you work that week so let’s Say you do a 10 hour shift on Friday Which was quote unquote over time final Reset palette so for instance if you um Work 10 hours on Friday which is 12 that Is overtime right you um That would be a total of 50 hours in the Week so because you work 10 hours of Overtime you pay two extra dollars for Every hour you work that week so it’d be An extra 100 bucks that you would make On Friday Depends on how long right yeah it’s [ __ ] nice do you mind killing me [ __ ] Boys No [ __ ] off No way out uh it’s only gonna be for 30 48 seconds Uh currently I don’t make anything extra Because where I work right now Valley General I don’t get paid anything for Overtime Over four zero hours no overtime is Anything over hours that you’re Scheduled They can work they could schedule you For like 55 hours a week you know they Could schedule you for 55 hours a week You know and you’d have to work all Those hours and none of that is

Qualified as overtime overtime is where Or from what I’ve been told Um overtime is where I’m sorry overtime is where you um I Can’t [ __ ] concentrate Jesus overtime Is working more than the schedule hours That you were scheduled for that week Children that gate we should just book It She didn’t open up that door [ __ ] she Didn’t open up that door I’m so [ __ ] Sorry I might have just killed you I’m Following you with a flashlight hold on I apologize a million times over she Should she’s Uh probably by main somewhere I’m Looking right now I’m looking Shack palette’s been picked By the way it has not been broke it Still picks Up yeah Uh oh dude okay um I found the last door it’s open it’s by Um So how do I screen this it’s in a corner Map Um It’s in the corner closest to Main and Check if that makes sense Well tickets going out [Music] [Applause] [Music] Of all time but I’ll try

Nobody overtime is anything over 40 Hours I wish not from what I’ve Been Told Um Yeah [ __ ] maybe that’s not how it works On my job I don’t know The Bill’s chief game I don’t watch Football Sorry bro [ __ ] I don’t know if I’m gonna make Healing oh yeah no you should Dude you’re right next to the [ __ ] Door you’re fine as long as she doesn’t Push you off the hill right now you Should definitely make it Monsters you should be fine though It’s fully heal and run through and it Should be fine just make sure you make Sure you’re running through the door When you um Before you get smacked because even if She [ __ ] smacked dude just run Through just run through you don’t kind Of blind or anything Jesus Over nine traps in the doorway I’ll just say I don’t think that’s how It works at my job Don’t take straight BS I don’t know um Likewise dear if you want you can join Yeah Geo if you want you can join Um no but like at this normal Factory Job that I’m planning on working at you

Have to come in at like seven I think And you work till it’s a I know it’s a 10 hour shift so whatever after seven in The morning brings you to see the game With their bad calls Google it real quick Hmm Nah but it’s Tyler chefs Monday through Thursday so it’s a 40-hour week Um I know you get like three breaks during The day first break is only like 10 Minutes second break is which is lunch Break that’s gonna be 30 and then third Break is only gonna be like 15 minutes I Think from what I’ve Been Told Um No it’s 22 Benefits are included you get vacation Time off it’s it’s nice it’s just it’s a Legitimate job you know I gotta reinvent you guys But it’s a job that I’m looking forward To getting you know Yeah almost every shift I’ve been taking Has been nights maybe some afternoon Shifts where like I come in at like 10 In the morning and I work till like uh Six in the afternoon but yeah It’s mainly but um night shifts for me Any mornings No I already told them you’re gonna make Me work nights you cannot make me work On night shift and then the next day you

Can’t make me work a morning shift That’s the only [ __ ] I request requested Uh Karen I can invite you After four zero hours you get time and a Half See I thought it was this job too Um Yesterday uh Friday is mandatory because Like they’re that far behind on work but Um Yeah no that’s what I’ve been told Pez Uh one and a half times your normal pay And then if you work over eight hours on Over of overtime then you get an extra Dollar or you get a dollar for every Hour that you’ve worked that whole day So if you work like a 50 hour or a 48 Hour uh a week then you’re gonna get Paid an extra 48 dollars if you work the Extra two hours and work a 10 hour shift And you’re getting paid two dollars for Every hour you work the whole week so if You work a 50-hour week then you’re Getting paid 100 bucks which you should Be if you work Monday through Friday for 10 hours So technically on Friday you could learn Anywhere from an extra 100 bucks just From overtime alone Keep in mind it’s 22 an hour so 10 hour Chef 22 that’s like 2200 bucks you know I’m going to just tell you So on a Friday you could earn anywhere From like 300 to like

Yeah you can earning from like 300 bucks It’s [ __ ] nasty Friday alone I don’t Understand what you just said just now So if you uh Oh So overtime pay Katya is you get paid One and a half times your normal amount Right so if I get paid 22 dollars an Hour and I forgot it’s actually 33 so You’re probably gonna make paid like Four four uh 400 uh on Friday I think Actually because it’s 33 an hour But no you get paid I get paid 22 an Hour if I would work uh normally so if I Work overtime I get paid one and a half Times a normal amount which would be 33 An hour so if you work eight hour days Of it over time then you get paid one Dollar for every hour you work that week So if you work a 48 hour week uh you get Paid 48 extra dollars on top of the Overtime you already get paid if you Work a 10 hour shift you get paid two Dollars for every uh For every hour you work so you can earn Potentially potentially po I can’t [ __ ] talk you could earn up to 100 Bucks on top of the extra overtime right Payment you’d get Right and then 33 an hour 33 times uh 10 Hours that’d be 330 plus the extra 100 It’d be 430 bucks that you can make on Friday if you work 10 hours It’s nice

For what at least yeah yeah that’s true But then again that’s how twitch makes Money Uh no if you’re not affiliated Also by like four people that worked There that’s how it goes Just sub yeah all right Gee I’m not calling you a [ __ ] liar Bro but it’s just like that’s how it is At my [ __ ] job you know it might be That way at your job but I’m telling you From my job that’s just how it is Right Uh this job it’s Ford is so no I mean usually if it’s a typical work Week you’d be working five days for Eight hours but no here you work four Days for ten hours I think I think what he means is that Um there’s like a government standard That if you work with four hours yeah Eight hours a day for five days a week And then you have weekends off yet no Exactly Geo Yeah yeah that’s perfect normal but Eight hour days is 48 is 40 hours a week If you work over that over 40 hours then Normally you get time and there’s like Yeah that’s how it is for like Yeah for like I didn’t see difficult sorry But it said I’ve Just Seen uh noobs and Work week is uh five days right so That’s why I didn’t see the typical in

There but my apologies but no it’s like Where I work it’s Monday through Thursday Um 10 hour days You get three sure yeah me too I didn’t Even read the typical in there um you Get like three breaks first breaks ten Minutes second break is a half hour for Lunch and third break is 15. A lot or something yeah I don’t know I Mean I know every job is different Yeah no [ __ ] Dick Tracy I [ __ ] Understand basic math all right Jesus That’s like your typical nine to five Job I understand that you know I get that Dad’s [ __ ] dying in the background I’m just saying Geo that’s not how it is 4-0 yeah [ __ ] I understand basic Basic [ __ ] knowledge all right Jesus Oh my God I’m just saying that might be How it is for you Geo it’s not how it is For my [ __ ] job I’m not calling you a [ __ ] liar I’m just saying it might Not be the same for my [ __ ] job Jesus [ __ ] Geo Oh my God Three hours then like Thank you I had to be lethal It’s only yeah All right then I will dude I don’t know I was always told that um Yeah I don’t know maybe whatever

The other office downstairs I’m like Right now I don’t get paid overtime at My current job you know but then again You know half the time Um Foreign Job you know because it’s a [ __ ] Dollar General store you know like I Understand that uh infectious too by the Way FML [Music] You’re good Ethan take your time Frosty Eyes by the way that’s rare no Pallet here because the palette was over There on that side Doesn’t work out dead Heart by the way You guys should be fine to run into the Sky and pop that hard Laughs [Music] Oh God everybody in front of it I’m Lucky dude no I’m lucky bro that’s fine The twitch not work out no I’m just Taking a break from twitch I’m sorry Oh yellow glyph At least he’s respecting it dude at Least he’s respect I know that’s fair See Joe I don’t know anything about that Personally but Adam right now Uh you’re fine never mind Today I’m just uh [ __ ] around on YouTube

Oh [ __ ] now he’s on me I can’t believe you switch off of Adam When he’s in his power [Applause] That’s [ __ ] awkward So [ __ ] laggy dude my game is framing Like hell No did I get a lot of people too Um I always prefer twitch chat Personally but I know a lot of people Don’t like the ads that you get on Twitch You know I just prefer it’s easier for Me to shoot on Twitch than it is on YT Pilot here no pilot here unlucky Out here at this corner yes sir No no What what In the world I was stuck in place That was so [ __ ] weird questions Dude I hate the frames on RPD and high On the field So I [ __ ] hate these Maps man God they’re unbearable to play on my Game is literally framing so hard On [ __ ] real I’m sorry I brought it right What no you’re good I’m going for uh Thank you right now God I hate this [ __ ] map I hate this Maples killer hate it more As Survivor dude Please [Music]

Foreign Give you my login info so you can Benefit off my PS plus if you want This is my ALT account so it’s not going To bother me if you haven’t Oh actually wait can I even do that [ __ ] Because Oh [Music] Hello Dude I don’t think I’ve ever spun Oni Like in his dash power what the [ __ ] Like out in the open at least I don’t think I’ve ever spun only [Music] Ah Only [Music] This guy or like I’ve rounded Corners Tight enough to make a Miss but I don’t Think I’ve ever been like out in the Middle of the open he’s in his Dash and Then made a mess I don’t think that’s Ever happened for me I’m sure he’s coming back [Applause] So I want to see if this can get him Dude where like I Vault act like I’m Vaulting this and then I My game just took a fat [ __ ] on itself That should be a save Too long I know I might be able to give you my um Geo might be able to give me my ALT

Account information Um if you want it and then you can type It into your PS4 And then you should be able to benefit Off of my DLCs and you should be able to Bet oh actually I don’t think I have any DLCs on my alt account you should be Able to benefit from my DLCs and then You sh then you should be able to Benefit from my um Uh PS plus if you want I think I’ve got like a year pass on my Alt account so if you want to you just I Can save me a couple of bucks a month if You’d like All pallets while in Chase no I don’t Need to I’ll have to go on my PS5 and figure With the login info is because I think It’s my personal email or it’s my dad’s [ __ ] I can ever remember I think this One’s my dad’s personal email but I Think it’s my personal email for The alt account what I’m trying to get Work did it feel like chasing me up here I want to like act like I’m vaulting This and then do something like that you Know It’s gonna work so [ __ ] beautifully All right it’ll be funny I can work on Oh dude lightsaber all right we [ __ ] Already I mean I use it on this personal Account like I have my ALT account and Then I use this one to benefit off the

PS plus because I don’t have PS Plus on This account I don’t think [ __ ] do I PS Plus I don’t think I have PS Plus in this Account should you went down again Um Yeah I think I use it on my main account But that’s it I hope he has blood work now and I think He just killed us all get me out of here Oh never mind nobody Which one What was that I gotta look There’s a glitch with uh we’ll make it Or is unless it makes you feel like a [ __ ] mad man I’m not No here let me go try to grab my Information off the PS5 and then you can Try it No I think this is my primary You do not set as your primary I’m Pretty sure and you should still get it Ready even what is that bright palettes Uh I don’t know dude you gotta [ __ ] Try it I mean I’m just trying to offer You and try to help out I don’t know if It’s gonna work or not because I think I Have this one I said as my primary but You can still try it if you want let me Hop on the PS5 here Yeah just gonna try it If anything I’ll just damn it to you on Playstation then just try it write it Down like a scrap a piece of paper and

Just try it for yourself Um [Music] Okay PS5 bit Balor LOL Okay bro Instead I’m gonna try it hold on Foreign Like four How do I go into settings on this Account I never understood how to use PS5 that’s Why I don’t really go in here too often Use these accounts Uh Counts and then email address what is This Okay What’s my password [ __ ] [ __ ] uh is it this one New password Just send it to me whenever you get the Time brought back no rush I’m probably Gonna watch some one piece You’re good I gotta [ __ ] remember What the hell my um password is [ __ ] Uh you’re good bro you’re good Remove and then we’re going to remove Hey you remember what PSR my password is On the PS5 or no don’t say it just do You know what it is Yo Gmod Who are you talking to

Lol none of your business [Music] Laughing Mot year of corn MOG Mount wassup Dude I’m gonna have to like give you Like five different passwords bro and You’re just gonna have to keep trying Them until they work Oh [ __ ] I’m gonna have to do like five different Passwords because I can never [ __ ] Remember what my password’s called Foreign There’s like five different passwords I Think if none of them worked then uh You’re gonna have to [ __ ] Mr removal one two three you know that’s Some basic [ __ ] password that I probably Would [ __ ] do too like Mr nugs one Two three All right I know the email but you’re Gonna have to [ __ ] experiment with The passwords until they [ __ ] work Yeah Some basic ass [ __ ] dude it’s like one And like it’s it’s it’s like one in five Passwords dude Um let me start up a party with you or Not a party a [ __ ] uh Hold on yeah dude I’ve got like four Different emails I got like five or six Different passwords I use for like Everything Yeah dude I mean really the only thing I

Have on this PS4 is an a year supply of PS Plus at every stock every year and Then I have [ __ ] uh And then I think I have um On Playstation oh [ __ ] you’re right You’re right hold on [ __ ] that means I gotta find you that Means I gotta find your name on Playstation hold on give me one sec guys There’s one PlayStation [ __ ] [ __ ] hold on I thought I’d give you the password for My current account though not the old One Lives let me open up the messages In our Discord no it wasn’t a Discord I Thought it was on Playstation I could Have sworn Uh scroll [ __ ] damn it dude it’s [ __ ] it’s Somewhere dude I’ve got like All right I know the email for sure all Right and then you just have to Experiment with the passwords Uh Geo write this [ __ ] down bro I’m Gonna send you Those three if it’s not let me know if It’s not let me know uh take a picture Of that try those Um Yeah try those out for now let me know If they work I was gonna say you can’t take anything Off of that account it’s mainly just my

Gunshot account so that’s the only thing You pretty much steal on that [ __ ] so Can you even play gentian impacts so it Should be fine If I put that on your PS4 and it should Hopefully work [Music] Foreign The party Corn left like he joined what’s going on Uh well I’m sure of corn was wondering If I was streaming or not oh Because I want my screen uh not stream But Discord background to me Because when I play with other people Kind of a lot no you’re fine Right So you aren’t or are alive right now Nice [ __ ] cheating bastard Corn how dare he I am on uh YouTube Oh gotcha Nah dude just try that uh those Passwords if it’s not one of those three Then [ __ ] I gotta like really uh I gotta Find my notebook that has all my Passwords and emails in it But that should it should be one of Those three passwords it should be I tend to keep all my passwords like Genuinely the same but that’s like the Downfall to it because like I keep them all the same

I used to use the most basic [ __ ] boy Password is one if you guys look on your Keyboard it’s one my old password used To be one q a z two wsx And it used to be such a creative Password like it worked every time and More recently whenever I try to make an Email with the same password it doesn’t Work because of how many emails and [ __ ] I used to make with that password But it was funny because like I used to Label it as like a really strong Password because nobody used it I Started using it more and like now Now like Apparently everybody uses it it pisses Me off He says oh create a stronger password Like whatever nerds The Wretched shop This is me who who do you know that runs This Nancy skin come on now I’m offended Oh cringe gross you logging off That’s gross I left your screen to watch sticky spicy Please spicy applies P.M Bruh So here Um Thank you DC come to DC I’m sure just DC for for Just for comedy

Just for comedy All right I’m doing it I have a white word No no no you got a DC no no you got a DC You got to finish it time to DC you Gotta finish it you got to finish it Don’t finish the Gen finish the gym and DC finish it in the DC There we go [Music] I mean it’s actually better because he Had two people DC like we bought it any Bonuses [ __ ] skill issue for the legion get Good They were both using Bond and spine Shell I thought it wasn’t Dude yeah I thought I thought they took Away penalty [ __ ] is it back or no No No It’s only four minutes it’s only four no At that point I want to [ __ ] DC them That’s [ __ ] Damn dude I literally DC because of the No DC penalty [ __ ] Damn I’ve been bamboozled I know it [ __ ] Skill issue places to hate Legion now It’s not like I hate Legion dude we had Two people DCF to start when they saw I Was a legion so like Legion down me and Then I DC just to be funny

Because like I figured there’s no TC Penalty I mean I mean there’s like almost no point for Us Right like two DC’s I mean I just tried to DC just to make It funnier The only DC doesn’t make it funnier and Then I found out that we penalties back So now there’s no point at these things I mean how much worse can you get after Cancer I mean come on now Fair enough Um No follow me I’ll wait Nah dude I don’t really do see all too Much if I ever DC just for just shits on Giggles you know it’s never because like I’m being serious about it you know Um [Music] Lots of my playlist and I had like three DCS that was funny like people just dis On Legion bro like I give it some Mending simulator but come on now Uh let me know if it works too if it Doesn’t work just message me on PS4 Again It’s so strange to be like Live on YouTube again it’s kind of funny kind of Whack Algae I mean

I’m thinking about just streaming on I’m Thinking about streaming on um Twitch for like three to four days of The week and then should be on YT for Like one or two days of the week I know it depends All right Less than two minutes let’s go Well real entertaining gameplay for your Stream huh Oh yeah where’d you go [Music] Um Nice It’s not bad though Nice [Music] I’m probably gonna try to hit up the Dock soon For what Uh raining the entire time and then There would be just like a big Flash Foreign Country um we’d be running I’m like just A track and um there’d be certain parts Like the track that have like no rain You know there would be like no clouds Like you’d have like A good like chunk of like area that had Like no rain in it whatsoever and then You run like 10 steps and then they’d be Like that most heavy downpour you’ve Ever seen Like it was the weirdest thing it’s the

Weirdest experience you know Yeah like you never I mean [Music] Yeah it’s gotta be tough Oh my God a bunch of constructions hey DC penalty’s over let’s go never do sing Again Was Right on my turn to hold towards this Way just and also a different Farm on The left side but there was construction Being done on the left side of the road Right Obviously they’re not going to fully Block the left side it’s going to be to A point and then you can turn off and This car I took in Stops out of nowhere I have to break Like a [ __ ] CTV or she Go through the call My Gosh let’s get to a dead end a cone Sorry Like It’s causing an accident with five cars These are other cars behind me Not to be a [ __ ] I would be addicted Until you I’m playing killer after this Just letting you know Ah that’s so sweet Oh man Oh thank you for the follow-up that’s Sweet oh someone burned a bone let’s go

Kill Everybody Actually we’ll see where to get in game That could have been a survivor’s uh Shroud of binding or something we’ll see That’s why he went when not everyone Brings stuff yeah right Dude it feels bad because like It feels bad because like I have like Over I think 300 yellow and like brown Med kits you know each And it’s like half the time like I still Refuse to bring an item if I’m not Running a uh if I’m not running a Flashlight most of the time I’m not Bringing any items at all Also did you know they changed Flashlights again [ __ ] me they keep Changing it and it’s like oh God Like I’m practicing lockers I’m Practicing CJ text and [ __ ] just so I Can get the angling right because I keep [ __ ] up my flashlights and then lo And behold like a week later I’ve done With the most horrendous angling ever And they want to go and change them Again like bruh I can’t keep hopping Into customs Miss that sexy voice thanks [Music] That’s true reason why The true sacrifice of um Moving to Twitch Not dealing with Claire’s flirts I swear Feels bad bun

Good map That’s a Mikey by the way I’m gonna fast about this Great setup here oh my that’s dirty I’m getting on a gin at the hill I need to figure out how to do like I need to figure out how to do like Follow pop-ups On my stream You get them ladies aha I get Clary dude I don’t get ladies bro I get Claire By any means by the way oh never mind And I can see you’re welcome in though How you doing tonight Foreign [Music] [Music] If he pauses I might be able to look at That oh no they even have the angle I Didn’t have the angles I got him swinging That’s a smack S [Music] Oh it feels bad Angle 22 old lady no I’m gonna turn 19 in a Couple weeks so not really But then again voices can be deceiving I Mean I got a buddy who’s got a deeper Voice than me and he’s [ __ ] 14. That’s rough Nice uh my drone’s done too Come on rosar Rosary Rosary come on man

That’ll do better I think it’s Rosary Yeah it’s starting to get out man I’m Like Ross R yeah oh wait Rosary [ __ ] Dumbass I’m gonna go get that if I can never Mind that’s a joke Welcome back How sticky stream you cheating [ __ ] No I think where you at are you trying To get a save oh gross Where you at Are you are you man or Shack side you’re On Shaq’s side Face me dude FML Ah get [ __ ] all right I’m gonna go for A pole if I can Never mind they got pulled How about no Yeah built to last Nice How about you take aggro for me Thank you That’s fine I’m just trying to make this Palette so I don’t have to get [ __ ] by Franklin’s Oh let’s go That’s fine I just did the flashlight Check on him I got him That’s fine it’s not me and something Else or in some four lands That’s awkward I was trying to oh that’s unlucky I was

Trying to oh damn it hold on Oh that’s awkward as [ __ ] I should have God window here oh that’s Rough Skill issue Uh where’s my flashlight I’m gonna go if you open a boon I mean dude like for instance if I’m Trying to like fake this window right I Could just go like this Go like this sorry or like with a Palette you know act like I’m gonna Vault it and then go off of it you know It’s super nice So nice works every time Like Killers hear that Vault animation And then when they double back it’s so Good All right I got you [Music] Oh you should be fine I’m gonna go any means probably that Palette here after I’m done using this Toolbox give me one sec Forget that I’m running this perk We already have two Boons on the map so It’s not like I need to go and place one Down either There you go [Music] If they try to take some aggro maybe get A beamer safe there if I can [Music] Buy it

How badly I wanted it how badly I wanted It if I had oh dude [ __ ] That was bad They’re gonna try to take a chase here Maybe ah I think I got him on me he’s Trying to stalk me No he’s not you’re trying to stop him It’s Expo right Excuse me I’m getting pulled it should be expert I Should pick themselves up any second Here yeah nice I was gonna say that’s Expo so it should be happening any Second now Bro Love it no pallets here I mean maybe I’ll get Shaq inside [ __ ] over Michaela so hard God damn it Dude I just [ __ ] over like the whole Team in a matter of 10 seconds oh I Can’t I’m dying Nice dude yeah I feel scarf bro Sweating wow still connected You grasp do you mind picking up my Flashlight uh do you mind it’s that Corner of Shack When you get the chance Yeah don’t worry about getting it right Now it’s just just understand that it’s There [ __ ] scuff dude Uh you might oh never mind it’s gone Instead

Disappeared off the face of the realm Feels bad Watch me coping your face as you pull me That’s fine thanks I’m gonna reset this palette back here If I can Uh Sort of going back to the same time I Came from That’s so rough not recapping an unsafe Palette The highest of MMR gameplay right now Only the highest So it’s gone right oh no it’s not gone Hey yo no I do need you to restock this If you don’t mind Yeah I thought it disappeared that’s so Weird I wonder if they changed that That’s awesome uh yeah no I picked it Back up If you do want to restock it for me I Don’t know how many charges of built you Have left but I’m at my booth right now um I’m at the General you dropped off your cambodia’s Toolbox at uh it’s on 85 percent That would have been an easy save with a Flashlight I’m lucky Oh hold on Might be switching to me Yes Thor hickeys in here Oh please don’t let that be haste that Taste oh my God that is haste

Oh my God I love my [ __ ] god Dude I never get lucky with those dudes I always get [ __ ] hindered watch this Hindered oh never mind nothing Just saying Thor imagine Uh second to last Jen’s done three two One I’m gonna go reset a palette oh this Seems to be a pretty safe one too so That’s good Beautiful what a great palette to save Skill issue Um We’ll run for the door on the side of The map maybe I can juice them long Enough who knows [Music] According to get me cheating on me come On now That’s Insidious I think Oh you know why am I not surprised Uh she’s death hook anyways so I think I Can just book it towards the store and Pray that it’s open Hold on Do you know when the doors were at the Key or not I know there’s one back here But She’s got a door Oh she’s not on this one ’s party if he comes to this door I’m [ __ ] I got nothing back here I gotta Just run cop Corner

Resilience spare my life no exhaustion Come on developers I’ve been a good Little boy today That’s fine if I had Beamer restock I Think I’d be fine Doors 99 let me try to knock out this Node for her while she’s buying time That’s so [ __ ] scuffed I don’t know I wouldn’t even be able to Make it does she have unbreakable or Anything or no Set a trailer land break out windows Look at this guy He’s looking for you Donna What kind Oh that door’s 99. Maybe she can get lucky and get hatch I Want him to come all the way towards me Blood Warden you weirdo hold on Chicken flavor fantastic No blood Warden Dude I’m more of a beef Ramen type of Guy or shrimp nah dude chicken’s basic Yeah I go with shrimp or beef Shrimp is my personal favorite but beef Is pretty good too Beef has a stronger flavor than chicken In my opinion My God that builds I just like beef because it has a Stronger flavor hey yo if these uh if my Killer finds in your chat tell them I’m So sorry for [ __ ] both of them over At a shack dude I felt so bad the second

Dude I trust you I felt in front of Michaela and then I vaulted the window Thing I’m the worst teammate ever Yeah if they um if they come to your Chat tell them I apologize for being so [ __ ] boosted I’m sorry That’s almost so sorry emoji face with Tears of joy I thought it wasn’t Intentional It was funny because I literally [ __ ] Over Michaela and sang in a matter of 10 Seconds Oh dude I feel so bad All right all right I swear I’m just the Worst of them all I’m the worst as they Come It’s doing really good but she got stuck On a little corner that’s a chandelier Looping the totem because I had a Feeling that’s where the and uh that’s Where the or that’s where the node was That was rough [Music] Ly I mean I’ve got you [Music] I’ve got you a solid uh 157 if you want Them Brand new parts or 126 syringes Uh thicky uh Thor says hello Hello Okay okay it says it’s totally fine There was literally nothing you could

Have done no no no no tell her at Shack No tell her at Shack no no that’s Shack Dude No in the end game I know there was Nothing I could do but like I flipped over uh dude she got a dive Right there Vaulted away Yeah we’re toxic a different breed of Said [ __ ] you Thor straight up said [ __ ] You thorn nah she didn’t say that Yeah she’s sudden she said what that’s What she said [ __ ] blonde moment I might switch to show me on Twitter in A minute guys I may or may not Debating Oh no hello from her dude she said hi oh What do you mean she said She said hi dude What do you mean what do you hate on her Court Dude twitch is just better because I Mean I can read chat a hell of a lot Easier and I can see who’s coming in Plus I feel like if you’re a TTV people Are more willing to check you out than On if you have like Nooks Whitey she’s Like with then I’m sorry I think you say Something Gaming Community What’d you say to her what did you say Dicky YouTube is more meant for like videos Okay like twitch is more meant for

Streaming yeah exactly if someone has TTV in your name you’re gonna expect Like live streaming if you see white Season three months which then YouTube Yeah I mean if you have like corn lips White tea they’re gonna think that you Make videos on YT they don’t think you Make streams on YouTube you know so if You have like cornless YT No One’s Gonna Stop by half the time if you have corn Lips TTV almost every game at the start Of every game at the end you’re gonna Have one guy coming to be like yo man I Was the Zarina that was just playing With you uh that was a great game nice Job I’ll play I’m gonna give you a Follow now type [ __ ] you know It’s so much easier meeting people on Twitch I feel like on YouTube Maybe you guys prefer watching on YouTube because it’s easier on you guys But for me streaming wise it’s way Easier for me to do it oh this is a Mother’s dwelling by the way Shaq always spawns here on mother’s Dwelling Gaming You’re fine I got a moon trying to place Down Yeah right I mean like the the mini Building it’s like uh the little Fireplace uh deep hipster by the way Yeah AKA The Deep hipster uh where you At I got a uh a beamer love to show you

A little bit of something would it Take it Where where are they at then Flashlight I found him [Music] Left on the other side of the building I mean twitch you still need like Donations primarily and stuff [ __ ] is This guy Jesus What in the world is this man doing What in God’s name I mean switches still need like Donations and primary uh donations Primarily and stuff affiliate doesn’t Help you too much especially for a while True Ads really don’t pay you that much I Think per video or per stream that’s Like six or seven hours do you get paid Like 10 cents per stream That’s so [ __ ] awkward No Um I spun them and I try to volunteer With resilience I got [ __ ] oh well [ __ ] happens Can you paint Rose Gamers no no painters Games Anyway yeah I mean for me I pull Anywhere from like I think five to ten Views on uh on Twitch Always gonna be the only found this dude I would post sexy pish pictures of my Hairy ass ankles bro my hairy ankles bro

Turn on a ton of dudes Or my feet bro All right move it I’m [ __ ] injured Hold up [Music] Yeah nice one guys keep forcing the [ __ ] kill when I’m in Chase or when Each one blades at us Smooth Move Everyone [Music] Oh guys if he’s coming that means let go Of me so I can run Dude thing’s gonna die nice [Music] Not being camped all right so if one of You guys pull me how about um not Holding the hostage while killing Someone blades I don’t know what the payout on uh I Don’t know what payouts are on YouTube But I had a buddy of mine who recently Broke a thousand followers on YouTube he Apparently just got his first pail like A couple days ago Is that like 1.3 K I think followers on Or sorry Subs on YouTube you want to Hear me He [ __ ] comes back that means let me Go though because he’s gonna [ __ ] Tunnel my ass Please Where you at Vicky [Music] Pax welcome in bro how you doing tonight

Other side isn’t like other side of oh I See a palette drop okay I’m coming I’m Coming hold on Hold out thank you I’m coming All right I’m here now where you at I can reset that palette I can reset that palette move move move On my deathbook I came to the stream because of my boy Desk That’s too nice It’s running this way Eddie this is [ __ ] awesome trick she Was hot but Annoying to go against he’s Also extremely difficult to play and we Have some terrible RNG Yeah dude that’s too nice it’s great For now yeah Then you die True [Music] I love trickster’s cosmetics Like I will waste like over 400 on Trickster Cosmetics but I will never Play as him I’ll just Flex that I have tricks to Outfits and then just never play them All right let me hop on the Gen Um All right here’s one Nice This does live right now Hawks or no Have you just been waiting for me to Stream on uh on YouTube for like ages

I mean Desi’s fight quite often When you stop playing DVD Uh no He’s not alive so you just sub to me and Just having a cut a stream Don’t tunnel don’t tunnel you scumbag He’s on Fang She’s in a four lane though so she’s Probably gonna go down inevitably Thank you somehow thing is juicing in The foreland don’t ask me how And she got this stun on him No way Thing got good distance I’m just gonna Stay on the channel I was gonna go for a Flashlight save but never mind I’ve got all trust dinner Pop off Lucifer 169516. I said you uh also saw you sent to weepy Yeah I used to be friends with a weepy Dark Des Dante I mean I’m still friends Or acquaintances I should say with all Them We just don’t play anymore I stuck with DVD and they just uh kind Of drifted away I mean doesn’t dark are Both like multi-gamers and weepy streams Whatever is popular on this channel at The time whether it’s fall guys or Among Us or whatever that is Hold up I’m still here nice I’m gonna go get this flashlight save if I can

Wait where do they go where did they Okay I’m probably Gonna Miss This dude Oh that’s unlucky I can’t even say that bro I need her to Curl off of the wall dude I didn’t drift Away I mean you left the Discord bro Because weepy was in there and since That happened we never really talked After that you know I need to stop bringing Boons though Dude I have not been able to find a Totem like forever Given I haven’t really been looking all Too much either but still Might take off Boone and just run like a Exhaustion perk like Sprint burst or Overcome But I’m just saying like pretty much When he did that like we never really Talked you know you never really stopped By my twitch streams all too much Because you’re not really a twitch guy Which is all understandable but The same thing with like dark and does Dude it’s not like I don’t Have any places yeah dude me either I always I mean I tend to lurk in most Of their streams dark and does but that We’re both here we’re vibing [ __ ] It’s been a good month or two for me Let’s say it’s been months though Oh you’re upset oh you’re fuming Matt

You’re maulding Ah I’m done I’m dying for this I’m running the shack Yeah guard that Jen yeah go back to the Gym it’s on 90 I’m gonna go uh go run Back to the Boon real fast Uh what what did you uh used to play With Dez on DVD or was there any other Games And I remember the big time when I Started playing with Dez uh serpents all These other guys was when we did a Sonic Team racing that was like the first time Like I think I played with like Everybody And then after that uh we started Playing I started playing maybe Streaming and playing with a dozen dark On a DVD we did a couple of custom games But um I don’t know when they started Drifting like cuphead and stuff like That and just Minecraft and all those Other streams we just stopped playing Okay what in God’s name I’m lucky Got the blind there How do you know how do you know Oh that glitch oh hell yeah Oh [ __ ] Yeah it works dude I pulled off a lot at Check Like you’re vaulting and then you Quickly uh flick to the side it works Beautifully when you’re not uh

It works beautifully Uh we need to put pressure on another Gen Um are you on agenda gear no Because he’s starting he’s guarding this One like a hawk I’m trying to reel my way try to make Him use his blades But he’s not falling for he’s not taking A bit Could be resilience Damn it no he’s chasing me Oh he might commit to me now nice got Him on me He’s like what the [ __ ] Uh shark’s getting dropped here foreign That was smooth There’s not a whole lot you can do about That you know Oh we have great palette RNG Uh there we go Possible no way out [ __ ] he’s committing To me piss off I’ve said I dropped like three God Palettes I’m so sorry Like nice trick to have up your sleeve You know like they hear the Vault you Know so then they double back you know But then you don’t actually Vault it’s So nice You know Oh I’m framing Paying 99 that door beautiful I’m gonna Drop down actually you have no pallets

Where he’s hooking you by the way Hey appreciate that thanks for stopping By It’s literally just like a straight Road Likewise bro CRM Hi see you bro I gotcha I’m probably gonna die for it Though What [Music] I’m trying to crawl on the open Until you’re not back yet you’re good Ethan take your time That feels bad I just want to go in Paranoid because I was out in the middle GG uh just get out don’t waste my time Please sticky just get out if you’re out Of door You know I’m just putting a little oh You’re fine I do not remember that book Ethan or Evan sorry No GG I don’t waste three pounds in the End game there though because he was Trying to commit to me on death hook I was like hell no Least amount of points I gotten dude I Really gotta quit being chased Um Tea bag Oh skill issue Oh [ __ ] skill is you cry about it Should be up any second though [Music]

You’re fine probably gonna be up in Anywhere from like five four three yeah There it goes Oh yeah Oh man that’s good I like that Skill issue not skill issue Yeah that was funny My bad for the Emoji spam it’s all good Dude I might just turn off Texas speech Here in a minute Hi cap it’s all good capping’s fun Cappings for the two real kids Hmm Now the question is I go to play killer Or do I keep playing Survivor with you Thicky that is the question to ask Everything I say is the truth Do what thank you Also it’s up to you No actually it’s up to you because I’m Offering Without your friend [Music] Why I can’t it’s not telling me yeah no I’m Just saying why why do you hate it Though The riffs are meant for every battle Pass Every riff comes out for every battle Pass right so for the first ever battle Pass I was Tom one right for this Current Zone which I think we’re in like Tom 111 by now you know

I should run the 11th battle pass so Those challenge are exclusive to that Battle pass only right So that’s why you can’t collect riff Fragments from previous riffs or from Previous uh tomes because Yeah it was meant for that battle pass I Guess if I don’t know how else to Describe it [Music] All right I’m gonna get a Prestige 53 Here in a second if you don’t mind That’s why I’m not ready enough [Music] Anyone in your child want to play or no Anyone in your chat want to play or no You don’t think so you’re not offering Because if thicky ain’t offering to let Their viewers want to play with us then I will offer if you anyone you I can’t [ __ ] talk If anyone you guys want to play and join With us except for if unless your name Is Ethan cool bro 18 you may join The guy who message above me Emoji nerd Face what the [ __ ] yeah it’s anyone that Wants to play with me unless your name Is Ethan cooper18 you guys are welcome To play I’m a pretty chill regular dude Um if you guys want to join and play you Guys are welcome to yeah [ __ ] you Ethan Noyes wasn’t your nickname that you made Up for me you copy it from other people

Skill of meaning Freddie for sure Foreign I’m sorry Becky I got two more uh blood Webs I gotta level up and then I got Prestige 54. Oh thank you I will take my time Oh that’s 700 000 that’s why Almost every game of murder like almost Every game it feels like I’m earning Like 100 [ __ ] thousand it’s crazy [Music] All right we can ready up because when We get in the game I’m gonna Prestige 54 So I can Flex on every scumbag in there Hold on I gotta show them these nerds how it’s Done That’s what I want to do for a Prestige Hundred I want to get into a game like Being Prestige 99 and then like when I’m In the pre Lobby I just Prestige step to Uh Prestige 100 in in like the pre-lobby And then I want to back out Oh it’s gonna be the funniest [ __ ] ever Oh man Emoji phase with tears of joy emoji face With tears of joy I just gonna be stupid to do I want to do mine with clown No not really demo I have fun with demo but I don’t like Any of his add-ons I wanted to proceed to 100 a killer that

I I really like their add-ons with you Know so then I can have like a ton of Like good add-ons on that killer you Know what I’m saying so like for Instance it would be someone like I hate I [ __ ] hate demos uh I hate demos Add-ons that’s why I don’t want to do Demogorgon I’m sure having a rare Prestige 100 Demogorgon would be [ __ ] nuts but Like all of his icons are ass dude I hate that Um It’s tough when you mean a killer like Diamond Gorgon whose add-ons are Complete [ __ ] asked right and then It’s like it’s finally playing clown is Such like a Stress reliever because you actually Have add-ons that actually do something Good you know what I mean That are actually [ __ ] decent Yeah right Yeah it’s a wide variety whereas with Demo like all these [ __ ] add-ons have Something to do with like the speed of His portals or how fast it takes to Cleanse or [ __ ] like that like they All have to do with portals you know and Don’t get me wrong like portals aren’t Bad on demo but it’s like it’s such a Weak thing to waste add-ons on you know It’s just dumb to me Shred distance or like or like shred

Distance or like the distance Or like applying Hemorrhage or mangled With your shred just stupid [ __ ] like That Like every other add-on that every That’s what I’m saying like all the all These other Killers have all these other Killers have like all these add-ons have To do with like those Powers those basic Powers you know like where if you hit Them with like a uh a blight you know You afflict them with mangled or some [ __ ] you know or if you hit someone with Cleanse bottle it affects them with uh With mangle you know stupid like that Like why is there none of that on Demogorgon shred you know it’s why I Like demogorgons up and coming rework When they rebring him back out they’re Gonna rework to shred completely I Cannot wait for that Sounds like a Bubba I’m getting Bubba energy from this Terror radius It’s a [ __ ] trapper Oh [Applause] That’s where I’m running to right now Why does every Trapper feel like they’re On blood flavor that’s crazy I think he has a thing where it locks um [Music] And being honest though dude Freddy is Such an ass killer and I’m gonna give

You like logical reasoning behind why His slowdown pools of blood are like a Thousand times worse than like every Other are hinder it unlike any other Killer you look at the hindroid on Wesker nine percent I think I’m [ __ ] I think on I think it’s like nine percent on I think it’s like nine percent on clown As well with an extra four percent if You uh run his add-on it’s crazy you Know like Freddy has the weakest Hindrance slowdown uh for his pools of Blood And then if you look at something like Um And then you look at something like um Like his only Redemption is the fact That he can teleport to portals dude or Teleports are not portal sorry teleport To um gems like that’s his only upside That makes him like maybe a d to a c Tier killer you know but even so like I Said anti-loop with it which is his Portals absolutely [ __ ] sucked You have to play them the most like Strategic [ __ ] way and even so half The time you know what the survivors are Just gonna do to counter it all they’re Gonna [ __ ] do is um Foreign No I I hate the I hate his palettes even More uh The fact that his palettes are so

Counterable because you can see which Ones are real and which ones are fake And I got stuff thing wrong Blood flavor [ __ ] me Damn dude No I mean pallets are Rico’s if you’re On a swift dude you can Lilly color Witch pouts are real and which ones are Fake and even so Like if you’re those that’s when it’s Worth waking up right because then you Can see which ones are real and which Ones are fake and then you just know you Know then you just know which ones are Real and which ones are fake and then It’s so nice you know like wake up at an Alarm clock run around to agenda make Sure you’re looking at like all the Palette generation right it’s not that Easy to it’s not that hard to forget What they are [ __ ] me dude unlucky [Music] Dude you say you think he’s fun because Of his literally nothing dude every time I see you play Freddie you don’t Teleport you don’t use the snares All you’re doing with him is treating Him like a normal like wraith game where You don’t use his power at all all you Do is treat him like an M1 killer I mean The only thing I think you can see fun About him is when you smack someone you Just see him like twist his little Fingers around

What what in God’s name they just step In his trap Nice I assume it’s reset though on your body Is that where a palette is or no [Music] That’s fine I’m here Most likely No what the [ __ ] I’m here though I guess I’m gonna pull you then [Music] Freddy is nice but he’s just such a weak [ __ ] killer dude So I had to make sure there’s no traps In there No I just think they need to make him Stronger though dude that’s all you know Like if they buff Freddie dudes and like I have no hate towards you for being in Front of me you know step in Halloween Ends is so stupid everyone’s been saying That Uh switching to me Daddy seems so [ __ ] quick dude Jesus [Music] That is not what I wanted to do let’s Save He’s got saved the best Stood before [Music] [Music] I want to see like your legit Freddie Gameplay I want to go like a four-man Swift and I want to verse Sarah

I know not many people named Freddy but I do and I like it It’s not like I hate you for winning Freddie dude I just don’t think it’s not Wise you know I mean if you like someone I can’t like H4 I mean [ __ ] me I main clown or I Don’t mean clown but I really enjoy Playing clown and not a lot of people do People think it’s just scumbag energy Oh he’s got the oh that’s gross I can’t serious I was getting out of This game dude Oh do you Oh nice I’m going for a poll right now So [Music] Spitting a trap to it though All right I have a look I’ll have a Little quick look around Oh I’m out here Anything like that But you’ll need to do this arm of the Trap first where is it To your Lefty son I can avoid it Ah he’s got thrilled by the way [ __ ] you might die on this [ __ ] hook Right right when I’m right next to you Might have causes of hex over there Hello So they knocked out blood flavor then I Don’t know

What favor and it might be uh undying Because we cleansed one totem already All right so blood flavor and um blood Flavor and um thrill are both gone right Now Oh [ __ ] how did she get the full heal on Me I’m gonna go for a palette recess Probably trap this most likely Oh wow didn’t even trap up what the hell Oh where you at Is Shaq even trapped Foreign I’m checking right now [Music] No check our check is even trapped their Check is clean If you use Harpy jump in a locker Or leave us RP just leave I’ll [ __ ] Take Chase it’s fine I don’t mind dying Got a white word anyways That’s fine [Music] Mr President will give Freddy like some More ragged Cosmetics dude like or like More of like a barn victim cosmetic like From different movies Is he on you right now Now that I can share them here I got you He’s gonna come towards my gen shortly When he comes I’m gonna are you sure if That’s okay Jesus [ __ ] I didn’t even see that trap What the hell

I think the generators are all on one Side though They didn’t see another generator on That side on the map on me Foreign Trapper just witnessed something illegal Eddie just [ __ ] hard witnessed me do It Tomorrow But now we gotta drop shank fell because I’m [ __ ] dog [ __ ] No traffic double back you [ __ ] [ __ ] Oh my God Yeah that’s oh dude that’s also a Well-placed trap because like you gotta Go fully around Shack even so Dude this guy like knows dude every time I’ve done the trick I’m like my man is Just still taking no matter what he did It was the most [ __ ] [ __ ] ever Oh man I didn’t like I could have done anything Either just like bruh It’s bad he played that well though Oh you did or she did [Music] Yeah Carrying someone is broken LOL I’m Listening to menu two left there you go To me I hope you step in a [ __ ] trap Toxic Imagine imagine Hello oh my God 49 keyboard points no

Way Legalize nuclear bombs welcome to the Stream dude I swear these YouTube names [Music] Thrilling blood flavor by the way uh Juju well played Save and corrupt nice good build I’m thinking I should go make something To eat Be back later Evan quentiness got one shirts at s blue Emoji t-shirt and he’s got some really Nice jeans Hey yo I watched Wheatfield are you now Him nah nah I’m uh I’m nukes though I’m a pretty I’m a Pretty cool niggs Um I usually stream on Twitch not a Not a YouTube Zero dollars Yeah that’s crazy he’s also got like Some really nice jeans that’s nuts You know what I forgot to do when I was In the pre-lobby Gaming Prestige 54. Jane what’s going on man welcome to the Stream it’s been a while hasn’t it [Music] Yeah with all those cosmetics When you tell your mom you want Quentin But then she says we have our Quentin at Home

Uh Quentin at home Yeah yeah Nobody [ __ ] runs it though because He’s like the knockoff Quinton I mean he looks better than the Clinton Please pull up Quentin right now he has Such fire Cosmetics that Bailey not even In the store oh I got school go look at School man uh make sure to learn Something for me Like bro look at the similarities jeans Jeans uh [ __ ] dark shirt like Navy Overcoat dark shirt Navy Overcoat pale As a [ __ ] white T-shirt pale as a [ __ ] white T-shirt take off the Beanie so I can make fun of their hair Now Oh my God trash haircut trash haircut oh My God where the similarities Never End Crazy Yeah right or something dude I used to run Jonathan by her Scoops Ahoy Jonathan all the time when uh Cosmetic glitch was still in the game They really got to bring that back dude I’m so sad that they keep [ __ ] taking It out I’m so upset Skips a whole job that was like the best Thing to for them to bring in this game It was so nice Before Geralds yeah right all the Gerald Maine’s out there Because they’re asked goodbye

All right we’re gonna hurry up If you have anyone online or no Um Door’s still online I don’t think I’ve Seen this do play though in a minute Not really that long dude I mean I pretty I pretty much spread my Points like evenly That’s a lie Um I Um I’ve I didn’t spend all my blood points On Nancy like I spent a good amount on David David was Prestige I think Six got them up to nine I spent my blood points on Ada and Rebecca I got my clown and I’ve got a lot of my Killers up like I think two to three Prestige each I could be like Prestige 70 on my Nancy If I spent all my blood points on her But I guess from like since the update I Guess that’s how long it took I really don’t play this uh I don’t Really play DVD as much as I used to Like I play a lot of different games I Play gentian impact I play fortnite I Play this game you know It’s just like if I spent all my blood Points on my Nancy I could probably have Been like Prestige 70 or like 65 by now Easy Like the amount of blood points I wasted

On like other characters just uh get a Couple extra perks or like on my Killers To Get My Perks like Prestige 2 or Prestige three is nuts I play fortnite And OverWatch too nice dude No I think what I’m going to do after Though I get my Nancy to prestige 100 is I’m going to try to get my Ada and my Rebecca up to P3 properly I wasn’t done talking but okay Um and then for my achilles I want to Get all my Killers to P3 properly now Instead of having like everyone like P1 Or P2 And then after that I think I’m gonna Start prestiging 100 like a killer of Mine And most likely it’s gonna be someone With like nice add-ons to use whether It’s Uh like Trapper Huntress just someone That has like good add-ons that I’d want To like get a bunch of You know because when you’re looking at My When you look at my add-ons and whatnot You notice that I’m only Prestige 54 and I’ve got 158 brand new parts 128 Syringes I’ve got like 30 of all of These but then I don’t really Target These you know I got 96 septics because I Target the septics you know I got like 30 of each of purple ones and I don’t Even go for these like I try to avoid

These ones if I can you know and the Fact that I still have 30 of each at Like perceived 50 shows you that like if I go for them like I’m gonna be like in A nice spot so I want to like procedure 100 a killer that has good add-ons you Know not really that like I enjoy their Play style but someone that has good Add-ons because I don’t want to let like My Prestige hundred go to waste you know Like people are saying I should probably Charge my demo most likely not because Demos add-ons are are ass dude they’re Pretty bad I heard to p100 no [ __ ] really yeah dude Sam winter is one of my favorite twitch Streamers I watch them a lot in my free Time Damn Yeah no I know uh Vicky Valiant is a Survivor and she last time I played with Her was like a week ago and she was like Prestige 84. So she’s probably at like Prestige 100 By now Um Makes sense though dude Have you ever been a killer man that and Someone who only plays killer RDP Prestige 100 as a killer that’s pretty Damn good because like you’re not Playing with swift so you’re not having Like a four stack of bloody party Streamers or something you’re like only

Playing one side And you pretty much bring in like Escape Cakes and bloody party trimmers for Yourself so that’s pretty damn good Sam winter plays all the time though I Don’t believe that That’s just because people are salty That he’s toxic They sound like that toxic like people Call them toxic for like camping and Tunneling but like you gotta understand He’s maning a killer like you never know True you know I get that I made white But I want to get others get to p108 Least right right No Um When you look at some winter I mean you Guys gotta understand that people call Him toxic because he tunnels and camps You also gotta understand he’s playing Like a d-tier to a c tier killer you Know and he maims that guy at high MMR At high MMR you are dealing with Gen Rushers people who just pre-jot pallets [ __ ] like that so he’s got a magically Pull like um he’s got to magically pull Pressure out of his ass to try to win His games you know and most of the Pressure that he pulls off is from Tunneling with someone that has an Active trap on their head or something Like that you know And he still manages to pull off wins

And that is a playstyle that I respect Playing someone who isn’t an S tier Killer at high MMR and still being able To pull off 4K is pretty decently most Games I like watching someone like that And yeah then he entertains Us by pretty Much not giving a [ __ ] about the Toxicity you know It’s one of those things where like it Blows my mind like if I’m meaning Someone like clown or if I’m meaning Someone like Trapper and I get a 4K Because I had a tunnel or Camp I would Use Jonathan over Steve LOL I do laughing Jonathan Stephen that was such an old Comment Ethan Martin I [ __ ] with Wesker though it’s not bad Too I like to play a lot of Dwight Myself I like his run animation I love His Cosmetics I’ll show you a couple of My Dwight skins after this I never compare Jonathan to the coward Clinton No Dude you are catching up so much Ethan Non-blank nurse what in God’s name That is a different breed of rare I Nurse that doesn’t blink oh oh it’s a oh No Look down It could be a fake baby nurse

Oh my God that has to be a fake baby Still swinging I might be a fake baby Dude most likely Thank you Uh they’re mind getting themselves right Now I don’t know if they’re um I don’t know if they’re a baby or not They’re probably gonna blink hold on It’s been a while since I’ve even seen Your name I’m what in God’s name Foreign Nurse is calling and I’m all ears Uh most likely they were a Prestige zero Not even level 15 yet Um why do we get them in our lobby or Why do we get them in our lobby So they were a ghost space man because They have that uh Because they have that perk level three That’s crazy that’s weird I know I was expecting like go back to The lobby and see like a Prestige like 80 some using like a full ass end game Build and the DC was like unintentional That’s what I was waiting for A good old family reunion reunion dude Mark I keep [ __ ] unatting you off on My PlayStation because like every time I Invite you we never play I swear to God I keep trying to like make plans or not Make plans but invite you and you never Joined That’s always funny to see I um it was either I can’t I don’t know

If it was Mark but it was somebody on a Scott gen video it was one of my viewers I think it was [ __ ] I think it was Six or something what’s his name Uh it was like six I grew up and fight His name So I’m gonna comment under a scottgen Video I’m like wait you’re here and then We started having a full ass Conversation about like a controversial Statement about what this dude said I Gotta scroll up and find his name [ __ ] I Can’t find it Oh well Yeah no one of my viewers I end up Seeing him on like a scotch on video hot Take and uh he was replying to it and I Was like agreeing or some [ __ ] and we Were just like it was funny But it’s always so cool seeing someone Put on my community on like another Popular YouTube video making a comment That’s always so nice to see you Somebody found one of my comments After that yeah probably because I was [ __ ] sleeping and then in the morning I’m like there’s no point to respond now Because I’m [ __ ] just waking up like 12 hours later but no it’s like dude Half the time when I invited you to play I never got a response back either like Bruh I’m like yeah we got an open spot you Want to join or like I join you randomly

And then you just leave like all right The cat I see how it is Dude’s like I’m the type of guy where if We don’t play for like a month you’re Getting unedited And that’s just not towards you that’s Towards like anyone on my friends list Like if we don’t play most likely you’re Just gonna get unadded That’s funny Uh I will be right back I’m gonna go try To find something to drink I’ll be right Back Yeah we got any water huh we got any Water No dude don’t be man I’m just saying Like it’s one of those things where like Every like a couple months ago I just do Like a whole like friends list drop Where like if we don’t play You know within like that friendless job I just don’t add you Yeah that’s something I had people at That point you know like I’ve really two To three months I do like a whole like Frenzel strap and be and if we haven’t Played like that two to three months you Know I’m just like all right Sounds good unadded you know And usually every time I do this I ends Up like going back down to like 20 Viewers you know or not 20 years 20 um Friends It’s not because like I hate you guys or

Anything it’s literally just because Um If we’re I’m not gonna play with you Like if you’re just gonna be like a one And done person when one person that Comes in my should be like yo man let’s Play I’m like all right bet and we play And we don’t play since you know because You never invite me or I never invite You then rough And most of the time like I’m not the Type to invite a person if you guys want To play you guys gotta invite me you Know if that makes sense But Or you just gotta be my friend either or Like It has been a while since we be last Played Survivor together my apologies no I mean no that’s fine everyone it’s just Like dude I probably wouldn’t have had You or like someone like Thor or Anything like that even if we don’t play For a couple months probably just Because you guys have sentimental Feelings towards me Deepest apology I don’t apologize bro I Just oh [ __ ] this pig Um I’m just not gonna keep someone added You know if we’re just not gonna play Together if that makes sense Oh you gross [ __ ] Okay so they have the green add-on too

There’s gotta be one in here right Somewhere no might be backside You gross [ __ ] Oh dude it’s like the cringiest of Add-ons Most likely people bring lethal with This build too Too Late to Apologize with us through Last year During the week so the weekend I am free Baby boys I thought I just heard them This is a great building That was so [ __ ] I got mine off Hey Dante Oh I’m dead Gigi never mind Oh yeah Yeah makes [ __ ] sense dude Yeah what are you trying to place a [ __ ] trap on my hand you dummy yeah Yeah yeah uh thing is you’re running the Iridescent add-on ma’am ah Shifted over my body for like two Seconds maybe she’s trying to bid on a Flashlight maybe never mind maybe she’s Trying to bend on a flash I know it Looks like she shot a place I drive like Bruh you’re running the like the third Most broken add-ons Which means I can’t you can’t place Trumps on me [ __ ] mad man

Never understood it uh I don’t know you Probably just pull me Um You just pull me if you wanted should be Fine She wants to tell me at that point just If she wants to tell me at that point Just work on gens Doesn’t work on this weird Yeah just get people working on Jones we Have someone that’s AFK I think it’s Lori Do what Side do what Boys Yeah I got you Know how many pigs bring a lethal with This build with these add-ons What’s the masses Duo Again they did yes we uh we tried doing It earlier for our comical reasons we Had two people DC against the legion so We just um This should be the one that I get it off Wow fourth one’s the charm I guess [ __ ] Now I’m guaranteed I’m [ __ ] lucky dude I don’t like being injured against her Either that kind of scares me a little Bit Ah this one’s guaranteed You’re never going to uh you never go Into five That’s how they uh that’s how they

Counter it uh That’s how they counted uh AFK Piggy [ __ ] are you lady All right so now the Jen’s done Hopefully your detective tab can now see His boxes Oh where’s the gentleman There she is Almost done on top of main right now I think I see you on the dead dogs nice Skill check by the way I saw that Come on think you gotta hit those skill Checks you see me over here Yeah I’ll see you I’ll see you [ __ ] Up them skill jokes yeah uh tap’s being Tunneled so we just need to pretty much Pound out on these gens this last Weekend You know we had a legion earlier and two Of them DC pretty much off the rip the Second they found out it was a legion That means they keep pretty much DC Following just to be like funny you know And uh we had to wait five minutes Because the penalty’s back That was funny Yeah I see her down below it Shack Checkpoint’s been dropped [ __ ] FML Go try to reset that if I can you want To get Paul do you mind getting saved Yeah I’m getting yeah get saved I’m Gonna reset the shack palette and then Um

Go back for our agenda if we can [ __ ] that Lori for dropping this palette A million years early Every door in Maine’s been broken by the Way I’m pretty sure every single one Or something Yeah tap’s being tunneled Um I’m gonna try I’m gonna go back and Try and work on the engine on top of Dead man’s or hangmans if I can Oh that’s huge where is that Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] This other person They’re not coming Absolutely I’m coming right now You gotta try and take the hit for me if You can though doll Damn it whatever No it’s cool you’re fine Doesn’t know where I’m at though Come on thank you Nice Um get on a Jen hopefully um Or self-care you know do whatever No it’s off no voice voice [Music] You gotta come pull me she’s in Maine Right now uh bottom floor Let’s save We [ __ ] lost this game Um

Save me work back on Hangman’s gen try To hit the scale check if you can I’m Gonna go heal up and Boone [Applause] [Music] [ __ ] I need to heal up in the spoon dude I Can’t Damn it dude Just try to buy as much time as you can Any pre-dropping is please go ahead And that’s [ __ ] Calla Brian kill me Now That was on my PD F yeah sorry I had to wait until she Picked I didn’t need to see me Lori’s got a Mecca she’s gonna go heal I’m gonna go try to attempt to work on The gym that’s enough For her to leave most likely Come here [Music] I’m gonna go try to run main building on Her I got a little [ __ ] trick I know How to run this She did not know [Music] I’m not a man no more Running for water tower I should make it Turn on the headset so I can Loop I’m Sorry Damn it [Music] Mom or I mean oh I was reading that

Wrong Uh GG okay I don’t know I think someone’s below you Though someone’s above and someone’s Below Um hangmans You’re fine what you want to hatch or Something Uh they didn’t suck but they tell them I’m lucky On locking in your Fox In fact you got that [ __ ] to work twice And now you’ve also now you evolved it Now you vaulted now you vaulted the Slope Lori has urban self-care botany Technician holy [ __ ] is that a baby Build oh my God tell me that’s a joke That is out that is an outrageously bad Baby dog Technician self-care Urban right there That is the biggest joke in DVD I am Praying Uh toxic tunnel uh tunnel to hold Pressure when she didn’t need it there’s That five gens The only thing that would make this Build better is instead of Botany she Had Distortion that’ll make this build a Million times better I’m really hoping Lori doesn’t [ __ ] get out That she does not deserve it and she’s On the better door too Please piggies

Yes She’s yes picka’s got her Yes yeah no don’t [ __ ] let her go no No do not do not no Don’t give her the [ __ ] door No don’t give the door thank you Lori No dude yeah oh my God you were oh my God dude if I ever see Urban technician In self-care as killer dude I’m just Laughing and crying at the same time Only thing that would have made that Build more baby it would be like [ __ ] Spine chill or some [ __ ] instead of [ __ ] uh botany Oh my God Yeah videotape and roll set number two Uh those are some pretty good add-ons I Also see um lethal a lot with that those Add-ons but Oh my [ __ ] god Lauren dude that is Oh my god wow I can’t Dude I thought those types of players Were like non-existent Yeah right Sprint burst or like spine Chill or something dude that’s crazy Did I make a bowl of cereal say [ __ ] it Rip the Band-Aid off get a bowl of zero That is the question You know what I think yes I mean when I first started playing I Was running spine chill Urban Spine chill Urban Sprint burst and it

Was like dude I forgot what it was But understand at the time like Sprinters like this is old meta by the Way so understand with Sprint burst Right Um Carbon is faster than walking but we Didn’t have fixated at the time right So I was running fixated Um or I was running Urban to pretty much Fell in for fixated because fixated was Non-existent at the time Um Because you’re always trying to walk off Sprint first even though you shouldn’t Never walk off Sprint burst because You’re always gonna be sitting on Jen’s Or something doing something more Productive you know When you Urban everywhere you waste so Much time rather than running everywhere It’s not a good perk to for me to Recommend Um I’m one pip away from a From iridescent so Seriously yeah I’m gonna take off I’m Gonna take off adrenaline and I’m gonna Run What do I want to run yeah You might run overcome fracture distance Get myself out of a [ __ ] dead zone if I’m ever cucked I’m gonna go make myself a bullet cereal In a hot minute

[Music] What’d you say What Did I Delicious That sounds [ __ ] delicious what do You want Oh God this is Cheryl Get the [ __ ] out of here you said Chicken burger Oh Yeah I love chicken I love chicken not On a burger that’s nasty All right what do you what do you what Do you throw on it what do you throw on Your chicken burger If I have other things I’ll throw some Stuff on but I personally hate tomatoes Chicken sandwiches No you say chicken sandwich you did not Say chicken burger because that’s Disgusting Burger is beef that’s why the B is in burger for beef That is disgusting Yeah chicken burger that’s [ __ ] Disgusting yeah chicken sandwich that’s What you say like a chicken sandwich not Chicken burger uh [ __ ] it Huh No you say chicken sandwich No No chicken sandwich that’s chicken Don’t have chicken is tuna I love tuna Tuna okay tuna sandwiches aren’t bad egg

Salad sandwiches also aren’t bad Depends on how they make the egg salad Sandwiches to be honest I used to love egg salad but I’ve eaten So much exactly I’m the same [ __ ] way I used to um I used to make homemade or Not homemade I used to make [ __ ] egg Salad sandwiches almost every day at Lunch you know I have like a little Tupperware [ __ ] like uh Of mayonnaise we [ __ ] or sorry not Mayonnaise A Miracle Whip with [ __ ] Uh like two hard-boiled eggs and then I Have like a [ __ ] mini uh a mini whisk And a spoon and like a tiny Bowl I used To [ __ ] whisk it uh mayo and uh my Hard-boiled eggs usually like just uh Squeeze them up and you should just Throw [ __ ] on bread Throwing some [ __ ] mayonnaise Yeah right I mean I used to make their Shirt at school almost every day for [ __ ] lunch but again with that you Know because it was cheap but with that It gets um That [ __ ] gets old fast you know it’s Not like oh it’s a nebby Wesker Yeah I’m opening up right now because We’re about to find out how they Vandalize pumpkins You never Um When I say younger I mean like [ __ ] 14 15s I actually know how to handle a

Butter knife and a whisk and [ __ ] Here again When I was like young young I like that Age and my mom would just make like [ __ ] PB J with the crust cut off and Then a triangle bro that’s what my mom Would make that or that where I wouldn’t Even [ __ ] make a that or I wouldn’t Even have homemade cold lunch as some Would say I’d have that disgusting at School lunch I was so pissed off because like I used To um There’s people called like the lunch uh The cafeteria helpers or whatever Or something Uh Define what do you mean by worst Survivor Um just like The player base of who plays that Survivor No chicken patty [ __ ] chicken patty Was amazing but [ __ ] pizza was Disgusting that [ __ ] was okay breakfast Pizza was [ __ ] dude breakfast pizza Was it lunch pizza was [ __ ] nasty I guess the player base okay Um probably oh [ __ ] that’s a good Question probably Mia’s dude Because every cloud I mean you [ __ ] Sees like a knockoff JRM that always Tries to pull off the most stupid [ __ ] And they can never even like run in a Straight line half the time

Oh wake up in three two one One Three two one aha I knew it [ __ ] Noob Read like a book Okay that’s true that’s that’s a good Question yeah so yeah sorry because I Was thinking about toxicity and [ __ ] and I’m thinking I’m thinking [ __ ] uh Nia’s all day dude for toxicity Oh he’s fuming mad Okay okay so skill Worse players are probably [ __ ] oh God Um Uh no dude I’m just doing it for Nostalgia who haven’t played or streamed On This in a hot minute Yeah you might automatically think like The worst engine you just can’t accept It like I’m not toxic at the time or I’m Not like being banned or some [ __ ] I Love that Um Dude damn uh any one of y’all want to Like put in your two cents on this uh Who do you think uh what player in this Game has like been based off player base Has like the worst skill on Dead Man’s Thanks and run how’s it the worst um the Player base like who’s the worst Character that players play against I Probably say Bill or Dwight Dwight Because they’re new to the game

And um The white kills under the game so they Don’t really know who else to pick and Then when they say leader they’re like Oh man leader let’s go You’re right you’re right Megs dude [ __ ] Megs No dude you get [ __ ] banned Love saying that like my good energy has Been coming off great on you I’ll go Oh I can’t even go down there they’re Gonna go into second no matter what I do Here [Music] Now we might as well just generous dude [ __ ] I feel bad I hope they hit their Skill checks and last and bias time Dude no okay you’re right Megs are [ __ ] horrible and Dwight’s and Probably Um bills dude Yeah I mean but isn’t that what you’re Asking though like what’s the worst like Survivor that the player base plays when It comes to skill Wise It’s probably Either Megs Dwight’s or bills from Genuinely what I’ve seen at lower MMR People play a lot of bill because he’s From Left For Dead and they don’t know How to play this game Meg’s because when They redid it Yeah no but like when you look at when People first join the game they’re gonna

Think of like Friday the 13th how They’re gonna read all the players Descriptions and they’re gonna base Their gameplay off that when they see Meg you know they’re like oh dude like Men’s a good runner so I’m gonna play um I think things are bad players or Michaela’s I think um Things in years are more toxic Uh last gen is on 60 percent That’s true Just got run by the way We’re done oh the thing yeah I guess You’ll be just lucky to get no things That are bad I mean I do see bad things don’t get me Wrong it’s just um With how many things I see I just don’t Think the majority are bad you know That’s when I’m basing this off of you Know Like majority of bills I see are [ __ ] Terrible and the majority of like Megs I See aren’t that good either where is This guy oh Um It’s just all about like who I see more And who I think is just worse I love new run letting regress is slower Than the actual thing They’re fine Let me um You’re fine I’m on a gym that’s around 50 right now everyone’s kicking its ass

Though I said from time to time whenever I do Their juicers Like three times on PlayStation But even so Angie it’s like right even So there’s um Thank you We’re not playing outside [Music] The low average To be fair To be fair I think everybody Um [Music] To be fair I think everybody pre-drops That lower memory Subs dude I was at like eight away I’m dead Oh never mind overcome I love you No pallets we’d love to see it no Pallets no pallets no pallets In God’s name Smack me zombies Yeah It’s a good news yeah The world’s most unsafe palette I’m just Gonna leave dude he’s mine giving Himself right now [Music] Yeah homies remind me of himself right Now I’m running for other gear I’m Hoping that it’s open He’s cutting me off I can’t go basement Dude

I’ll go basement I’m [ __ ] Um hold on window here Sir I’m done I’ve never even seen a double back well Played Just make sure I don’t go in basement he Might try to bring in basement if he Does try to tickets All right nice he’s going for a Different hook yeah if I go on base one On Fox [Music] Oh Scholarship What in God’s name Oh palmy’s getting greedy he got Unbreakable or not I’m sorry man Um oh so many instant picks so I could Get the flashlight uh I wouldn’t be Alone tomorrow with the amount of four Kids I get Foreign It’s not like I’m streaming on YouTube Regularly I just want to stream on YouTube more I want to stream on YouTube Like two days a week and I want to Stream on Twitch like anywhere from Three to four Just because I know there’s some people On YouTube that can never switch should I read that on first dude [ __ ] that Burns

Um that’s a good question It’s probably someone who doesn’t have That many Cosmetics at all something Like Quentin or something or yoichi it’s Not like they have bad Cosmetics but to The people that actually have terrible Cosmetics someone like Nia or Fang you Know they all saw on the contrary have a Lot of great Cosmetics so Clinton has the worst cosmetics I know it’s probably someone that just Doesn’t have Cosmetics at all Basic Cosmetics like when you don’t have Them prestiged or anything it’s probably Meg I hate Meg’s outfit base kit Looks terrible dude Was or wasn’t I hope not What uh was she the one that died in Base when I first saw killer has the Worst [Music] Nemesis he wears a trash bag as a dress Captain America’s got some drip [ __ ] nemi dude that man’s style is a Trash bag wearing as a dress come on bro What are you trans come on now All right so And I’m iridescent let’s go It looks way better Rape has no drip He doesn’t he need clothes facts I don’t know when I Demogorgon’s got that collar on Damn boy

Super nice Cosmetics I mean he has so many Why not Okay I’m kidding okay Uh you’re fine I’m gonna take off Overcome I’m probably gonna run Something else Can you shut the [ __ ] up All of the killers laughing dude I think I already did a Smasher pass list for All the killers I think I did it for Survivor I think All right time to bring that heart and Miss every single dead hard known to man Let’s go I’ll be right back um I’ll be right back I’m gonna go grab some uh something to Drink I want to grab something to eat But I don’t know what I want That’s pretty neat dude I thought I did it for killer dude I thought I did it for noose oh yeah I Won’t make this sausage later No I’m praying you go to bed dude Um as I said we probably have some Sausage and hash that okay [ __ ] it’s in the fridge Is it old Dude the [ __ ] green bag in the store This one Yeah we got hash That’s hash Oh maybe I’ll meet for breakfast

Tomorrow we got eggs right Don’t make that [ __ ] tomorrow for Breakfast or something Hell yeah man Talking [ __ ] Vicky stabbed me This is Happening La la la Uh dredge by the way probably is [ __ ] One of his best maps [ __ ] me Dude it’s so dark on this map it’s so Dark on this map that’s why it’s one of His better Maps FML Hill’s in a good spot Ah get to show that pumpkin haste for Once dude look at how fancy tastes Actually looks like we got like Sprinters or something [ __ ] how did you know I’m back my boy welcome back just a Gamer guy Oh according to uh John’s list or According to John’s um reaction Vote or Something I watched Ott’s reaction vid to it too At least the odds [ __ ] breaks it down For all the people out there who uh Who don’t understand With one of the balls on this world map I’ll joke about a lot of things but my Love for a friend with Charles Cooper is Not a joke Uh what do I have to work with back here Or anything [ __ ]

I’m just running into man so I got [ __ ] To run to How bad I went in this one gonna be Better By the way Uh leaving me by the way Actually I can’t I can see from that Locker actually Working on gin main right now There’s a bug with one of the vaults on The swap map that’s on uh pale roses We’re currently on Grim Pantry but That’s on the pale Rosanna which one You’re talking about Find this old Freddy sometimes the phone On Friday like the old one where he had To physically wake everybody up or no More than And that’s me he was scary Freddie where he had to physically make You fall asleep or like old patchworking Like recent patch Freddie Grim pantry Grim Pantry has a shitty main building But has potential to be better than pale Rose but pale Rose has the um FML dude He’s got overcharge so much overcharge Tonight Yeah no I gotta I was here The White’s going down here I’m gonna Try to go for a beamer safe if I can Oh [ __ ] swamp dude your footsteps are Mega Loud

That wasn’t angle what the [ __ ] I’m Tweaking imagine if I would have gotten That oh dang I’ve been so slick Let me lock the locker actually Nice it’s on it’s on 75. Gotta hop off it though he’s gonna go Kick it Is in Maine what the hell Foreign He doesn’t break that I can [ __ ] uh Reset it Oh no but dredge No you gotta look away From that buddy But trench you gotta look away from that Buddy Yeah Teleported away F and cool bro won a Game Got him imagine That are very funny Oh there’s one in man I’m gonna [ __ ] them all Do the best you can The connection is [ __ ] realistic Oh we’re playing with fire aren’t we Oh do you see Number one DC and all you well let’s go Nah welcome back brother Gotta make love to this main building Uh the one in Maine is like super [ __ ] close to being done right now Which one are we voting buddy come on Now

Thank you Poor guy Poor [ __ ] guy All right she went away from me all Right I’m by Shaq Sonny where you at brother Sonny’s pushing towards Maine right now I’m gonna try to I’m gonna try to save No Dwight I was trying to protect you God I love them gotta make love to this Main building he’s going to quotes dad Nice Tell me Dwight’s got [ __ ] uh Oh that’s a that hard for you The Mario oh [ __ ] that’s awkward as [ __ ] All right Open the [ __ ] door oh my God I know You’re not just throw that hard I know you’re not just throw that hard Right now I know you’d not just throw that hard I’m not kidding correct Oh my God something that got you I feel Bad for Emmy though I was trying to like save them I can Save you A double pit though Oh that’s that’s rough oh that’s awkward That’s that’s real awkward What’s she trying to do right now that’s What she’s trying to do Yeah no just keep waving and Flashlighting and [ __ ] Poor guy

Uh she’s at other gate right now I don’t Know if it’s open or not though but She’s at other gate yeah it’s 99 you can Just get out now if you want That the distraction is real poor guy I Double tipped let’s go [ __ ] me that morning That’s what I’m saying I love that main building so much If it’s a run right through that main Building is so good I thought you got grabbed and I’m pissed That I missed that [ __ ] Beamer save On the weedy boy Prohibited and Baseball cap nice Mark bunker but no he’s not Yes the new Michaela Reed pants I gotta Try to find a fit that works with these Hold on I just got the new Michaela Pants I gotta try to find a fit that Works now hold on Oh Lennox uh Linux no I’m not gonna admit it to a party hold On just playing lettuce I love you no Hate please don’t unap me It’s so embarrassing because it’s my Childhood fit on Michaela Yes he is all right hold up let me get a Fit going God what a beautiful what beautiful Pants that is There we go uh I mean uh that doesn’t Look that good

Hold on No no not with the hat I’m looking at The top and bottoms right now I’m trying To find like a good top and bottom to Run This one doesn’t look good Honestly dude I kind of like the Aesthetics to this one That’s the aesthetic The what oh I got the one for puppers I Don’t really care about the other ones But I got the ones for puppies The fact that there’s yellow on our Socks just pissed me off Is it just me or is this Uh no dude I just got a notification for It it’s not it should hopefully fix Itself soon Hoping it does Connection is bad LOL No hold on it’ll get it’ll get better Guys in due time Dude I like the looks and the style of These but I hate the colors dude that Sucks Boner McDonald’s connection [ __ ] off mark They got a party going with uh with Analytics Prestige 4p1 You’re good I wasn’t Ah yes yes yes yes GG is Melody

She probably can’t hear me right now Because you hide your Discord calls but He has GG LED Yes dude and that’s where I Met Your Mother Damn I didn’t he know nukes was Streaming this into the McDonald’s Playground that is crazy I’m just Upstairs in those little um in those Play tubes next to the ball pit You can now play DVD in the McDonald’s Playground yeah dude actually hook mine Up to the um the top of the crawling Tubes you know I looked down through the Little mirror and I waved down on my mom I might go to for Prestige 55 tonight as Well I’m pretty close I have a good amount of blood points for It so I think it’s definitely possible No there’s definitely homo if you join Me sorry dude I hate to burst your Bubble Bathroom if I ever get hungry and just Order like a large fry delicious Um Foreign [Music] Guys Nothing [Music] Okay just under half a million blood Points I’m trying to spend guys I’m Sorry give me some time I do know you joined the party oh

Welcome in 1.5 mil no Jesus I try not to go over a Million I try not to I just wanted to spending him last time I played if I get around to like a Million though to like if I get around a Million to like 800 to 900 000 I always Try to spend most of them because I know That’s a full out Prestige right there That’s just how I think yeah I was just Distracted doing stuff I didn’t know That’s fine I gotta turn you down a Smidge you are kind of loud in my ear Right now there we go say something Oh my God my too quiet hold on Say something Better perfect Play right before you were for you I Didn’t mean I started playing music No that’s cool One comes with cookie right now Can you hear you at all like you say Something You can hear it Probably doesn’t know me so never mind For some reason I could hear her like in The Stream but I don’t hear her now Because she’s not talking right now Because I asked you if you could hear Him you said nothing I think he says Something tell me how your day was I said tell me how your day was [Music] Girls all the time me too Ethan me too

Girls hit me don’t know why They just do Apparently girl State Ethan too feels Bad Ethan maybe it’s just a skill issue Maybe it’s because you liked Friday Maybe that’s why just go up to them and You’re like you’re [ __ ] opener your Openers like yeah girl I like Freddy Yeah girl I like Freddy and then like Yeah It’s like ain’t nobody talking [ __ ] About Frederick Charles crooker Foreign [Music] Like I wish you could do like her blood Web you know what I mean Actually you can spend on like certain Bloodworms or like you need to spend you Can just like do how much you want to Spend like for me I’d hate to [ __ ] Get like a [ __ ] ton of blood ambers now You know what I’m saying but at the same Time yeah like I wish there’s a way to Like set a settings like you can like Auto It’ll like Target like certain Things you know like Target event items First it’s gonna be like Instead of holding it down because it Probably comes with or something I wish It was like a toggle though like if People did want it it’d be there Because that’s when we started liking Photos and shut your trash mouth that’s

Not DVD’s fault it’s all your fault Because you like Friday I thought today I talked about my game DVD Readying up in just a moment I have 150 000 blood points left I’m sorry I’m still standing It’s still above a no Yeah I’m getting like 80 000 blood Points per game yeah I’m so sorry I just Gotta give me one second Happens with some dances DVD is made Damn so dbb makes you ugly dude I’m Sorry when I hit p100 on Nancy dude I’m Gonna walk into a bar and be like yeah Girl out of prestige 100 on DVD their Panties aren’t [ __ ] sobbing sopping Wet in like seconds bro Seconds I’ll be able to take any girl Home with me I’ll be like yeah girl I’ll Prestige 100 on Nancy be like oh my God You prestige 100 a girl which means that You like women like what take me home You marry me No I forgot that he was in here my bad So I’ve just got under just got under 100 000 thank you we’re getting there I’m getting close [Music] I probably got enough for you forced me To buy white ones Try to avoid them as much as possible Because I just literally don’t use those In like green keys

[Music] Like I have a lot of maps but like If we’re gonna use them map offerings or Map like items sorry when someone says Maps sorry when someone says Maps I’m Always thinking um I’m always thinking um I’ve been trying to pick up rainbow Maps I’ve been trying to pick up straight up Maps I’ve been trying to pick up brand New parts flashlights just [ __ ] like That batteries too Big thing is for me it’s been map Offerings I mean right now I’m trying to Go as cheap as I can because I’m trying To see how many levels I can get right Now I’m level 38 and I’ve got 18 000 Left so I’ve always prioritized batteries So I have 323 green batteries okay More yellow I’ve got 86 greens 73 yellow and I’ve Got 425 crowns A 414 Brown Jesus but then again I think in a lot of My blood worms when I’m not going for Something you disappoint me I’m um if I’m trying to go for anything I’m just Trying to go as cheap as I can because I’m trying to [ __ ] him 100 you know not really trying to buy Half the [ __ ] I’ll be right back I’m Ready to up though so I’ll be right back Guys thank you I’ll be right back don’t

Miss me too much I’m gonna get myself a bowl of cereal I’m [ __ ] starving Ball performance indeed Seven minutes Seven minutes seven minutes all the time I have to play with you what’s there’s Been a plague on this [ __ ] game So is Pinhead I came Hold on that’s exactly why they Shouldn’t have had a boyfriend All right Look who’s [ __ ] in the tall grass Yeah the most hilarious thing is having Four ashes loaded in the lobby at the Same time and they all try to talk at The same time I’ve only ever had that happen once Because nobody [ __ ] played that I try to trigger sometimes where I’m Just for an exact reason that was a lot Of like a learning more though you don’t Only see it too much at home anymore he Exists because nobody plays him right I wish he has voice sounds until I Switched to him I’ve seen him a lot more Though because like again I play Nancy Whatever I’m switching last second I Always go to [ __ ] Ash because nobody Plays Ash Nobody plays ass okay Literally no though that I’ve never in Front of me being targeted Playing a character that I’m dude yeah

Tap I forget all the [ __ ] time Everybody forgets about tap that’s Always cool that slasher started making Them I don’t forget about that I actually see Tap a lot more than the other rare ones Yeah we choose another one I hardly see For me it’s a Jonah and tap I never see Those two anymore I see ash from time to time I think it’s Because Ash is a [ __ ] DLC character That in yoichi that would be part of the Reason what about Jeff I see a lot of Jeff just for his [ __ ] Halloween mask or his one scary masks [Music] Wait you forgot to switch last second or Something Yeah This is [Music] Foreign Whisker Whisker You say blight or whatever I said Blighted whisker Who created this virgin asked Freddie Name named Ethan All in favor that’s gross Um Not a god palette he’s refusing to break I will find you What are you grottos Said what

Your boros will be released into the Atmosphere ensuring Global wait do they Have a skeleton in the back spot Completes global Domination or saturation sorry That’s funny I uh I’ll put the clip for That Oh they added the skeletons in the back I called it sweater this wasn’t here Before Because I was like why am I so bright it Was used to be in dark Sweater I don’t think he’s coming I think it’s time to run [Music] Baby Foreign Chasing me right now Oh man you are just eating all these [ __ ] pallets right now aren’t you Yeah that’s fine blood flavor is still Up so I’m gonna throw your cheese I’m trying to stay on drugs instead of Running around I feel framing oh [ __ ] no I feel framing Kill me right now Buddy what is your play God I really love free dropping palettes And then having them scared to show us Stuff Oh this guy’s malding right now Well pre-dropping also kind of messes up His uh flip figure

Oh wow I got something to [ __ ] show You hold on you remember this palette That um someone threw down that you Never broke oh buddy I got something to Show your ass come here Notice that he saw me I don’t know how He just [ __ ] left Gotta say Angie bro No shot Got his ass No I don’t know him think he holds his Ass oh that’s funny My man scared [ __ ] let’s check balance Right now [Music] You’re nearly postponing the 11th Mauld [ __ ] bald for me who’s your Daddy Wesker oh [ __ ] mold you are Looking at a wall buddy This guy’s been nothing but blind to This entire [ __ ] game he is oh he’s Spewing right now Oh dude holy [ __ ] he is crying right now I got like the tightest angle for a Flashlight safe oh he is [Laughter] Turns uh 85 percent Poor [ __ ] guy I’ve showed this guy like the whole map Worth of pallets Yeah that was the funniest [ __ ] Oh my God why is the game freezing I don’t know what just happened That’s so good oh there’s no pallet here

We have Loki been destroying this guy With every [ __ ] pallet on the game oh My God I stunned him why did that chest Open I opened it No second the last gen is done Copper bottom play Your legacy top their bottom floor [Music] It is still there looked at me for a Second Well shut up shut up shut up yeah yeah Shut up Oh my god dude look at these [ __ ] Pouts on the game this is why everybody [ __ ] hates the game so much we don’t Always get that though and you have to Open that wall to get it too Oh true Stone That’s fine I’m looping right next time I just got [ __ ] up because my game Literally froze up at his dibs so they Got a free hit on me just got started That on the [ __ ] wall Complete Global duration I figured as Much I’m gonna pull you Before somebody uh before because if I Don’t pull you now I’m scared that I’m Not gonna get a better chance Don’t vote that thank you Not bad you might want to keep your Mouth sister I’m not a lot of beamer Uh

Am I getting followed I am getting followed I’m a lot of Beamer I can’t save you I somehow spend my whole yellow Beamer a Double battery on this game this guy Uh you’re fine do we have a gym being Worked somewhere I don’t have a journey It doesn’t matter because I don’t think It’s on me right now but I thought he Was still subtracting me He’s on Meg right now This guy’s mind-gaming air right now I don’t know how I feel about this Dude double backs so [ __ ] hard Swing We’ll be right back dude this poor guy Is riding him like a [ __ ] book Is going down here though most likely Three two one yep that’s not clear [Music] You said three and she went yeah All right [ __ ] scrumdiddlyumptuous There’s not that one guy that one guy Will come in Here Oh [ __ ] I’m done Oh I did hurt so early It’s [ __ ] sad that’s my first thought Of mind Oh [Music] The door over that way

All right [Music] Come late Global saturation Tell me never mind on you I’ll work on door [Music] He’s going back at the door Just accept yourself [Music] [Music] Does that door get any progress at all Or Nothing [Music] I feel like we need to do a story it’s Closer Ah he knows up here yeah I mean someone Could try to pull me because it’s not Like actual face camping me but damn I may die for all my tea bagging and Flashlights looking [ __ ] he’s walking Right down there He was trying to get me with him I gotta Uh please be quiet I gotta listen Those stores open then we’re out Oh cause you fell off the edge oh that’s So [ __ ] unlucky Oh my God Poor guy the way that happened was kind Of funny No if you follow me exactly yeah exactly If you fall off the edge then uh We don’t get thrown which is I mean Stupid as [ __ ] mechanic as whisker

About It would have been fun anyways but like That was fun right [Music] Primer teabagging I’m the most [ __ ] Survivor-sided map I guess Wesker Identify with lying why would I own the Movie on DVD action figures [ __ ] top of the board That could also be just because he’s the New killer too I don’t know nobody knows How to counter him exactly yeah Obviously I don’t know how accurate that Really is because everybody’s gonna play Them yeah it’s only on Steam Leon Steam I thought it was across all platforms Results were only seen yeah that’s how It is every every time Are you really literally lying maybe I’m Wrong [ __ ] I don’t know I mean that seems a little skewed They could at least like if it’s just Steam they could be transparent about That Evan how do you know Literally how Evan are you right It’s a great question to ask someone Thor Jesus [Music] Are you white I need to know so I I Gotta know whether or not to be racist Towards you hold on

I’m so [ __ ] dude [Music] Hispanic I’m ma’am Oh good game Oh Yeah I’m not worried yeah I know There’s some Mexican that crosstalk Border shaking my head I’m just getting Thor I love you please Don’t leave I’m sorry Just left after my comment God I feel so Bad I’m sorry forgive me Thor [Music] About it Not offended LOL Evan Brew I’m not lying [Music] This is Sticky’s last one she said Um All right thank you sounds good how’d Your stream go by the way are you still Streaming How’s your stream going Oh it’s another piggy let’s go this is a Great map for a big should bring them up Or no wow great map for her Jesus Oh You was right Gross Oh they said you Like he was right Mom Got my eyes peeled I’m still gonna get Snuck up on last time I said that I got

Yanked off the gym by a ghost Right Oh my God I may call it too soon here in A minute Why you guys I mean I got off tomorrow but I don’t Know oh nice pound throughout you’re not Even injured oh nice It’s a bad palette anyway I know that hey this coach I can finally Hop off because I didn’t want to hop off And then they give me a skoda because That’s the worst feeling ever I’m resetting that palette by the way Yeah I don’t know where she is that’s Not a bad power that’s a bad palette I don’t like that palette I disagree oh She’s sneaking I just saw her drop from Upstairs What’s up Jesus yeah [ __ ] Part [Music] Oh Little Miss Piggy but I have Death Part If you gotta [ __ ] throw that you [ __ ] up So you should Foreign Palette I [ __ ] up here on this one Throwing it when I shouldn’t have [Music] Oh she’s got a trap setting speed so [ __ ] me that was fast

That’s gonna be the shittiest [ __ ] Out on protect I swear and there’s like [ __ ] four of them It’s the worst out of oh that’s gross Couldn’t have waited I’m being pulled by Rebecca You you [ __ ] disgusting Oh okay and she’s got created yours oh [ __ ] that is double gross This off woman Killing you yes dude [ __ ] off I’m gonna end up dying here oh Maybe not I can’t tell if that’s crazy gears or if That’s double uh slow down on the box Because this [ __ ] is slow as [ __ ] Dude I feel like three great skill Checks bro Four Five Come on dude I might end up [ __ ] Dying here holy [ __ ] I need to get this off so I can try um Next time if someone gets a trap do not Pop the [ __ ] gem please holy [ __ ] We have got horrible box spread on this Map it is it’s bad terrifyingly bad I used a library card that’s fine Just letting you know because it’s Broken Dude please Please please please please please Please

[Music] No it’s not tampered timer because it’s A [ __ ] it’s um it’s crazy it’s most Likely created gears and then it’s a Trap starting timer [ __ ] a trap setting speed because she Has a trap setting speed but then she Has um Created gears I’m pretty sure it’s Created gears if it’s a yellow out on I’m [ __ ] shocked because that [ __ ] Was Fast Ah good luck Soldier on getting your Trap off Right in the God room oh never mind this Is not comfortable I lied On agenda is on 75 but I do have gift to Pay oh no I don’t because I never got Fully healed hell hell yeah So you guys should know gift of pain is A unique uh score trick if you get um If you get fully healed that’s when the 12 or the 20 slowdown procs if you don’t Never get healed then you don’t get to Slow down it’s super nice Yes because that [ __ ] is done yes it’s Done mine’s done too So it’s gonna be active in that game but Then nobody else’s traps are [ __ ] this [ __ ] is on 99 Yeah pop Library Jen if you can I mean I’ll wait out the uh the 20 seconds as

Long as there’s no surge this [ __ ] Should get done No it sucks because you’re still gonna Have this one I’m so sorry you’re still Gonna have this one How what kind of workout if you’re gonna Work out no no we’re kind of work on the Gym work on the job I can’t I can’t I don’t want nobody else here [ __ ] Because I had eruption on me Yeah dude I it’s there far there far Rebecca still has hers on too that’s Fine I really want to get [Music] Surprising double back there I wonder if that’s the nurses I thought she had light born there for a Minute I don’t know why she wouldn’t go for the Person Resilience oh how I love you I know you didn’t swing for the window It’s like it feels like for you when I Realized The fact that I spun her in my dead Heart pisses me off uh my trap is fine It’s not gonna ever get processed Oh you are so lucky Vicky he’s not Trying to slap you you better get that [ __ ] off oh no [Music] She’s going up through thicky uh I don’t Gotta worry about getting my chapped off Though

Uh someone can just instant pull me [Applause] If worse comes to worst like you try to Go down next to a box that you need to Still unhook at if anything If you don’t mind this sloppy butcher It’s gonna take forever Thanks Yeah no try to [ __ ] go for a all Right next time try to go for a box that You still need to get Try to go for if you go down again for Next time like and then if there is You’re ever in a situation like this Again try to go down next to a box that You need to uh yeah no I’m saying try to Go down next to a box that you still Need to get though Hi Rebecca No point to Healing there’s no point to Healing there’s no point to Healing she Should just try to get her box off Is this door open the store’s 99 if you Get your trap off there techy Oh [ __ ] Go for another one thank you if you can If you can try to go down out in the Courtyard Oh the hit me So if you try to go down on the open I Probably could have been able to beam or Save you Oh my God I’m gonna

Oh my God [Music] Oh Oh she’s got saved I was not enough I didn’t know I didn’t quite make it but she got saved [Music] Go for 30 seconds you get out go for Doing go for door I’ll take hits We’re out She’s losing Stacks from that I don’t Mind Nice get you guys good [ __ ] no they went Fully around I figured I could get that Pull so that was good [ __ ] why did she hit me when she yeah Yeah Uh PlayStation Peg by the way I’m gonna go Check them out see if I know him I think she was like getting uh I like this dude saying you are nothing To me and the only the only ones that Care about you is the devs who only want Your money I love that I love those dudes Uh this [ __ ] dude’s about me Uh just on Playstation is about me as You are nothing to me and the only ones Who care about you are the devs who only Want your money I like that Created gears and then bag of Gears holy

[ __ ] that was double I was like damn Dude 33 and 17. Yeah That was 50 slow down and then that was An extra uh that’s 100 speed I’m putting On drafts and that was 50 speed I’ve [ __ ] uh That was 52 cents Beyond slow down on The boxes I was like dude holy [ __ ] Those boxes were taking a scary amount Of time on that big ass map I was like What the [ __ ] I was just terrified How many levels of where are you At five levels from Prestige 18. you Want to bring blade parties or what I work right now Bloody party Distributors what the [ __ ] Why wouldn’t why went there yeah party Still losing cakes they weren’t getting Their points from it Weird I wouldn’t run them right now until they Confirmed they fixed say what I’ve got a Bunch of cakes and whatnot so I want to Kick this game nobody else should I’ll Run it this game though and I’ll tell You guys I will report that It’s gonna be like Uh what the hell is this Blood web this Is a weird looking little one Yeah I’m level 41 so like I definitely Have enough blood points to get to 55.

What if I hear me out what if I rip the Band-Aid off What if I rip the Bandit off and buy Some [ __ ] from the shrine oh baby Don’t bring a bloody party of Shimmer Apparently they’re bugged right now According to Lennox Recording I wouldn’t just get until Different time they fix it Yeah Lex has been saying that they’ve Been uh reported that they’re not Working So uh just don’t risk it pretty much There go up here just like this just Like this just like this Should be able to get to level 43 Possibly even 45 depending on how nice The blood webs are to me That doesn’t work dude this text’s Speech scares the [ __ ] out of me Sometimes when no one says anything for Like a good like minute dude The Texas speeches jump scares the [ __ ] Out of me it’s the scariest thing Oh my God Dang hello what’s going on Haven how you Doing tonight oh is this uh is this a Liz Remember the YT with us I don’t know I’m sweating blood points I Had a hundred thousand I bought from the Shrine because I’m Aha nice Welcome welcome

To the use YouTube side of things let’s Go level 45 easy stuff Be right back changing my picture you Are totally fine what is what is your Picture Is that you Hold on Let me look no I’m judging Waffle stopping I’m back welcome back Mark how you doing Tonight Why’d you say that like Kathy what Welcome back welcome back No Oh [ __ ] thank you so much you still Playing with us the key Oh my bad My bad Why That’s right I’m bringing one of my 92 Arcane dowsing rods hold up I’ve got 600 maybe seven oh I’m getting Pretty close Hmm what’d you say You threw up Just give you they just give you more Points is all Because I said just give you more points Welcome back what’s the new picture Hmm Was that old picture you you look nice I think it threw your cake off What no I didn’t mean to bring a cake I Had a wayward on previously

Because I’ve seen to do that with the Killers with the killer spray cake and They just kind of like flies off what You didn’t see that before I have not no What the hell are you smoking it kind of Acts no it kind of acts like The offerings got canceled you know what I mean it just flies off yeah dude That’s [ __ ] who is that from Total Drama Dude I [ __ ] love Total Drama when I Was a kid that was one of my favorite Shows Total Drama Island I’m Knights error sorry I’m 18 [ __ ] I’m 18 almost 19. Hmm Legally I’m an adult I can smoke Cigarettes Just want our kids a lot of smoke Cigarettes exactly Dude I [ __ ] relatively speaking but Apparently what the [ __ ] is with this Map oh my God we’re gonna map offering Next game no dude um Why are the [ __ ] three Deja vujans Walked up No oh plague by the way Bad about for her yeah terrible map be She’s not bad thank you [ __ ] Duncan Was one of my favorites from Total Island or Total Drama Island [ __ ] that dude I love that I love that Game maybe a Sprint first user Classics

From burst users in the wild you already Knew that I think so I’ve been walking Everywhere and I know You’re a [ __ ] fixated vigil Sprint Burst gamers Chris oh dude it was a shocker when you End up winning the first season What the hell I’ve been running it like Install with you and [ __ ] because it’s Funny to make colors They don’t realize that you have Oh Put that [ __ ] away ma’am Hello corrupt jolt S How do you let me win that How do you let me win that on you yeah Foreign The one dumb blonde Wasn’t Lindsay the dumb blonde In the gym The [ __ ] no Why is there a random Locker stick over Here she hasn’t been over here I don’t [ __ ] know I want to generate those [ __ ] Resilience [ __ ] generation weird No dude I’m [ __ ] generating right now Because I stopped watching when she was On dude I [ __ ] um I pretty much Watched the first season and then I Think I started watching some total I I Total Drama Island World Tour or a Total Drama World Tour because it wasn’t until

Drama Island where it was Total Drama World to her oh a thousand comments by The way thanks guys No I watched um Boy oh boy I love booms pencil plague No um I watched Total Drama a little bit Of Total Drama World Tour but it’s Mainly season one the one that I mainly Watched I’m so [ __ ] scared to work on this Gym even though I have that hard we have A region and the main building or main Rooms and it’s not part of it I’m on one that’s pretty close so most Likely I’m getting pretty close Heather Sucks yeah It’s a huge bed Heather Surge infectious corrupt intervention Oh I wished I didn’t know she was right Next to me in that palette I couldn’t Tell Cody was lame Cody was your little [ __ ] goofball I thought Corey was a [ __ ] Saint in That show because I sent before anyone Who uses synth I love that I [ __ ] with Duncan bro [Music] Um Dude oh toxic How dare she [ __ ] audacity I love the picture that you had on was [ __ ] Heather I’m not even gonna lie I was like damn I never [ __ ] together

Myself but oh that’s awkward Try to get farmed off Pokemon lady Get down here we have a free gem Bro all right final work on it give me One second Juicing right now Oh God Aiming aiming AKA gaming that’s cool Getting so dark Harold was cool wasn’t Harold the dude That dressed dressed in all red [ __ ] I Can’t remember who Harold was wasn’t Nothing to do that dressed in like that [ __ ] sporty Red Gear wasn’t that Harold [ __ ] My save D I’ve been thinking cleansing with the [ __ ] see now now look at this now You’re sick again what the [ __ ] was it Worth it Vicky was it worth it thank you Tyler’s a total jock name [ __ ] uh no Harold was the dude that would um That like that [ __ ] Dude I know who you’re talking about now Yeah yeah the nerd thank you Um Um hair loss do the like Keisha or Whatever [ __ ] name was I can’t Remember I was like [ __ ] t-shirt or some [ __ ] That was lame That was a chick nerd I’m pretty sure Oh Janet over here let’s go Generation

Lashana that’s what it was I thought That was t-shirt or some [ __ ] Regular Show was also one of my Favorites too A Bunch of Baby Ducks Oh my God I wish I’m regularly sure had more Seasons in it Wow Why is there a door there Regular shoulders Holy [ __ ] Adventure Time see everybody Loved adventure time but I never liked Adventure Time personally Finn and Jake Was just not my [ __ ] when I was growing Up I was a huge fan of [ __ ] I was a Huge fan of Total Drama Island and of Um Regular Show Don’t worry mine’s 75 it’s [ __ ] close I was actually wrong [Music] I think it was hard for me to go from Regular Show too Adventure in time And I’ll be honest dude I’ll be honest with any Regular Show Memes I [ __ ] laugh Well put it out of motion I love [ __ ] Rugby dude It’s over it can’t be it can’t be Stopped It’s already in motion put it out of Motion [ __ ] her up Oh and that horn oh crutchman a den horn

But I outplayed you that hard This trick is so better I’m outskilling you’re right now to the Highest level I was never a huge fan of Gumball either Personally I’m a huge fan of Gumball Same dude anyone who likes [ __ ] Amazing world of gumball I swear to God Like Regular Show Oh wow getting [ __ ] railed through my Ass that sucks Amazing World of Gumball of Gumball Reminded me too much of Uncle Grandpa of Uncle Grandpa and I just didn’t [ __ ] With that It was too random of a show if that Makes sense You know different characters that Didn’t fit those Aesthetics of the show Just not I think that’s why I like [ __ ] I think that’s why I liked um I know you’re not just gonna Change That [ __ ] Sorry I’m too busy juicing My [ __ ] way I’m blinding thank you Oh dude Ed and Eddie was great I never watched Flapjack [ __ ] that Um Courage the courageous dog I was Terrified of that show when I was Younger I hated Eric Church at

Courageous dog [ __ ] hated that show or whatever the [ __ ] that was Oh yeah Yeah Um I have a funny I had a funny [ __ ] Sword between courage and chowder back When I was a kid I was a huge potty Mouth because my mom swore all the time So I started swearing my mom thought I Got swimming from cartoons though so I Remember chowder was one of my favorite Shows when I was younger I can’t Remember a thing about it about chowder But I remember when my mom asked me what Cartoon I got swaying from I’m like a a Chowder [ __ ] yes whoever said Johnny Test dude That was this [ __ ] it was oh [ __ ] when I Was a kid it went Johnny Test Uh [ __ ] dude Johnny Test was the big one For me it was I forgot which one I Watched first total drummer or Johnny Test it was definitely those two were The first ones No No dude [ __ ] Johnny Test Regular Show And [ __ ] uh Total Drama Island Oh that’s funny All right Phineas and Ferb opinions I watched Phineas and Ferb but like it Was one of those things where like I don’t know I feel like there’s so many Cartoons like it

You know I feel like uh with me Phineas and Ferb I got old fast Lavatory that’s a good one that’s a good One Um holy [ __ ] that’s a good one that’s an Old one [ __ ] me Lexus Laboratory I can’t Remember the thing about it everywhere I Watched it [ __ ] what was the one oh dude I could I can try to describe it but I Don’t know oh dude uh Johnny Bravo was a Good one Impossible Okay I got a cart soon I got a cartoon forgot what the name of It was but um And no it’s not Rugrats it’s not Rugrats Um it had a bunch of little kids in it Um But they’re like all [ __ ] Geniuses This is not it wasn’t a popular one I I wish I had a picture I don’t know it Was like it was like a group of like Kids It might have been yeah it might have Been yeah That’s what it was yeah that was the one Yeah hold on I gotta look up a picture Of it [ __ ] yeah dude there was one Episode Or code what is it code Foreign The Powerpuff Girls was the best

Um I feel people are gonna diss on them That show was underrated Yeah that show was hella underrated Yeah show is hella underrated Um what is that how do you spell that Please I’ve never seen this show Yeah that’s a good old one Kim Possible Was one of my favorites grown up too Kim Possible is a good one I’m looking At the old [ __ ] cartoons right now Because blue was always selfish Mark Zuckerberg I hate Foster’s Home Foreign As well dude what was some [ __ ] Disney uh what was some Disney Channel Classics like [ __ ] Wizards of Waverly Place like I’m looking at that Generation of shows dude like Jesse Wizards of Waverly Place I love both of Those shows a lot I’m sorry oh yeah Hannah Montana yeah You guys have gotta help jog my memory Of what other shows they had on there Life is Zach and Cody yeah the [ __ ] Uh Lab Rats you’ve got oh dude there’s a Lot of bangers on there that was a good [ __ ] generation to grow up in and Watch TV it was a great generation Yeah I love Hannah Montana when I was a Kid Hell yeah I loved Hannah Montana when I Was younger too or no wait no wait Hi Carly that was a great one dude I

Can’t remember in the [ __ ] cast in There but um that one older dude that Older big brother I never liked that with a Blog laughing Emoji rolling on the floor laughing Emoji rolling on the floor laughing Don’t send emojis guys Dude Dog with a Blog was a [ __ ] old One dude holy Rolling on what’s the one with the two Boys that were Kings what the [ __ ] is That one Along dude what’s the one with like the Two [ __ ] younger guys Ah the two younger guys that are kids Was that Jake and Josh Was that the one with the two I don’t [ __ ] know That’s a Megan was it just called two Kings was it really [ __ ] [ __ ] was that accident [ __ ] That’s funny Oh that’s funny Um What you’re really talking about no it’s A Kings on the island I don’t know what You’re talking about oh dude yeah [ __ ] I Don’t know what [ __ ] Drake and Josh Was that’s the Raven that’s another one That’s an old one Dude what the [ __ ] Larry’s for a holy [ __ ] I thought you said you were gonna break They’re good like oh dude that was

Probably one of my favorites uh Liv and Maddie another one I just remembered now Your thoughts Yeah skill issue Scooby-Doo is now she’s really mother She’s running in the corner she put Herself in the corner she knows she [ __ ] up Oh dude is Fish Hook someone with the Three fish Yes dude [ __ ] Gravity Falls opinions Right now opinions Gravity Falls [ __ ] Gravity Falls that is my favorite that’s One another one of my favorite shows Dude is burden yeah dude that’s a [ __ ] classic dude see you next summer And then there’s no [ __ ] uh then There’s not even another uh Yeah the Gravity Falls was a [ __ ] for me Dude I love this room so much I could Make love Um Lizzie McGuire was it was not a movie Though wasn’t Lizzie McGuire a movie What H2O Was it really I thought Lizzie McGuire Was a [ __ ] uh I thought it was a Movie I think there was a movie she respects It was a show too oh I didn’t even [ __ ] know I [Music] Oh dude because I only watched the movie

[Music] That was a pretty movie though [ __ ] what other ones are there I’m Trying to think Yeah I never watched the show today Before I come save me instead of fixated And I’m coming in your face watch this I’m not gonna see when you’re like two Feet away Yeah but not now what are you gonna do Sprinters to a [ __ ] generator you Better Sprint the rest You’re wasting pallets Foreign [Music] [Applause] Do you mind Because I can’t do [ __ ] about it like I Need a job or else I’m getting smacked Now I’ll just make distance and run Yeah You’re fine Yep Boombox I do not nope I don’t Remember that That’s a good thing you don’t remember That now what the [ __ ] are you guys Talking about dude honestly dude this [ __ ] iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place for probably two of my favorite Like of those live action shows fish Hooks that was an old one though Holy [ __ ] I forgot all about fish hooks Damn Did you watch Silent Library no

Clue for the Big Red Dog Boondocks no no big red dog just like With um Curious George we’re both like [ __ ] old those are like 90s Cartoons And TV I love Sound Library Curious George I mean me too I watched It on PBS kids but I’m just saying That’s an old show Haven right [ __ ] uh You’re good I got my gun on 75 which is Stanley because of resilience no biggie Okay let’s go this true Have any of you guys seen LazyTown I have not know What are some of the newer what are some Of the newer cartoons [ __ ] uh Pictures Dude I just thought of one I just thought of One Um [ __ ] I can’t remember in the [ __ ] Little [ __ ] stunt kid I can’t really think of that on that Description Is old hallway That’s what it was That’s the one Right yeah I love Miss clicking and doing a slow Vault instead of a fastball God it is so

Great Oh sprinters from the dub easy Run some bears that’s an old one Dude [ __ ] what the [ __ ] was the Berenstain Bears [ __ ] what was that Isn’t that a book Weren’t those books The Bernstein berries That was a good one that was a good one Max of the Ruby I don’t know who the [ __ ] just said that but Max and Ruby yes Sir Called each other brother sisters mother Father I mean having mother in fact Yeah the maximum is [ __ ] awesome Growing up Max and Ruby Max How the [ __ ] dude I’m pretty sure you Want to check could [ __ ] say it just Know that part because that part was so [ __ ] catchy Movies [Music] I’ve never heard of that before what the [ __ ] I’ve never heard of that before It’s really like claymation Never heard of that oh oh wait a minute Wasn’t oh wait I might know that one Hold on let me actually look at that one There’s always fighting with like a Farmer Wallace Film series Oh I’m glad I looked it up okay now this One I do now okay dude I didn’t

Recognize the name but no going up on it I recognize the movies I don’t recognize the uh the name though [ __ ] I was gonna say grommet sounded Hella [ __ ] familiar Open Dude Wallace and grommet movie is always Like almost creep me out in a way I Never liked how the people were shaped Oh My God oh my God no oh my God When you get the [ __ ] out of here guys It was a gym that’s close to done oh She’s got a region here I like Counted down Here I didn’t think it was not everyone That’s close to finish Pull it down I feel like half these [ __ ] shows I Feel like I’ve seen before I just don’t Like know what they are just recognizing The names Austin was the best one but he was Barely in the show laughing Oh Coraline great [ __ ] movie I love Coraline Yeah that Coraline was [ __ ] great I Like that movie you’ve never hear me no I hear you I’m sorry I’m talking [ __ ] Chat though I know Carly was a cartoon and not a [ __ ] cartoon a a [ __ ] let’s get Out of here it was a movie and a book

The Iron Giant is the best animated Movie in my opinion the good dinosaur Isn’t that far behind I really like the Good dinosaur too The good dinosaur is probably one of the Best dude sorry hold the [ __ ] up um the Good dinosaur is probably one of the Better like newer animated movies I’ve Seen since I was a kid Two seconds dude don’t you [ __ ] dare Him on death hook Oh you’re on nothing too yeah I never understood the beginning to The Incredibles I just always I was always So [ __ ] confused by that That’s getting [ __ ] freed up because You have to go all the way around to Stop it Matt the other day oh I’m [ __ ] dude [Music] That was a great [ __ ] movie I tried to take it down for you it’s Just really around me it was a grab [Music] It’s fine you guys can just go don’t Waste my time probably had to use a Great movie [ __ ] um That was a great animated movie also I Really like that one Probably hedge was awesome yeah Uh Ice Age Ice Age series that was Pretty good Coco Uh guys don’t waste my time please

[ __ ] you Dicky Get out please thank you I actually never really liked Madagascar Dude if you’re trying to like get a Depth Legion If you’re trying to get a debt Legion do Not run these [ __ ] do not run these Freaking Brother Bear never heard of That Um I think that was the only one I ever Really watched to be honest Ethan Bro Brother Bear Never watched Brother Bear Yeah dude if you’re on a run Legion I’ll Probably say there are better they’re a Better [ __ ] uh add-on synergies you Can run with Legion For instance never sleep pills with Mural sketches [ __ ] nasty never Watched open season but I’ve seen a lot Of clips of it that was I wish that was A movie I was able to watch uh Yogi Bear I know it wasn’t really an animated but Still Like it nowadays Room you got to watch Brother Bear look It up let me look it up I might know What it is maybe I just don’t recognize His name What in the world Oh dude Oh I never watched Barnyard either what The [ __ ] is the movie uh it is it’s

Meant for like little little kids but um It’s all about dinosaurs uh main one is That green one with the long neck Uh no Land Before Time Land Before Time Thank you yup that’s the one that one I Used to watch a ton very little back When I used to watch [ __ ] Teletubbies And [ __ ] Yeah like green dinosaurs there’s Another movie yeah the good dinosaur Yeah no I know that one but no it that’s Why I said when I was like a little Little yeah that was a [ __ ] good one Dude I loved playing Before Time that Was a great one Dude that was like when I was a little Kid I’ve got such good I got such good Nostalgia with uh Land Before Time oh That movie those movies were [ __ ] Nuts I’ve never had a never knew about little Foot [Music] 101 Dalmatians Barnyard has the best Animated scene where the dad sings I Want he back down For time journey of the Brave oh there’s The good dinosaur We actually have that Over the Hedge all right go best Disney Movie best Disney movie go let me hear It I got my answer I just want to see if Anyone else agrees with me but best uh

One or sorry I’ll take like a top three So if it’s in your top three because There are a lot of good ones of Disney Movies so I’ll take just anyone’s from Your top three Sinbad up that’s a good one that’s not One of my favorites though The measure of Ichiban Natsu I’m trying to remember I’ve got a I’ve got a classic one and I’ve got another one that I just really Like the uh the cast for in the plot Um and I can’t really pick a third one Because it’s only really these two that Stand out to me by like a long shot Cards is a classic I like cars not love But I like Lion King another classic uh you said Three you said three Incredibles and Then ratatouille With Robin Williams yeah dude uh I Forgot all about [ __ ] Ratatouille Damn Down but [ __ ] because I didn’t think of It I guess I can’t really name it a Favorite you know Because I couldn’t remember it All right my personal favorites are and There’s only two because I can only Really think it too was Aladdin the Original when I was uh the Aladdin Um And then uh [ __ ] dude I just had it in My head

Um God damn it and the Princess and the Frog dude I love the bad guy and I love The [ __ ] uh I just love the characters and the Princess Um Okay Peabody and Sherman I know it’s not A I know it’s not a Disney Land is the original I gotta look it up Dude um The Incredibles were directed by the Same guy who directed The Iron Giant Uh yep that’s the one yeah this is the Original Dude [ __ ] yeah this [ __ ] was great Foreign Was a great [ __ ] Disney movie [ __ ] I’m pissed I can’t remember that but Yeah that’s a classic I love Ratatouille But not for me my roots are probably [ __ ] uh Princess and the Frog and um I love the music in Aladdin didn’t Really care for the plot I like the bad Guy and I really like the music but dude It was [ __ ] uh it was the princess The frog that I loved Yeah I love the bad guy in uh in Princess and the Frog I just love the Characters and all that like the lore Just everything and that was great FernGully was my favorite you’re gonna Kill me but I’ve met Mulan is one of the

Classics that I’ve never watched I’ve Watched every other movie but Mulan Animated but have you all seen Jumanji The original like the old one of the Scariest I loved his Outlook when I was a kid I love this lanky figure I just loved Everything about him I think that’s why I kind of like Aladdin too because the bad guys are so Similar to me Jafar and uh the dude from Princess and The Frog I don’t think I like Princess And the Frog as much because the Lightning bug dying was really sad to me As a kid dude I get hella [ __ ] Robin Williams yeah dude that [ __ ] [ __ ] Brings a TMI every time I see it he Should not have died feels bad they Killed off the best character that’s why They never made a princess in the Frog Too it’s because that [ __ ] bug died And they made a mistake the second that They did it son of a [ __ ] Um trying to think I need to send you Something Tarzan wasn’t bad was Tarzan Disney [ __ ] I can’t remember you think It’d be Disney The Iron Giant is sad uh Tinkerbell Dude that was a good one yeah dude every New group was funny dude I [ __ ] love That one Monsters Inc was a classic but I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favorites It was a classic though

I think for me Monsters Inc was always Overwatched for me so it prevented me From really liking it For me yeah Tarzan was great Um Dude the emperor’s degree [ __ ] that’s a Nostalgia one for me [ __ ] me I’ve only Watched like that first movie twice when I was a kid I always thought the [ __ ] uh the Alpaca or whatever the [ __ ] he turns it Was an ugly ass [ __ ] so I never liked It but watching as an adult dude [ __ ] I Love that movie The comedying is just beautiful Toy Story is probably the biggest one Same thing with toy store I think I was It was overwatched for me I actually thought Toy Story 3 was one Of the worst Yeah There’s always Um Let Me by the way I opened up the box I opened the box and he came To edit I don’t know I feel Beverly never watching Mulan Though dude that is that was one movie I Really I have Disney plus I should Really [ __ ] watch Mulan [ __ ] me Um There’s some movies that I’ve never Liked because I always heard they were Over hyped things like Bambi and [ __ ] But like I ended up watching it

Regardless [ __ ] that sweater is great Jesus Yeah this is what I was talking about There used to not be a skull I’m going to bed tonight Mike sleep well Bro Good night mark See there wasn’t a skeleton on the back Of it before they just changed that Is perfect Sure there’s a fourth one to Toy Story [ __ ] me I feel like it’s movie like Toy Story And movies like [ __ ] cars we’re like They made way too many movies needed all Because like the first ones were such Huge Classics same thing with The Incredibles dude like Incredibles was so [ __ ] perfect just the way that it was Oh you are [ __ ] Molly oh no he did it Seems like cars and toy store I don’t Think needed like more movies I really Like cars too though I’ll admit Oh epic mind games Things like cars and Toy Story and [ __ ] We’re all [ __ ] over overplayed and They end up making remakes where it Wasn’t needed I got stuck on the tire so I had to try The 360. Really you go for them I don’t know I’m letting them check Though If I get greedy

Car seat was the best I agree I really Like cars too I was actually going to Sprint burst Away from him but right as I was gonna Let go of the gym I got a skill check no No really no [ __ ] really Dante dude I Can’t remember what the [ __ ] my first Was you’d think I’d remember though The thing I sent you was a song from the Uh movie I got it dude I gotta look up dude I Mean the only Disney movie I really Liked music in was um was Aladdin dude [ __ ] me I could listen to that playlist All day In my opinion the movie that I watched When I was a kid I think this is what Where I got my humor from but was uh Joe Dirt dude I watched that [ __ ] when I was Like [ __ ] seven or eight or some [ __ ] And I fell in love with that movie I can see down your shirt I don’t know Dude [ __ ] I dude I have such Nostalgia Joe Dirt too gives that [ __ ] hot Spatula tries to get the dog’s balls off The [ __ ] Frozen porch oh I love that Movie with a passion god dude That movie’s so good today [Applause] Some awful scary movies when I was a kid Laughing Including examples Every nummy will respect there Oh nice one mummy

I want you better Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory or Charlie and Chocolate Factory uh whichever one is Newer uh whichever one is uh newer That Usually have to Vault that every time I Get something I mean you can now [ __ ] Around The original Dude I mean [ __ ] if there’s Anything other than the original it’s Just ah it’s not good Ah Slobbing on her looks so toxic Hey Haven we have an open spot you want To join or no Or anyone in chat Haha You’re just watching dude yes which one I [ __ ] prefer dude you didn’t ask me Which one’s more accurate to the book Dude I’m just saying which one I liked More you know don’t get me wrong I read The book I liked the book but you asked Me which one I like more now which one’s More accurate to the [ __ ] book dude Jesus Would be good yeah right like Jesus I like um I like the original Charlie And the Chocolate Factory because it Brings me Nostalgia you know Was terrible Terribly mares from House of one zero Zero Zero dude [ __ ] uh

Give me nightmares about pretty much Being in my home alone at night because There’s that one scene in style where Like I think it was the doctor that gets Kidnapped Holy [ __ ] Oh I’m in the worst jungle gym Of us until I was around one side with Staring new days to be honest You’re really gonna let me juicer in a [ __ ] uh the world’s shittiest Jungle Gym let’s go Oh that’s save up the ass Oh my God [ __ ] that Oh me too I don’t know who said that but I [ __ ] love horror too Oh sorry who said that hey then yeah do You [ __ ] agree I [ __ ] is probably One of my favorites Love horror Do that for me you’re fine I’m popping a [ __ ] little uh Popping some some drugs You tried it You greedy [ __ ] Oh Bradley I want to get this [ __ ] Pulled off In the world perk is that Connects dude what in the [ __ ] world I see the trailer for the new movie Coming out Foreign Completely solve a directed Jeepers [ __ ] New guy

God damn it Megamind was a good one I heard someone Say Megan remind me of Megan mine Which is one of my classics For me I found me And there’s no pallet here [ __ ] Lake Placidity I’m trying to think what the [ __ ] [ __ ] first horror movie I think I saw I think it was birds or something You’re fine though I like that thinking That’s a really [ __ ] Birds It’s not the lockers I didn’t get any More stacks [Music] 24 hours I don’t think anybody went back to that [ __ ] generator which sucks because There’s a if that doesn’t get popular Over again Something pops running through John The one that I was trying to work on That you ran past before I got caught Was part of community You can’t get so long ago it’s probably Done regress happen Okay yo Manny that’s About this lady it’s written 99 like Twice people kept running the bus I need her to get yellow Oh [ __ ] me um You think I Think

Yeah get greedy with me bro cause you’re [ __ ] safe No no [ __ ] that’s why I’m drifting off Sorry that I [ __ ] did you that dirty To watch it That sounds interesting I’m one because he’s got oh wow [Music] Versus Jason and Alien versus Predator You heard Freddy vs Jason was dark [ __ ] Really Find Alien vs Predator but probably Isn’t one of my favorites I’m more of Like into Classics I guess though Personally Oh manually resources Oh you’re pissed Sounds of the Lambs are pretty good [ __ ] dude I gotta thank dude Irene I Really like the saw series but I can’t Really pick a number on saw like which Number of zombies I like so I’ll just Say like sauce series for one Um dude [ __ ] me I really gotta like Scroll back I gotta look up like old Horror movies and then pick from there It’s a lot of [ __ ] Stephen King I’m Into though I think saw was probably one of the only Series or one of the only like horror Movie like series or just movies in General that I like that weren’t um That weren’t from Stephen King Um

There’s one that I can’t remember the [ __ ] name of from my life that was Like a really good horror it was like Classic horror to me I have a hot take go ahead I’m gonna try to think of his name I’m gonna try to think of this hold on I don’t like The Shining I agree opinion I like the book but not the movie [ __ ] in Grandpa’s made me laugh I think it was called Mercy by Stephen King Even well it was a horror comedy What was it I’m pretty sure it was Mercy I’m pretty Sure I could be wrong though I’m gonna look at Mercy Emoji face with tears of joy I think It’s I think it’s this one Which one Mercy doesn’t like it Thank you anymore bro misery is my Favorite horror movie you just gave me a Repressed memory Hmm What the [ __ ] I see one by misery here but [ __ ] I Thought what the [ __ ] is this movie It’s just not Mercy what the [ __ ] What the [ __ ] hold on hold on Mercy um Dude I recognize the title but [ __ ] hold On Um Right

In good [ __ ] what the [ __ ] God damn it I can’t [ __ ] find it I Thought it was Mercy but I could be Wrong damn it I’m pissed What That makes me pissed [ __ ] I can’t find The movie I’m talking about I thought it was Mercy but it’s not [ __ ] Um no I wouldn’t know if you’d call it Like a horror but it’s more of like a Creepy almost like Thriller in a way Um Uh Shutter Island I think it’s called I Think [ __ ] I got a it’s not really like A horror though Is it Shutter Island is that the one And this one I really like The sledgehammer That’s misery no it’s not misery dude It’s [ __ ] God damn it no I like Shutter Island that’s a good one it’s Not really like a horror though That’s the one uh no I know that’s the One where like the whole movie goes like Full circle and I’ve always loved movies Like that and I know it’s not it’s Qualified as a horror but it’s not like A scary horror or like a gory horror Um well I think that’s why I like the Saw Series so much And shutter Islands because like it’s a Movie that actually goes full circle You’ve never watched Shutter Island wow Then I probably just for the whole

[ __ ] movie for you You should Um it’s pretty good I’ve heard of it never seen it Um So hard to pick a good like classic Horror though Says his favorite I thought I’m not like too big into gory Movies shut the [ __ ] up God damn it um I need to explain my Blood points too this is Sticky’s last One she said she should have enough Blood points by the end of this game no Matter what so Foreign [Music] Shutter Island in like simpler ways Without Um No it’s your explained in simpler terms Of like how to describe Um Shutter Island Is that Oh my God spoil it [ __ ] um DiCaprio is a Um He plays as a detective goes to a mental Hospital And pretty much explores like his past Almost but like in the same way he’s Exploring like crimes and [ __ ] And I guess that’s all I can really tell You because anything after that I’m

[ __ ] spoiling because again it goes Like full circle God damn it it’s a good [ __ ] movie at The end of the movie at the end of the Movie you’re gonna be like oh Oh yeah if you know what I mean because They really thought it goes full circle That very [ __ ] pitch under the movie It is [ __ ] That’s a great movie Uh It looks like a movie it goes full Circle and I mean it has you on the edge Of your seat the whole time A lot of flashbacks on that movie so It’s just like yeah I just hate how it’s Qualified as like a horror movie when It’s really not There was a movie too that I there’s a Lot of movies I watch [ __ ] clips of And I really like them but God I can’t [ __ ] think of them dude damn What are some newer Yeah I never liked the Chucky movies Out of classic Horrors dude I’ll be Honest I think my favorites were [ __ ] Uh either the ghost face or Scream Movies or it was Do you watch Tales from the Crypt I have Not known I am I hate the scary movies and I like the Um Well Halloween

Really a horror movie it has more of a Suspense movie like Shutter Island but It has got a cool twist at the end oh Yeah that’s a lot like Shutter Island Never watched leprechaun did you watch Tales from the Dark Side I have not as Well damn I hate saying like I’m a Horror fan but I haven’t watched like a Lot of horror I’m really gonna get back Into them anyone to look at streaming Platform that has a ton of Horror Dude Um Nah dude there was a [ __ ] there’s a Horror movie Um not dude [ __ ] a really trash horror Movie is um oh damn it what are they Called Slinger by the way great map for Him Um I use like clowns from outer space That is in the hell that’s a hilarious That’s a hilarious bad horror that I Just love so much that’s touched my Heart dearly Clowns from outer space Dude I swear to you guys chat I always Get the [ __ ] hindred pumpkins and it Pisses me off Even some horror movies [Music] Take them seriously That is literally clowns from outer Space for you Killer yeah that’s what it was

That was a totally bad but funny ass Movie and it’s funny because of how bad It was The sign is supposed to be meant that’s Like a funny movie it’s just it’s it’s a Funny movie about how bad it is it’s Great [ __ ] is this guy I [ __ ] up oh boys I [ __ ] up He [ __ ] up let’s go I’m in locker check Why oh hold on Slinger coming into Shaq got him Coming in hot knocked him got him he’s Knocked Just [ __ ] god call outs Got him boys Killer coming to Shack Got head on knocked them Roll up oh [ __ ] Early oh Is that a flashlight pop 420 luck bits I Only saved because your name’s got four You can’t even shoot from that far [ __ ] weirdo ah got his ass You can come back to Shack what’s your Third nugs for what Dude I don’t really know dude I’ll be honest dude it’s not an old Movie I hated the [ __ ] I hated the uh The Cinematic the cinematics uh For the graphics and old [ __ ] horror Movies I didn’t think the show was real

Enough oh that’s awkward as [ __ ] Ing Jack I got you I don’t give a [ __ ] I almost ran into him what the [ __ ] Oh my how did that not hit me that Should have hit me I feel bad Gremlins is nostalgic because I think That was the first horror movie I think I’ve ever seen It’s not my favorite though I had the whole [ __ ] concept of that Movie was [ __ ] trash it wasn’t even That scary I don’t have a third man [ __ ] I can’t I Gotta like I gotta like scrope like a List of like bad horror movies He’s gonna be scared of that Locker now So I don’t think it’s gonna work anymore That’s a that’s a down wow wow They said you’re in Shack Walker no It doesn’t work anymore on him There are three Lockers in this stupid Little thing right next to the gym I’m Working on is that one drop shot tell it [ __ ] Sour drop shot that’s five [ __ ] Walker next to the hill It’s where the gen’s being worked on It’s like facing the hills He just kicked my Jen He’s going back the direction he came From This Loop over here [Music]

I’m live on YT What the [ __ ] is this guy got his eyes There’s a locker here yeah Looks like iPhone What the [ __ ] is in front of me Watch out dudes Whoa [Laughter] Whereas I’ll have a good time right now We’ll have to try a different lockers What are some what are some recent Horror movies because I’ve watched a lot Of recent horror movies Uh horror movies Dog I didn’t have any means if he doesn’t Break Alice but me too me too It wasn’t bad not a favorite I want to be lenient with like what is My favorite so if I say it’s not my Favorite then I most likely I Either don’t mind it or Um [ __ ] I’m trying to think is Across the key I’m gonna try to work on each other I’ve been [ __ ] around for far too Long with this guy Um let me know if one of you guys get Injured oh sorry lyrics Uh what movie is that about [ __ ] how Long ago was that He doesn’t like me so he’s probably Gonna count me down that’s fine Um

He knows I’m hoping to see it yet They almost didn’t see me too that’s a Fine pass it was a bad movie Oh dude I just had one in my [ __ ] Mind uh Guys ever watch Ouija that’s a good one Like a Ouija board I mean like is that like a movie or yeah Ouija’s a movie I haven’t seen that it wasn’t terrible Dude why are you here It’s one of the better ones I think I’ve Seen Okay the sex videos I want to see like More slasher movies What the [ __ ] is that what is that I Don’t know how recent it is I don’t know how recent it was but um What the [ __ ] is the one where those um Nearly not wrong even That’s safe by the way that’s hella bad Save Yep and I’m an obsession He did M1 me once but he shot me in a Second Oh I was about to say oh malt for me but Oh [ __ ] I meant dude I let go too early I’m [ __ ] salty I had that dude I know That was the freest [ __ ] blind ever I Did this man so dirty and then I did Myself Dirty by letting go Sleeping okay Um have you watched it or no are you

Asking my opinion on it I didn’t mind Black phone Damn I [ __ ] slept on that movie [ __ ] Yeah it’s pretty decent it’s decent I Like it So you would recommend it Oh now that’s a different question there I mean I guess Then he comes back Not you sure from the hill that hits He’s got to say that’s perfect for him Damn it I was trying to avoid the shot Does he get a stack for that No he loses a stack from that or he Doesn’t lose any sex when he’s got Injured He does not necessarily a horror movie The [ __ ] was split on It I’m pretty much in the middle there’s Nowhere you can’t just look God damn it Nice Shot great shot actually What what Happened what in the [ __ ] world I got Smacked and then I started [ __ ] Crouching Oh don’t [ __ ] don’t let him have this If he Snipes you do not struggle medics Yeah if he Snipes you Lennox do not [ __ ] uh You probably come pick me if you want Oh yeah don’t pick me if you can pick me If you can

Beautiful thanks guys well then what’s Your favorite Halloween movie I was Hoping you would walk by the [ __ ] Like Yo what about sleep awake and phst Starts off as a bad horror movie but That ending is cursed I Know What You Did Last Summer is not bad That did not connect he’s forcing the Break I can’t do anything about it damn I was gonna say if you get sniped try Not to do anything because he’s not Gonna he’s not gonna [ __ ] smack you Which is the Annoying Thing He got me stuck on something so he Forced it Yeah I thought that Jen has been 99 so Many [ __ ] times in order I don’t have Deja Vu so I can’t tell if It’s probably done but it probably is And I need to go pick that palette up so You can quit I had [ __ ] die hard Every so often here [Music] Dude oh my that’s what it is okay no That’s my third favorite dude I [ __ ] Slept on Candyman damn it no that’s my Favorite nope That’s my third favorite [ __ ] I forgot All about Candyman nope that’s my Favorite Son of a [ __ ] I love the classic Candyman yep no I

[ __ ] I slept on that movie so hard I’m a [ __ ] He’s also on Slinger’s best map though I’m not gonna lie to you guys I just generally don’t like save the Best but it’s so common I like the new One not really I see it all the damn time I don’t know My ex isn’t [ __ ] working right now I Don’t know what the [ __ ] is going on but My ex is apparently not working crazy Um that’s horror movie villain Um Freddy was a classic dude [ __ ] I can Really tell you that’s yeah I could really say best If Jason can beat Freddy I think Michael Can beat Jason in my opinions don’t Leave If you say Jason I will leave You guys really sleeping on the perch I Never really I forgot all about wreck uh I knew about Chainsaw I was thinking about Chainsaw Massacre but I just don’t really like That movie beautiful [ __ ] shot god Damn it [Music] I can’t believe I [ __ ] slow about That no not not even the fact that he Hits me the fact that I slow vaulted That [ __ ] makes me so infuriated God Damn it dude Like I know he has saved I outplayed

This [ __ ] guy and then I medium ball The [ __ ] window What in the world is this [ __ ] [ __ ] dude in what world do I get Clicked on Multiple times Oh my God [ __ ] Melody He’s just slagging me I know I’m trying To come back around towards you We actually come back Yeah I don’t know how the [ __ ] you saw Me but good on this guy I guess [ __ ] FML Yeah I already picked up I like Michael’s I like uh I like Michael’s Ominous effect a great save forever the [ __ ] out that Vicky I’m just glad she listened to me Well yeah a little more sex That’s fine That’s what I like a lot about Michael I miss Iron Will I hope for these Catchphrases Oh my God I walked a little I liked a Lot by Stephen King Um People still now I don’t think Freddy is as good as a Villain but I think the idea of not Being able to sleep is definitely a Creepy idea not even that aspect I think Freddy like Freddy concept was an Amazing idea I just think how they Portrayed him [ __ ] sucked ass

[Music] Green Mile is [ __ ] great That’s okay Not the random Random I mean every time he’s been Picked up we’ve flashlight saved him Every time so yeah Yeah it means they can take more Aggregate Not sure It’s not like I’m disc on Friday I just Don’t like how they made him in the Movies I don’t dude I don’t think I have man But then again like I’ll have to Don’t have to watch I don’t know I think dude there’s a movie by [ __ ] Stephen King I’ll try to describe it There’s a movie by Stephen King I’m like how some [ __ ] kids go to up To their grandmother’s house you know How the [ __ ] got a fastball that bro Come on About like how some kids go up to the Grand parents house Is it Wait was that the keys man Or did he just kick it Was so [ __ ] patient he played it so Well [ __ ] tried it [ __ ] [Music] Oh Um

Yes and no I think her grandmother was More of a witch though or some [ __ ] or I Got [ __ ] man Keep going Thanks He’s still after you if you don’t care This is Jen is completely I feel like it Has color iron costume Version Oh my God I feel like the random just mainly been Hiding because she only just showed up Foreign I know it wasn’t that [ __ ] dude it was Okay uh kids grow up I mean I recognize I know an iconic scene where the Basement’s [ __ ] the basement’s [ __ ] Up um but no it’s like there’s something About like a wood chipper or something And something happens I think the dog Gets thrown in the wood chip or some [ __ ] that’s a part of the movie if Parents live like on a hill or some [ __ ] Out in the middle of nowhere [ __ ] man it’s by Stephen King I thought It was Mercy I could have sworn it was Mercy but [ __ ] I think I’m wrong That was one way I don’t know if it was Like bad or not I don’t know if it was a bad movie but Like that one’s always been one that Sticks in my head all the time And give me the name

I could try dude I thought it was Mercy That’s why I remind you of misery Of the dead and Tucker and Dale Versus Evil Dead was [ __ ] great that was a great Comedy Mercury Dale Versus Evil is voted Shawna There was a [ __ ] classic Movies Yeah it just sucks that this was the Best [ __ ] Maps I should do not I Think any other [ __ ] map and I think We want to beat this guy it just burns Us that this is his best map well save Also Burns us it’s [ __ ] uh LED does Have urban urban Iron Will empathy and Alert something irks me because they can Avoid losing Stacks by doing secondary Attacks it should be any time the Obsession takes damage you lose I Disagree Because they can still get damaged as Hooky without losing any stats because HBO Max Zone that has a lot of Horrors Movies on it our little uh 420 potluck Guy got out let’s go oh man that hasn’t Been hooked once because we Beamers I’m like what have you been doing I should have broken 4 000 hours but um Like I got like 40 4 200 maybe 4 300 Maybe I don’t know how to look Oh is that your last one thank you For watch is on there how much is it to Stream HBO Max how much is it

I don’t have it but how much is it I’m gonna have to get it It feels like a good amount of horror I Mean I see about getting peacock again Just to watch it just to see how bad the New uh the new uh horror movie was but How about the new Halloween movie is but Yeah Well I don’t know I have it through DirecTV Thanks dude Doesn’t matter Yeah pfp’s ass Shut the [ __ ] up Eden Foreign [Music] I’ll be honest I just lost my love for Almost every Halloween movie because I Swear to God they all go the exact same [ __ ] way It’s annoying I just stopped watching them and liking Them for quite some time Hey likewise sticky have a great night I think it is 999-1499 depending if you wanna watch Ads I’ll check it out I think it’s on my uh 999 a month yeah Nice check it out I’ll check it out Now it’s time to ask Vicky Um We have two open spots if anyone wants To join Dante Haven Meme anybody

Anybody else that’s online unless your Name is Ethan cool bro 18. News was Haven here when I was last here Cause I don’t know if I remember Mot smiling face with sunglasses Foreign But probably not gonna be on long and I Will be trash do you think I give a [ __ ] About that about being bad Dude it’s from the [ __ ] dude it’s From the Scooby-Doo movies I I know what That is I don’t recognize the villain But it’s from the Scooby-Doo movies Scooby-Doo Laughing Ill join after this match kazima use the Potty like a champ mot smiling face with Sunglasses Thank you Nope Ethan’s losing his mod now in my Chat feels bad Let’s go We’re like 50 000 blood points away We’re like 50 000 blood points away from Being Prestige 55 less [ __ ] gone Dude what platform has [ __ ] uh the Boys on it Dude I’ve been trying to watch that [ __ ] I’ve been getting recommended to that Showing a lot on YouTube for like clips And [ __ ] because like I like to watch a Lot of movie clips and whatnot and all I’ve been seeing is like [ __ ] Homelander and I’m like bro this movie

Looks [ __ ] sick Looks like a superman but I’m like but Bad guy But at least he’s not a kid like the [ __ ] uh I got one dude Amazon Prime oh [ __ ] Sick I’m gonna have to get that It is a series Yeah I know it’s just no I know it’s a Season Yeah I know I saw it as a series Yeah dude I mean dude just from seeing Homelander I mean dude and I watched Like and I wanted to watching some lore Like I got Dave in the into watching That [ __ ] it looks like some Superman But he’s a bad guy Boys just a lot of ingredients that’s Kind of wild Us kinda wildin I don’t have to watch it Then It looks pretty cool though Oh you know what [ __ ] we’re gonna give Prestige 5 right now they’re Prestige 55 Right now We [ __ ] around get rid of the Straightness secrets What a great Shrine this is by the way Y’all seeing this [ __ ] dude there is not A bad perk up here iron Wills Grant save Life nurses calling those are all really Nice Brooks Yeah I think there’s what three seasons Out right now

No it looks great though You guys want to see what Prestige 55 Looks like The exact same color Yeah right I mean just they don’t like Being having the power of Superman and Being a [ __ ] good guy like Like bro the [ __ ] I could do like I get Being a good guy is like being crazy and Whatnot but bruh like think about it Like if like you were a bad guy and you Had Superman’s powers like who the [ __ ] Could stop you like you could own that World Walk into anywhere do anything like oh My God Of what You being a villain yeah good I mean Come on I mean getting the only good thing about Being like a good guy is the fact that You get maybe a little bit of praise That’s like the only good thing about Being a good guy is that people look up To you like oh my God look it’s Superman Like shut the [ __ ] up I don’t get paid For that [ __ ] Foreign Every every week you just go down to the City hall to get paid Until now on on mods Ethan Megamind but if he had Superman as Powers All right see the thing with Megamind is

That like he was raised up in a prison It’s like that he was always surrounded By bad people it’s not like he’s a bad Guy he was just in a bad situation A Lot Like Jesse Pinkman and Breaking Bad You know He’s a good kid in a bad situation so he Turned out being a bad guy you know but When given the chance you know he was a Good guy you know I mean Megamind was raised by [ __ ] Criminals which is why he turned out to Be like a [ __ ] villain dude You know [Music] Bro I just finished watching Breaking Bad It was awesome dude did you ever watch Okay animated movies have you um seen The um have you seen the um yeah I agree Though Megamind’s a great [ __ ] movie There’s something to hate about Megamind Um Did you watch the uh the movie about Jesse Pinkman Shut the [ __ ] up even before I unmod you Um May he rest in peace um are you watching Did you watch the movie about Jesse Pinkman or did you watch the um Better Call Saul Because right now I was supposed to be Watching Better Call Saul but I um Dude anybody

Does anyone want to trade Netflix Passwords and I’ll give you my uh Nah dude L um nah dude Jesse pinkman’s Movie Um is supposed it takes place Immediately right after um Breaking Bad Um you’re supposed to watch a movie After watching Breaking Bad trust and Honestly what I had to do what I’m doing Right now what I’m planning on doing Is I’m gonna watch Better Call Saul Because Better Call Saul happens before I think before um Breaking Bad so They’re connected yeah what the [ __ ] Yeah I want your Netflix I’ve never Watched them Yeah so uh Better Call Saul I didn’t know they were related at all Yeah yeah But of course all in the time period Happens before he meets um you’re weird Before he meets um Before he meets uh Waltz I am but better call Seoul at least what I am no I’m saying if anyone has Netflix Bro if anybody has Netflix I will trade You your Netflix password for my um Because I have Disney plus so you give Me your Netflix I give you my Disney Plus See how that works See how that works So if anyone wants Disney plus that’s What I’ve got I can give you I could

Give you Disney plus and you can give me Your Netflix Anyone who doesn’t have Disney plus has Netflix bro Bum Yeah I lost my Netflix subscript Subscription and I kind of don’t feel Like buying another one but I do have Disney Plus For a hot minute She was eating hatchets across from that Can I scare work in this gen Oh mordeo [Music] Highest level escalation Let’s see if she has Iron Maiden It’s a little more day oh I can’t [ __ ] tell What the [ __ ] she just used a hatched it At my generator The fact I can’t tell if that’s a more Day or not is pissing me off that is a More day off That was [ __ ] weird though she just Needed it at my generator like she knew I was there It’s like on the end of it where I was Before Oh you sent through a little got Rid of that Oh my God why is she eating hashes to me Um Good That connects oh I’m scared you got me [ __ ] up

Yeah this is uh I get around that corner ah [ __ ] Hulu just to watch a Regular Show again I’ve watched all of Regular Show which Took me about a month to do and then I Just stopped [ __ ] and then I stopped Getting Hulu right I really like anyone Who looks up for a Regular Show I’ll be Honest oh look at that one [ __ ] [ __ ] Thank you Maiden did you ever check I’m so [ __ ] up no Um I really like all whether I was on Hulu So when I got it for like a month I just Never wanted it since You gross Do that for someone else Hmm gross I am I am scared I am [Music] Uh knockout where the [ __ ] are oh No dude it’s like I only really like the Show on Netflix and Um I didn’t mind some [ __ ] on peacock Because I had the Halloween movies and a Couple other and I think the Harry Potter series I think I don’t know I’m peacocks I didn’t mind peacock but Um Without you I’m just saying like I originally I only Got [ __ ] uh Stop stop in the name of the oh You’re scary

You scumbag I didn’t actually know y’all were over Here oh wait everybody’s over here She’s probably dead here yep and the Other guy’s gonna go second I didn’t know y’all were on the setting Up What can I do there What the [ __ ] can I do there bro It’s honest to God what the [ __ ] can I Do there she respects that heart I’m Glad she’s good Awesome Mel oh my God I love it when I See a good killer so I actually listen To that hard fake all right and it’s so Good And I want all of like the total drama Series on [ __ ] uh on YouTube Kind of cheated the system on that one I think on [ __ ] YouTube I think on YouTube I think on YouTube they have like a Constant running total drama live that’s Always playing Total Drama it’s nice To me we gotta go we gotta go Mm-hmm I don’t know man Oh I’m dead wow how the [ __ ] do both you Guys go down that fast you can snipe the Other guy and then she M1 me oh that was Close oh you need props yeah no no I was Just you were talking to chat but I was Just like oh my God she almost snipe me From across them dude she would have

Gotten that three-piece already know we Were going in a [ __ ] montage We were trying to do that generator and I was like haha [ __ ] you can’t throw Across that part of the map is it Patrick flying from over the wall and I Was like what I want to get close to the wall lady I’m being healed right now No man thank you Jim I have nurses I think she just got an arm problem Glad you recognize her [Music] Yeah if she hits me she is literally Threading the needle Barbecue lethal Iron Maiden probably Like [ __ ] bitter murmur some wild [ __ ] Maybe you fought them right no No doubt it oh wait It could be nurses because we were Healing next to the generator and she Knew we were back there from how far Then From how far though pretty far so then It’s not nurses It’s probably just like a ghost I mean From the tractor right here Good [ __ ] shot god You gross probably got [ __ ] glowing Concoction too that was a gross hit Yeah but she would only get that if she Already hits you with a Hatcher right

Yeah yeah for five seconds This chick’s good I’m pissed like I have I never get hit by cross Maps it feels Like I’m pissed RTS coconut or something I got it I do Like this Reads are decent but I feel like they’re A little what do you mean these because This is like one of the best actresses I’ve seen Wait I want to try to get a hit list Done I’m in this Locker at the tractor Yeah You won’t know don’t you dare [ __ ] go Down I got harder you’re fine She can hear me crying but You might as well That’s coconut RTS he just got bullied He’s gonna hit you though oh tight angle So what way did I do He said this is one of the better of the American palette So this is one of the better huntresses You’ve ever seen you seen like one of The best huntresses you’ve ever seen Damn really Shocker did you see her head in the Snipes I’m just saying those are the best You’ve ever seen Yeah I’m full Nice one oh she knews Breakable I just [ __ ] flashlights

Actually that would have been fine Breakable against that lockers they have Quick cop blocker I got you fam You’re actually almost wiggled Uh which means I’m gonna go on the oh [ __ ] that means I may wiggle [ __ ] me Hold on let me start crawling yeah yeah The hook is dead on the hill because Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m [ __ ] crawling now When I want someone would go off I was like one or two skill checks away From wiggling She might still get you though most Likely if there’s one here in this four Line oh yeah there is I’m [ __ ] did you If I were if I was actually crawling for A minute Let me do this one probably because She’s not stupid in a note and knew that She had to bring you far away or as far As way as she could I mean I almost Wiggled though Okay One for the Money Two For the Show She was she was just standing there in Your face Oh you’re really not gonna let me have It I dropped in my flashlight and Everything GG it doesn’t respect the fourth person Give him a damn One for the Money Two For the Show Three to get ready and four to go

We’re expecting the four percent Oh that’s funny did you All right so let’s see what it was it Was oh you’re weird And it was glowing concoction by the way Um Oh cat [ __ ] I like that Yeah but it still makes no sense because She hits you with a hatchet where that Her hook save was I don’t know that’s just a good [ __ ] Read no dude like within like I think Like three or four days of a new Prestige system being out where like for Where you can go all the way up to 100 I’m like the third day we’ve seen on the Third day we’ve seen eight Hunters that Was Prestige I think 42 or 43 actually Have had it clipped had it clipped on my [ __ ] Channel but she was like a Prestige 43 we had gas Haven and this Girl was probably one of the best Huntresses I’ve seen her reads were [ __ ] Immaculate and she didn’t have I Think all I think she had was like Barbecue but she was running like Deadlock she was running I think Barbecue it was Iron Maiden and then it Was like blood Warden or some [ __ ] [ __ ] But she was like Prestige 43 or 42 and Her reads were just [ __ ] Flawless but She was running glowing concoction with Um what I think infantry belt After going second stage had reassurance

And [ __ ] gen Rush hyper Focus Ed nah [ __ ] She didn’t dodge it all that’s why she Died because she ran in a straight line And after she got hit with the hatchet You know she has like zero cooldown After Hatchet bro so she fell off the Hill and knocked me No but nah Beyond like Cass even dude Her [ __ ] shots were so damn good she Sent us over the car piles like on Points like her running and it was [ __ ] nebuchadne is all of your names Oh I’m sorry Who is lettuce Neville Crown is all your names combined Who is all of us manletics Where the [ __ ] do you get the K from Your favorite person where the hell do You get the K from and Never can Um The E I guess because I don’t have my Name isn’t uh I could do the n for me the E from U the V Politics is my favorite As well So it’s just it’s just an EV and then K-e-n Okay Never can imagine I’m gonna name us on That never can imagine Yeah

It’s not even the same color as the Other rib cage uh art tomatoes Thank you All right so I’m gonna go play killer Now that Dante’s online all right peace Out One more game and I should be Prestige Oh never I’m never out of Marty person’s 55. Not just an arc is like the third [ __ ] made the prestigious and this Chick was already [ __ ] Your stage like 41 and we were like what The [ __ ] You were just awestruck Foreign Hmm This is my favorite hey doing this to You Dante but I might play one more Before to go and play killer dude I am Survivor’s wearing me off dude Someone friended me [Music] I’m not gonna do that to Dante he just [ __ ] got online I feel like a mega Kid Foreign No but here’s the thing with you is you Think it’s intentional and with you I Always get [ __ ] error screen So with you it’s never it’s you it’s Sweating out it’s never intentional I Always get off because I’m always error Screened or something right when you

Join I mean I Go to the game for me I will be right back Actually no I’d love to play Oh man just a second that’s okay no take Your time dude yeah we’ll wait for you No it’s not that I don’t want to face Again slow and more killer because at That point that’s just free bullying Right there I love that [ __ ] but no it’s Just Survivor’s kind of wearing me off right Now these killers are decent and it’s Pissing me off like 10 minutes ago I’d Have got an invite by Xander so actually I don’t know Xander who’s that yeah I was gonna say I Forgot you also knows Xander [Music] My Xander’s like 11 years old But I got a check Little kiddo [Music] The dude who sent me a pic and said Watch out emoji face with tears of joy Dude I’ve been trying to teach Xander to Quit acting like he’s hard since like The first day I’ve met him this dude is Is like trying to act like the biggest Like gangster around this dude’s like 11 I’m like bro ain’t nobody want to see Your father’s hunting guns ain’t nobody Want to see you vape in the boy’s

Bathroom ain’t nobody want to see those [ __ ] kicks they got out from Payless For twenty dollars Oh dude I was just like dude stop like Nobody cares we’re all adults here we Don’t want to see Oh yeah give me one second bro [Music] Oh It’s like no I keep telling like dude Ain’t nobody care that like you’re young Dude all right I mean you love her a lot of people do So don’t lie But uh nobody here I go Yeah right I mean my [ __ ] Discord I don’t know If she has a negative shirtless what the [ __ ] did he show you starting gaming no I did no it’s not even that dude it’s Honestly only because I didn’t have any Other [ __ ] pictures at the time Understand that was when I was in no Life so I never went outside I never had The reason to wear a [ __ ] shirt Around my house right I thought y’all Were some [ __ ] distinguished Gentlemen by wearing clothes or in your House bro most clothes I ever [ __ ] Wore was my underwear and half the time I wasn’t wearing that [ __ ] because my Dad was always out of the [ __ ] house I’d be walking around my house bare butt Ass naked

My life without knowing that Yeah there no I mean back at the like Probably when I first started streaming Dude This was back when I was like 17 16 bro I didn’t have any [ __ ] chest there I Had ass hair pubic hair and face hair That’s the only thing I [ __ ] had I mean at least now I have [ __ ] chest There back in the yester years of like Two years ago bro yeah well [ __ ] two Years [ __ ] I don’t even know when I was 18. How many years ago is that No but it’s like It’s like xender that’s what I looked at And that was back when I had a phone so I just snapped the [ __ ] pig Nine years ago [Music] I mean when I first got started getting Ass hair I’m like what the [ __ ] is this [ __ ] I’m like yo is this normal Getting [ __ ] hair towards my like out Not on my elbow but like towards my [ __ ] elbows and [ __ ] reach up to like My [ __ ] bicep area I was like what The [ __ ] is going on So I’m looking up is ask her normal and That’s how to say memes about it on [ __ ] on Instagram I’m like oh wait no I’m just fine I’m not weird I was like what the [ __ ] No I understand it’s just a guy thing to

Be honest dumb ass here yeah because It’s [ __ ] hilarious my brother Started talking about it kind of like Trying to relate and we were like Imagine I don’t know what you’re talking About Because he’s like you know how annoying That is you know having to shave your Ass Oh no but he was talking about how Annoying it was and we were like camera Relate bro is that right I feel for your brother No I stopped shaving my ass here Stopped you started I thought this [ __ ] Wasn’t normal okay For a long time I thought Ashley was Like not okay I was like what the [ __ ] his ass here I’m like wait pubic I’m like wait Puberty ass here what Sandpaper Yeah right it’s like aftershave I also remember when I had Peach first Shave on there I remember when I had [ __ ] Oh yeah I was embarrassing I was a hairy [ __ ] kid back in middle school I was Like the only kid in middle school that Had leg hair I swear to God right and I Had like I had to hear your legs in the [ __ ] gym teacher like I was a hairy [ __ ] dude and I have like hair all Over my body so when I saw I had ass

Hair I started freaking the [ __ ] out I Was like God damn it what am I the next [ __ ] Bigfoot I’m like damn what the [ __ ] Freaking out and [ __ ] So I’ll be shaving like my upper thighs My [ __ ] ass you know around my crotch And [ __ ] oh dude it was not it was it Wasn’t fun And then I found it in [ __ ] high School that like when my dad had tried To have another [ __ ] birds and bees Talk Halloween yeah right just going out [ __ ] ass naked going on this Bigfoot Confirmed yeah right Pull this Is going out of ass naked yes an animal Turning into a dog oh I’m so used to Walking from here if it’s another [ __ ] enemy I’m gonna cry please be Wesker [ __ ] God I’m so sick of facing Oh why is he got a theory Where’s the totem up oh I see it yeah It’s not far from me Can’t wait for it to be Holograms No but dude I didn’t think it was [ __ ] normal when I was a kid you know It’s Not like back here but like it’s It’s like shoulder I don’t want to say It’s like up north of my back so like Shoulder hair almost

Like that and that [ __ ] freaks me out But I still think that’s normal because Like I know some dudes that don’t have [ __ ] shoulder hair Because they’re beta Oh if you tried it He’s running a blooded serum I don’t do you have to use that before You can attack or something yes before You use your power yes I’m gonna leave that loop I mean I Bought that window one more time in the Windows block so I’m just gonna run here Instead You are salty as [ __ ] what are you Swinging for the trees Hmm the trees hmm Mr kacho ass latkin Around a [ __ ] course still getting my Ass headed to me I’m so good Whisker bro actually don’t mind Wesker I Think it’s pretty fun to play again so I Also think it’s pretty fun to play so Win-win Yeah I’d rather play against the Whiskers than the demo honestly even Though he has another Dash compared to Demo because demos hitbox is massive if Demo had more of a hitbox like Wesker he Wouldn’t be inside of you I mean there’s Some [ __ ] with a whisker too like I Can be fully around a [ __ ] corner I Can still get grabbed it’s the most

[ __ ] thing ever uh but not only real Downfall really real downfall to Wesker In my opinion is the um It’s being infected in my opinion I hate That [ __ ] The hinder it is way too [ __ ] much It’s like if if a Westerner starts with Telling you dude you’re no mo no matter What you are getting [ __ ] hindered it Is the most frustrating ass [ __ ] The [ __ ] TBR that [ __ ] was [ __ ] Rough for my ass I was the first kid to have like a deep Voice We [ __ ] baritone and choir Foreign I wonder what the heck was originally Then Like Devourer Bladed Serum by the way No I want to go for some Beamer saves You had to run To run a pencil by the way Yeah Sorry Doesn’t [ __ ] respect that heart Either I was just talking about a minute to do That though You’re gonna come back to the generator You both you guys are running for Save D Why are they dead I’m not sure

First look So we’re probably [ __ ] [ __ ] at this Point Oh There’s nobody going for the hex that Originally knocked out of now I thought somebody got that already uh No because obviously the Maximus on the Screen Yeah but I thought that somebody popped Another coat on All you guys are in the back corner of The map I’m lucky Can you try to grab a vaccine but Somebody should also try to come pull me I don’t remember It doesn’t matter anyway Yeah that sucks You really need to grab a [ __ ] Vaccine Pull this dick [ __ ] you chainsaw What’s going on man welcome to the Stream Miss me on YouTube baby kiss me still All your viewers again Of course he is Screaming like we’re at all making it Out of here you really need to go back Together right Let’s go big boy me and you know how About you chase someone that’s An actual match-up no [ __ ] I’m not talking about reasonable Situations I’m talking about this [ __ ]

This is completely unreasonable Because it’s not like we’re gonna get The [ __ ] gems now we’re still at Origins yeah That’s still the hex totem and I missed He took it wide that’s awesome where are You at I’m here for you don’t [ __ ] worry About it Great answer Oh my [ __ ] god this guy could have Blind side of my ass so hard At this point game’s [ __ ] gone so I’m Just trying to go for a beamer save if I Can just for some types of noodles done Because the game is gone but of course He respected I’m like sack of [ __ ] I’m still here for this flashlight And he waited for that He knows you there oh really okay Foreign How badly I want him to just Vault the [ __ ] window so I was going for a Stupid ass CJ Anticipated me vaulting in so I have Resilience sorry might have [ __ ] Worked God damn it Yeah no games because I was trying to Pull up some stupid [ __ ] it’s inside Going left tonight or what [ __ ] me I’ll be right back I’m gonna Grab somebody

Oh damn Bro [ __ ] sucks Um you’re gonna play at least or not You’re not even gonna hop on tonight Did you ever wrestle today how’d that go Can you see it again Hmm They get caught anyway Think about it That’s already hooked him and now he’s Gonna close the hatch on his face What are you what are you surprised for Eign That should That’s cool I can’t get a room with one Match we’re in the match for like over Half an hour I missed your comment Chainsaw I’m sorry dude Look she’s talking about being Just like in the match for over half an Hour and you weren’t getting generated No he wasn’t that good dude I just had a good map Oh yeah [ __ ] shelter Yeah it’s not really that good for uh For him anyways Filter Woods isn’t that good what’s up Devour uh Cameras and spies from the Shadows I had a loose crank in the serum Ain’t No Way chainsaw hasn’t said hi to Me specifically I think it’s tough Because Someone DC

Yeah That’s right No someone [ __ ] chat said um There’s just some some Oh DC is locked so they could get the [ __ ] hatch And they sat in their healing instead of Going for hatch I understand Max these Guys understand Linux these guys aren’t That good I’m some slack [Applause] Right now these guys think that killer Is probably one of the better guys They’ve seen so um [Music] Comes from slack they’re not used to This MMR that we’re Athletics chill out Where did someone else leave yeah I said I was leaving oh I don’t know all right Peace out Popped in for 2 30. Dude shut up man I also could go both ways where I could Take Chase and you guys could just sit On Jen’s and then you guys get out Yeah that’s very true [Music] Okay so I can play one let’s [ __ ] go Dude you on NADA I’m not gonna invite you let’s go I gotta read that Um no practice just mixing music and Being a bum that’s energy right there Bro that’s energy

[Music] I’m gonna set up a party with you I don’t know if you’re in a talking mood Or not but I’ll definitely invite you if You want [Music] Dude I’m just um All I’m doing right now bro is um trying To make some food Ah Dante great meme don’t be too [ __ ] Don’t be too offended if uh you guys Don’t play that well I understand you Guys are also playing at like my MMR They Um AR is kind of low that’s no offense I’m Just trying to State something you guys MMR is pretty low mine’s pretty high so Um when we’re all um when we’re all Playing together it kind of like Averages out our mmrs so where I’m going Against people that I can handle looping And I feel comfortable looping you guys Are facing killers that are quite Difficult for you guys You know so Don’t feel too upset if you guys die you Know because I mean this is all just Really good practice for you guys you Guys gonna be facing some decent killers That you guys aren’t used to You know Let’s go big boy hop online Dude I’m in the middle of making food

Chill out What’s going on chainsaw But you don’t [ __ ] make me a sandwich It’s mayonnaise on that [ __ ] too [ __ ] starving Telling me to make you a [ __ ] Sandwich Grab me some [ __ ] milk too make sure It’s cold put some ice in it Jets are you goodbye is your mic needed Max muted all right You must invite as I go and grab my food Make sure it’s cooked fully All right Croissant Foreign Milk two breakfast sandwiches from the Freezer Jimmy Dean We are on our way [Music] Chainsaw right here what’s up big boy How are you doing tonight Nice I’m good man Um Oh yeah that’s what’s up that’s what’s Up What though yeah man I got a new puppy She’s new Nerd of the rules Chainsaw what is it Oh hell yeah that’s what’s up [Music] Jack Russells are [ __ ] great to me [Music]

Jack Russell nice man let’s go some Speed here Some jack russell is a beautiful [ __ ] Dog Out of Jack Russell Shih Tzu mix Oh that [ __ ] was so adorable but it Had the biggest temper [Music] No uh these two are getting along pretty Well there’s a little bit of uh you know Territorial [ __ ] going on but for the Most part they’re fine I think that’s just how Jack Russells Are I had a Jack Russell [ __ ] soon then I had a pitbull boxer pitbull boxer Biggest [ __ ] sweetheart I swear to God wouldn’t even hurt a fly except if It was a squirrel Um Um my Jack Russell Shih Tzu the biggest One the biggest Troublemaker man did he Think he was in char Jack Russells maybe like a foot tall Little [ __ ] thought he owned us it was [ __ ] funny uh riff yeah Um Tomorrow [Music] Already Tomatoes readying up or what’s going on Here Let’s go dancing radio bro [Music] Yeah we uh we definitely missed paths

Last night and I tried to jump into your lobby and you Had a format And then I got an invite from you five Minutes after I [ __ ] got off dude I Dude I wish you would uh message me Um I don’t know if you did message me But I really wish you’d message me then You know damn well I drop whoever I’m Playing with him to play with you guys Because you guys are friends on PS4 Well I didn’t have my thing on so the First thing I got from you was like from Three hours earlier or something and I Tried to jump in and it said that you Had four people in there plus like I was Getting messages with that one dude and I didn’t know if he was crying or what The [ __ ] his deal was so I was like all Right I’m just gonna stay out of that Mix and then By the way I thought you knew but Uh Uh technology Because I don’t remember him being Him the dancing Tyler has always been Arctic tomatoes Uh Dante is Dante’s name on place or um Or um YouTube is Dante and Kyler but on The game it’s always been Arctic Tomatoes [Music] Yeah I uh did not know now I do so here We are Dante let’s [ __ ] the Rockets

Better be ready to kick some ass man Let’s do it And then great meme in my chat is the Other guy that we’re playing with the Mew I don’t have my computer great no you’re Fine you’re totally fine great meme is Mew I’m using this game are great news to do It on PS4 Got it well boys let’s get after it I will warn you and I will say it’s on Stream because I think they both know it Great meme isn’t all that good and Dante Already warned us that he’s not playing Too hot either [Music] Yeah exactly exactly No man I uh Kudos from Dante Pretty close killer Dude my [ __ ] throat has been Destroyed machine Um he’s gonna kill her Oh great map good for lockers All right boys save uh hop on a locker Pray to God I’m nearby Bully yo I [ __ ] love for it Pop in main Locker if you need to [Music] Foreign Oh that’s [ __ ] awkward that wasn’t Supposed to happen that was a part of The plan

That’s warden’s Keys up the ass holy [ __ ] there’s a quick ass reload [ __ ] that might be ammo belt with Wardenskies [ __ ] me that was a quick ass Reload I’m in the killer Shack sounds like you Guys are coming my way oh yes we are Come on Bob I want to run And Bernal [ __ ] Oh my God you’re so [ __ ] weird You’ll have to kill this Foreign I’m not still pretty much right where it Was all right Caesars so no call [ __ ] me Not too bad not it went down a little Bit but I wouldn’t say that I thought That he had anything him hop in the Lockers in Maine if you need bro brother You coming up here Even though the [ __ ] other dog feed Up here and you’re probably pissed off [Music] I love getting [ __ ] caught on a Stupid ass lamp oh my [ __ ] I Um God this map is so [ __ ] trash All this stupid little Nixon [ __ ] that We can get caught on is [ __ ] Outrageous You better be mending bro I was just Gonna say the same exact [ __ ] thing Man [Music] So [ __ ] frustrating like oh my God

This map Haddonfield and [ __ ] uh Garden Of Joy all the same [ __ ] Maps Because they’re all new dude y’all do The exact same [ __ ] [ __ ] [Music] How about give me a [ __ ] outdoor map That doesn’t have the swankiest [ __ ] Hitboxes how about huh God I’d love that Oh this says this guy is so cjable hold On watch this [ __ ] I’m gonna see this Man Foreign We don’t have a burning we’re doing [ __ ] FML In general it might have to be your Thing but if he picks me you gotta go Get the safe All right well but I’m gonna heal up Oh you have a med kit oh yeah that’s a Good time then Dante might be able to Pull me That’s not edgy isn’t it He’s going towards Dante How do you know I’m not boy he’s not gonna [ __ ] Locker soon though Was it worth it uh doctor Was it worth it If they change Locker timing again I’m Gonna be a salty little [ __ ] Oh guys there’s a [ __ ] death look at Uh Three Gems let’s go more I’d like to not be on death like this [ __ ] early

I’m mauling right now I’ve not hit a [ __ ] save in like a Hot minute and it’s been pissing me off Because I’ve had like the easiest [ __ ] angles so I’m going towards main Building he’s going towards uh Someone Crouch right now all right I’ll Get saved me you gotta heal me bro Kill me bro How the hell are you heal me so fast Yeah what do you got Med kit no I got a Flashlight is that Bonnie desperate Maybe Oh my God are you able to grab doctor Which I’m not I can go for it now never mind I’m going For it Boys I need you guys to hop in [ __ ] Lockers dude I say hot blocker I mean like a locker That I can save from too not like just Some random ass Locker Is he on your chainsaw I’m gonna take him to the killer Shack That’s a tough Locker for me to save From I’m not worried about you saving I’m Trying to get you guys healed up by time Dante [ __ ] left me right away he ran A long way around the other way oh my God he lost I’m running this pretty wild Uh he’s probably gonna be heading back To you guys dude I can’t [ __ ] here

Hold on To be frank there’s a terrible [ __ ] Spot because I cannot see where the hell He’s at I can’t see oh my God I can’t save you From that [ __ ] Locker dude Foreign Boys Lockers with an edge like this I can Actually get a [ __ ] angle on like Right here dude lock us with an edge Right here bro I can save you guys from That if you guys are on a locker that Has an edge to the side like a wall I Cannot save you there Arctic is off though Yeah I’m almost done with another gen Dude Foreign [Music] If you hop in those middle lockers bro I Can save you from those if I’m there You are so greedy for those Dude I [ __ ] hate the double reload Add-ons look at this [ __ ] out of the Speed Edition That’s where these keys I don’t think That’s ammo I think that’s just wardens But [ __ ] that reload Oh did I really am nice Dante brother Common Sense somebody’s in There you go thank you Appreciate it [Music]

I can say from these lockers as well so You know But I’ll save you from the ones and man Now we got them up My chin is almost done man Um I got resilience improved by software Is your Jenna in track or no No match right where you went down Damn it dude I’ll go for it Like literally 95 96 97 Ready to go In front He knows it too he’s gonna go right back To it okay oh the one like in the jungle Gym that you’re hooked up Oh man you’re running right oh [ __ ] Gotcha right that lock that lock that Lock I can’t Maybe try to pop it for yourself if you Can oh he’s gotten someone injured off Oh God Dante finished the gym not me not me not Me not me go for the Gen You’re not gonna be able to get this oh No [ __ ] shot now he’s playing you Might you I’m full Oh my [ __ ] god Dante You gave me time you got unbreakable or Not no [ __ ] sake all right over here he’s Staying over here he’s picking me up No there’s not 95 [ __ ] This guy is playing so [ __ ] nice

Right now I love you Thank you It’s so [ __ ] close Yeah you got adrenaline or no No I got you holy [ __ ] [Music] I’m grateful nope yup you’re off let’s Go run for our [ __ ] gate hopefully he Commits to me Just [ __ ] run outside map look up on The walls I got a man Fine just Get out bro I did you go down I got low profile dude That [ __ ] this guy ain’t fine That connection is complete AIDS bro Oh it’s [ __ ] go ahead and play that Window like a goddamn God I’m at the Door behind big building Oh Yeah what are you gonna mind getting There buddy Behind big building I’ll see what I can Do I don’t have enough on my meds fully Heal either that’s fine All right I’m going I’m going I’m going To just miss a shot I just missed a shot Foreign Beautiful [ __ ] shot dude [Music] Heading out on me you [ __ ] I Juiced your Ass just get out

Uh whatever Just got out it’s yeah fine no just Killed man he [ __ ] got me whenever I Bought enough [ __ ] time given he Played really nice though in the end Game he pretty much let us have your Escape for free Can you pretty much let you get out for Free dude I mean you could easily slug My ass Oh yeah Yeah he’s really threaded the needle on My shot though it was a beautiful shot By him no doubt I got greedy to get Around the corner because I thought I Was around the corner and he [ __ ] Shot me Tough tough tough Juju Epic though I can’t really be too salty At that Oh yeah thank God he’s got out right Away he had water in deadlock uh Liesel And BBQ and it was wardens was something Else that was not double reload For what Oh Yeah blankets off here man so I gotta Get those washed up now I’m gonna be nice you’re gonna let her Cuddle I thought they said I was sorry About that right I don’t know what You’re sorry for dude fine Hmm I love our community that guy wasn’t

Even that [ __ ] good he just Instafired almost every shot which is Good for Council but We got a good map we also got like [ __ ] That’s a we got a good map it’s also Like a good map for Slinger Slinger can win almost all those Pilots If uh played properly and the map is so [ __ ] open so that’s tough Only downfall that map is how large it Is it’s only real downside to it how Many more are you gonna play chainsaw Because I’m probably gonna go when you Go Um I’m good here for another one at Least no you’re good bro Okay I was just saying I just did three in the morning I mean you understand that but like he Wasn’t done on hooks so like it’s not it Wasn’t the end of the world like we Ended up getting him out in the end I think he’s picking me up in its own Way was kind of smart I guess I don’t Know Second floor and then hops on the locker Like bro I can’t save you I need an angle bro I can’t save you off Of the wall I wish I could but I can’t Well I can’t hit through [ __ ] walls Bro I’ll tell you that much Nobody can save on those poles dude it’s

Gotta be a lock of that yeah you can Just hit from you know That’s not a locker I can hit from bro Um I might bring adrenaline this game if People can stay on gems I think we’re Gonna be fine You know like that’s just a big thing For us But dude there’s got to be like a space Next to the thing so I can Okay understand at a locker If it if there’s space for me to lock or Save think about the locker being the On the Zero axis right Locker’s a 90 Degree angle you got to get to like the 45 degree angle of the locker to get a Save if that makes sense [Music] Okay I am sorry I am not go to guide this Game oh dude no it’s fine I’m just Trying to let you know that’s why I’m Telling you now Foreign I mean that’s why I’m just telling you Now dude you’re fine Too so I can hop in the lockers super Fast On with that on Yeah I’ve been running since uh Lightweight build with the low profile Oh you seen coconut on that ship yeah Bang so I’ve been putting quiet on Instead it’s only real good I feel like

With um on indoor maps Click off in yeah I really want corners Yeah I’m sure light weights I kickass Race Looking lovers Oh my God that lag anyone else see that Or get that Uh Dante is probably gonna go down here I think I can say from this Locker [Music] That’s late Oh nice oh he’s got Franklin’s that’s Why I was so [ __ ] like he’s got Franklin’s bro Yeah dude not that a brand new part Scraps and uh commodious dude [ __ ] FML All right I’ve already picked it up I already Picked it up Foreign Also try to refrain from going down on Walls too guys come on now Uh doctor your toolbox is exactly where You dropped it right uh Right here bud Yeah if I see this doing click on the Top of my buddy I will drop my [ __ ] Flashlight ain’t no way I’m letting this Dude get it for free Oh God Are you dropping down I’m assuming Foreign ER

Oh well Here Number Franklin’s bro Oh great [ __ ] hit type thing Good stuff I am I am Okay I’m gonna pop into a locker here [ __ ] I don’t know if I can sleep from Check Locker he’s leaving he’s leaving He’s got overcharge by the way He didn’t lose you he just kicked Jen And left He hit me I got homeboy after the hook I Picked up Oh nice Hang out on that gym I’m gonna go try to Help our team out I don’t know where anyone’s out though So time to run the middle now so I can’t Help you out either blonde I’m not there Dante Dante try to not go down uh in lockers If you do not see me around okay If you don’t see me don’t hop Locker if You have to go down try to go down mid That’s all I ask Like if you do not see me and I’ll try To [Music] Thank you Blessing Oh that’s [ __ ] true You want me to heal you sir Bro we don’t have to run

All right I’m Not here Bradley you won’t stop running Away He’s on Dante Oh My [ __ ] flashlight And that still [ __ ] connects to me I’m crying right now my Beamer’s on Second floor next to a drop off I don’t know if somebody sees it David Curl Up Look around it’s on edge oh dude knows On a drop off James I think you can grab it for me Second floor drop off Yeah it’s fine Edge dude Got it thank you You ever will make it David ’s going down and I can’t do [ __ ] a Thing about it he’s got Franklin’s I’m gonna go for my flashlight If I had I [ __ ] you not an extra three Seconds not even three like two seconds Second and a half I would have made it Like one second of running and I could Have been there Like one I don’t have enough position FML All right I’m running towards someone That I see that’s on a generator we need To have a reset hoping it’s Dante Because Dante’s death Arc Yeah I’m fine I’m over here buddy

Um Let me just heal you bro and then you Can oh he’s got sloppy picture Maybe Mrs skill check I’m gonna run in For Save if I can On us on us on us [Music] Shaq’s Still Standing I should be fine No pop Dude [Music] I couldn’t find my [ __ ] flash on my Flashlight’s all the charges [ __ ] rip Man I’m looking Dante’s finishing the gem I know Uh foreign Uh foreign Pop yours and try to double up with me Yeah yeah Uh I don’t know did we ever pop Mane I Don’t know if we did or not Okay I’m being saved right now my Flashlight’s [ __ ] gone do not have Blockers anymore go down out in the Middle Because my flashlight’s gone just go Wherever you can We’re just gonna rip the Band-Aid off And we’re just gonna double up on this Gen Re Brazilians improve myself it’s making This gen fly right now

And [ __ ] Uh likewise ours is on 85 and we got Prove itself resilience I did not have either one of those Awesome things [ __ ] get out of here Dante we gotta go Dante’s killed himself oh come over There I’m gonna go I’m doing I’m gonna Do this other janon circus Right here So wild How to make that oh my God I [ __ ] Hate this ritrocious pig Like why the [ __ ] am I 10 feet off of The [ __ ] window Dante save your boy you know it’s fine [ __ ] this game God damn it dude Actually salty as a [ __ ] It’s fine the Gen back he’s got cold Running over charge we have the shot on 85 and that’s all the way down the [ __ ] 40. I see you’re starting God Damn it dude the fact I’m using a Resilience and I still get my ass [ __ ] bent over and [ __ ] like a dog Jesus man That’s so atrocious not in a [ __ ] Close game like that either man not in a Close [ __ ] game like that God damn it Thanks dude thanks for throwing me out Bro

[Music] Got my [ __ ] decent just oh Inferiorates me sometimes Don’t get mad at a lot of things in this Game I’m really [ __ ] patient but oh My god when it comes to my [ __ ] Internet You [ __ ] 80. Dude no it’s [ __ ] fine I should have Made the [ __ ] window dude It’s just sad that I know my pain that [ __ ] well where I have enough Distance God damn Okay 80 a [ __ ] month for internet I Still get railed every time in a simple [ __ ] online game because my thing is Ass Let’s go chainsaw get that hatch They’re [ __ ] if you don’t because it’s A Wraith [Music] That’s perfect take the smack notes fun Run back towards circus I see it a lot At Circus Beautiful time to get slapped Can I just listen for that circus I’ll Stay quiet [Music] Juju oh there it is nice I’m [ __ ] lucky I’m jealous of that thing The fact that I’m more distance than you On that window and I still get [ __ ]

I’m luckier Enjoy that 12 seconds done buddy God Knows you [ __ ] deserve it [Music] When he’s using quick and quiet Everybody still slow watts in the locker I don’t even want to go into the locker I just like accidentally hit some money I thought about basketball did but I Didn’t think I had pretty quiet You know how much better you know you Know how much better I think I could be At this game if I could [ __ ] hit my Um Windows properly like if I didn’t Have 120 to 10 ping every [ __ ] game How much better I could be Oh dude I swear It’s just so noisy because where I live Right now Like where I live is just oh my God I really have like one or two like Wi-Fi Uh Wi-Fi um carriers around us and the One I’ve got makes me feel like 80 bucks For like the Premium plan and their Premium plan is still [ __ ] [ __ ] Yeah I mean we have we have Century Links and we have a charter and if you Don’t have a charter good luck Yeah dude I think we’ve got CenturyLink too So people my dude Got that Shack palette checked let’s go Next when I get [ __ ] railed through a Window that I shouldn’t be getting like

[ __ ] over from it’s just annoying dude Like there’s nothing more in this game That infuriates me when I get outplayed Because of [ __ ] ping you know Dude it just rubs me the wrong [ __ ] Way oh it wasn’t even called Brian it Was Surge and overcharge sloppy Franklin’s [ __ ] dude it’s just annoying Nothing I hate more in this game Again like I keep telling people like I’m so patient with this game I don’t like that profile I don’t know I’m probably gonna watch it looks like a Good movie See there’s different animations when You should be like if you’re just Beginning to Vault it or something and You get smacked Dwayne Johnson Clearly made it through the window it Took a step And then [ __ ] bam I get hit I had a Really nasty [ __ ] clip where I um We’re on top of Ironworks and misery on Macmillan and um we were on the uh Inside uh catwalk if that makes sense And um The window was closest to the um the Inside of catwalk if that makes sense Right and the door is blocked there so This dude had to like use his power to Go through because it was a Wesker right So I take this window and I am outside Out on the outside [ __ ] catwalk and I

Go down I shoot you not By getting it through the window like I Got Like I was running this dude clearly Missed me and I took like four steps got Outside of the back or outside balcony And then it says I got hit and I’m like Are you [ __ ] kidding Nothing tell me that’s a joke Yeah and dude at that point Dante is Just coming down to [ __ ] desync Which is [ __ ] embarrassing uh why am I getting it why am I getting all my Characters red When I didn’t have them before the Update Um I don’t know [ __ ] but now you’re Making me chicken now for everybody Um did I give you my PS4 account info or No For everybody or no So Um Kate now at the red background [Applause] Nia had the red background white red Background and Adam Is over So I don’t know Weird Yeah Let me check to see if I did no I did No that doesn’t Because you know I didn’t rank my knee

Up until I have to work so my idea has a [ __ ] full blood red background now I’m jealous Well prestigious Union after the update Though was it six Or no Uh no what was it Nine I mean like when the proceed when the Prestige thing just [ __ ] happened Like what was your knee was it three was It six what was it Oh like I never peace reader oh Jesus If at least one of us can escape this Round it’d be a success nah dude I mean Not really that I just feel like people On guns we should be able to get out Like me without you saying [ __ ] it and You’re giving up and running to the Killer I know dude I’m too busy trying to tell All these guys with flashlight saves I Should be on a gem myself Seriously dude that is [ __ ] speaking Facts if you’re sitting on a gen we are Going to get out and if I go down The problem is He wants to bring [ __ ] objects so I Can like keep aggro on these guys Because that wraith wasn’t that [ __ ] Good no he wasn’t Inside Yeah dude I mean even if you just see me

Around you better know I’m telling you If I see him by me Yeah dude I mean understand if you see Me like when you’re fully healed and You’re in Chase I’m most likely tailing You right so if you see me at like any Point like someone nearby following you Chasing the killer after you understand I’m probably tailing so I’m probably There with you One of these guys are gonna hop in a [ __ ] Locker that I can’t save from Some like like a non-savable locker I Swear to God Nah but all I’m saying is if you guys Are going down try to go down off the Walls and try to go down like in the Middle or in a locker if you see me Right If you guys don’t see me might as well Go out in the open because I’m probably Running to you as as we speak you know Type [ __ ] And there’s a better chance of me saving You when you guys are on the open Because there’s a chance that he faces Towards me You did you did hell yeah pop off And I saved you from that Locker Oh [ __ ] I don’t know man Cool Tower doesn’t have a lot of savable Lockers on it [ __ ] All right so these ones here are savable

Right these ones here and these palette Only jungle gyms these are savable Um okay this one here is savable this One’s savable this one Oh is that an eagle I think so That’s a Mikey Mikey Mikey behind you Behind you [ __ ] right there Move your fat ass who’s on that gen David Get your get your hot ass off that Jed Just [ __ ] on me Dave is gonna [ __ ] Foreign Oh this guy is heavy stalking David Caught off line of sight buddy he is Stalking you Got offline of sight please bro Oh I’m dead GG Now [ __ ] you guy Trying to get [ __ ] really out of me Ah Dude this guy’s got some juicy [ __ ] Add-ons crying right now I need you guys a hot block is because It’s probably tombstone There we go Nice Shot boys Oh that’s not a good time for a skill Check Yeah look up for me baby let’s go big Boy Dude he’s got some juicy [ __ ] add-ons Dude this man’s been stalking everyone For a minute yo Expect double iridescent add-on

Even if I’m not there hop lockers this Guy will more you oh my God I’ll give a [ __ ] if I’m not there Oh I’m not getting that angle [ __ ] Crying That’s bam oh my [ __ ] that’s bam Get out can I fly this side oh dude We’re [ __ ] dead oh I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead That’s Superior anatomy and that’s bam Oh my [ __ ] God oh my God and let’s Play with your food what the [ __ ] No it’s not even it’s double bro I’m Calling you it’s [ __ ] double right Now oh my [ __ ] The sphere Anatomy that’s bamboozle and That’s [ __ ] uh play with your food oh My God homie is flying Foreign Oh dude I had a [ __ ] Myers the other Day use one of those uh injections he [ __ ] just flew right back to me man It was [ __ ] hilarious My Jen’s almost done he’s [ __ ] up hop Locker David Ow Es him oh you think I’m [ __ ] playing Either oh [ __ ] no you think oh no you Think I’m getting [ __ ] more though Hell no I’ll make your ass swing make Your ass lose your [ __ ] play with Your food stacks Going the [ __ ] way you [ __ ] wild As [ __ ]

Everyone know if it’s Fizz open or Closed that matters and I shall getting That gen done hop lockers this is closed I don’t know if it’s open or closed but It’s closed right now I don’t know if That [ __ ] matters but Hail to the [ __ ] no If you guys see this [ __ ] Terror Videos bro play immerse do not get found Laughs [Music] Do people want to come save me no um I Took this man an unhealthy amount of Time to get us two three Nope nope that’s fine that’s perfect it Doesn’t matter doesn’t matter Um it’s double infinite most likely So as long as we’re going to sit on Jones we should be fine and this is why Folks we bring a correct Intervention When playing Michael So we can get our 203 fast He’s going back That was the first one was pops He’s literally just face capping we Can’t do [ __ ] about this uh do it John This dude is so [ __ ] quick Corner map I don’t know He’s not he’s over by me Here’s heartbeat [Music] Foreign Body blocked the window because I phased Into him during my Vault [ __ ] FML dude

That sucks I default so be it let’s do something on Defip too Stay on the oh your name Morgan This album’s getting worried someone’s Getting worried at least he had Different burst Pop locker David hop Locker David don’t [ __ ] around David David’s in the fattest stuff oh that’s a That’s a three man Mori I’m lucky If it fight a lock here again Oh nice oh he’s mad Get out [ __ ] What in God’s name Actually lost don’t [ __ ] out dude if I If I have stuck there I would have been Moving back and forth another little Company Dude that’s funny Dude this man a triple Vault speed are You [ __ ] kidding Yeah play with your fruits appearing out Of me and [ __ ] not bamboozle fire up Caught my ass slacking hello Other foods like come on man I tried Dude hopped into a [ __ ] lock okay Dude no you guys need a pop lockers bro And it takes them that ungodly amount of Time to get tier three Right hop lockers because he’s got the More you bro oh my God you guys cracked Me up Oh that’s that was it for me boys

Yeah on the first one I’m just I don’t Know that one’s David me I’m off in a Locker bro that was your last one All right sounds good we’re gonna take It easy rest up What played [ __ ] zoned Yeah man we’re just so [ __ ] seven That’s all Peace out chainsaw take it easy Chainsaw didn’t even say hi to me oh I’m Crying about it Do you want me to join DC or not Actually I said when chainsaw dips I’m Gonna dip too so I’m gonna go play some killer My bad go with that I really should have Just hopped Locker instead of holding Out hope for outrunning him nah dude You’re good Nah dude he was No man you did good he actually made it Quite far but Dude unless you’re on Playstation [ __ ] No um policy games I guess tonight hell Yeah that was fun Zero Pips in the prestige or iridescent Three cool beans and now we can go to Kill her yeah if you want you can set up A party with me on PlayStation [ __ ] who’s this guy I’m sorry I’m talking to someone right Now Ruth want to know if he thought if I Thought he did good

No they just dude was wondering if he Thinks that I was doing good or that if You think he did good I said yeah he did Fine Um I said his hits were making me kind Of frustrated but other than that I Thought they were fine you know not now The upset over he said he’s doing good Not to tell him again I did fine Yeah no I mean right that a high mom are Super [ __ ] weak but I mean Again if you have people like you guys Who don’t really know how to counter him The best then yeah it [ __ ] it sucks Sucks to say the least but Soviet No the killer yeah I mean dude right This so [ __ ] weaker hey MMR He’s so add-on relain and you gotta pair His add-ons with his actual uh Mr or is your Survivor higher oh that’s A good question uh depends I think right Now my Killer’s hired because as Survivor I’ve been tanking my MMR like a Lot because I’ve been [ __ ] around With flashlights and [ __ ] Um I’d say usually though I feel like my Survivor my most higher especially if I’m playing with Swift If I’m playing with like my main sword For like a whole day then I swear to God My memory is going to be higher than my Killer in a less than a day but I think Right now currently my memory has got to

Be higher as killer I understand all really high MMR is and You guys could be a higher more too it Really does not take that much skill to Be at a high MMR all it really takes is Pre-dropping pallets and while you Pre-drop those pallets you have people On Jen’s constantly because that’s all What high MMR is as killer It’s not really good survivors It’s just people who breach out pallets Pre-drop is a bad word to say it’s more People who instantly drop pallets when The second you get there they can’t Pallets they pre-drop them or and they Just run around it once or twice and Then they drop you know They really don’t buy that much time but On most Maps you have plenty enough Pallets to keep pre-dropping you know It’s mainly drop a pallet and then W key Right that’s pretty much the big thing But I don’t I don’t know dude you logged a Bunch of hours and I haventik at the end Of the day it comes down to just Practice IV just been busy unfortunately I just can’t see how many hours I’ve Gotten this game kind of curious I’m bringing a toxic [ __ ] build so Hopefully these survivors aren’t too [ __ ] sweaty last game we played with A nasty 4K We’re gonna see this game all right let

Me look to see how many hours I’ve got I’m kind of curious Great I feel like I get worse when I get Home that was me with fortnite I [ __ ] You not that was hella me with fortnite Bull said how the [ __ ] do I only have oh There we go all right I have A hundred sorry let me do the math here How many hours I have on guitar in fact Seven I have just under a thousand hours In kitchen impact holy [ __ ] Uh let me log in on this account on my PS5 real fast TVs Okay I can just chill in a chat if you want With us after you [ __ ] where are my other [ __ ] hold On at you I’m talking to you guys where Are my other No [ __ ] shot those are my current Hours what the [ __ ] I thought it’d be up More I thought I was at four thousand I must have been at 3 000. um I’m Currently at 3 600 hours I thought I was At like 42. damn Nope currently at uh 3 600 hours that Means 3 600 and some change No dude you could you could sign a party With me if you want I don’t mind No you definitely started my party Hello I’d rather reinstall the app 3 600 hours and 150 days by the way what Do you mean 150 days

[ __ ] Because I thought I’ve been playing this game For like two years Oh 30 oh sorry 3 600 hours 150 days by The oh yeah I’ve got you Like that that’s like half a Year’s Worth of time three six zero zero yeah I was reading that wrong my bad I was Reading that wrong 3600 hours divided by 24. Was that half a year Jesus so 600 or 620 Or sorry 720 hours is what I [ __ ] Year spent on DVD that’s [ __ ] crazy I didn’t say and that takes one year to Match or that’s pretty much saying that It takes like a a year and a half doing Something straight repeatedly it’s a Mass or something That’s crazy [ __ ] Colony are one ugly bastard God Give me a kiss Well they say in one zero zero zero zero Means you can Master something right Look at the mechanics like a lot Got a pallet here not for [ __ ] sake Sad thing is I brought a [ __ ] Warrior This game and they give him the best [ __ ] Maps God this happens to me Every time I play [ __ ] clown I threaded the needle incorrectly Um it says power This is exactly what I’m talking about Though

Um like you have so much [ __ ] Distance and you Just Lose It by camping [ __ ] pounds and this is what all high MMR is Sitting on pallets pre-dropping pallets Or sorry not pre-dropping because Someone bitched about that camping Pallets For anyone And they played it like [ __ ] There’s a bad map for I think damn near Every killer literally because there are Triple the pellets on the spot than any Other map in the game triple read that Number or say that number again in your Head [ __ ] crazy a surreal amount of Pallets Crying right now because I can’t [ __ ] Leave this gem S In the eyes of DVD MMR corrects that’s Embarrassing because it shouldn’t be It’s [ __ ] sad and embarrassing that’s How my Memoir Works in this game Personally I feel like it should be Worked on literally everything like we Have like mechanics in this game that Tell the um That’s all the developers how much um How much of everything down to like the Single blood point S and funky that’s my palette Yeah we have mechanics in this game that Tell the um

That’s how the uh survivors how much Blood points you can get from down to Like the single drop of blood point And that aspect closed my [ __ ] blows my [ __ ] mind Adam’s on this one See my points Already fully healed by the way Foreign [Music] Now that one I understand dropping Because like I’m on your ass right Now when I totally understand having to Drop Hmm That’s embarrassing [ __ ] shame Like look at this Hahaha Are they not in the locker Nope come here Foreign [Applause] Hooks already just is Crazy to me She just dropped down [Music] Foreign [ __ ] healed And then why would you want to jump up There Foreign [Applause] Following my [ __ ] love you with a

Passion Foreign Flawlessly Foreign Foreign Hmm Foreign Oh [Music] Immaculate [ __ ] pathing by her Great [ __ ] pathing by her to be Honest Oh My God Well that’s how you [ __ ] play it 2km The game is very respectable I’m not Happy nor Sad about that I’ll take it That’s a very nice win for that map Very nice map very nice Uh win for that map I’m not upset about That Uh over hooks we got on two people Uh I think uh Lisa was very experienced That game At least it definitely seemed like the Best I don’t know I think I never really Chased Adam and Ayden here were pretty easy to Chase Because it had predictable aestheticity I had [ __ ] uh Head on for her exhaustion [Music] Police say the mapping one at the end

I’m sorry Not very good team though Again maybe getting someone out a bit Sooner I mean given we were going for More easy game we could have definitely Um Could have definitely um Won that map if uh we weren’t I wouldn’t Say we would have won but I think we Would have been able to be staying that Match for a bit longer if we didn’t go For more even if we went for hooks Would I make for food just some Breakfast uh Jimmy Dean sandwiches with Some uh [ __ ] What I have to check I can’t remember Some milk or water can you remember one Or the other That in these good old totally Nutritious Um Cuff drops Popping one now Delicious Is it sausage sausage egg and cheese on A croissant We had biscuits too but I prefer For a breakfast sandwich What flavor are the cough drops variety Pack [ __ ] a variety pack Strawberry trap fruit watermelon No no well played bro Not a killer man but we uh [ __ ] around With killer

Oh yeah because you need that I know Like I was trying to make a joke out of And you already like predicted me I don’t really say it was solid we Haven’t really chase them all that much Because he was their obsession We’re just [ __ ] around this clown Right now For that map I think I did very well Considering every [ __ ] palette was Pretty dropped Oh man I hate saying Lisa was probably the best One on the team I hate saying that when She was like pre-dropping and camping Every [ __ ] palette but Her pathing with no Pals was pretty [ __ ] immaculate it was really solid He actually had a bite time Especially with camping pallets like you Said Son of a jokes you make yeah That map has triple the amount of houses For any other map it just burns trying To Burn’s trying to play seriously on it With clown is just very difficult Especially when I usually run save or Not save sorry especially when I tend to Run them uh or Surge and that map would Have been amazing for search Damn [ __ ] tough [ __ ] tough But they played great can’t really be

Salty at that We took off cheap gym let me run out of Something nicer Sticky bottle Plus we gotta get our killer up dude I Mean our survivor’s already iridescent Makes no way Nah dude I mean what year are you Erie What three is Survivor [ __ ] is about Time we work on killer plus I’ve been Playing Survivor all [ __ ] day I’m gonna take a break so what made you Wanna play clown though I am actually surprising enough I um Back when I first started playing Wasn’t on Christmas time Or it was around blight Christmas time So it was right when Blake came out There a little bit before I remember one Of the coolest games I seen was Krampus And the clown skin for Santa I’m like Dude no [ __ ] way so when I saw the Clinton So when I saw that you know I played I Used clown and I um I use clown and Um I tried them out and I really liked His uh bottle mechanic at the time there Was no haste bottle for him it was just Um It was just slow down bottles and Honestly just the placement aspect of it How you have to place them in certain Spots you know that you know survivors

Are going to run to Me it was just a [ __ ] amazing I love That like Sticking a hood scheme Oh there’s one for Trapper here I can Show you No there’s one for a Trapper but yeah Don’t mind my [ __ ] default looking Trapper it’s when I usually run for 1V Ones Uh yeah no but we got Krampus A little knapsack of Horrors but I got Krampus and then you’ve got for the Clown which was one of my always Favorites Um Let me find my little sexy boy The skin is cool I was seeing somebody Run have you seen Uh no I have not I seen someone run this Headpiece I think it I think it was this Headpiece The [ __ ] uh that big ass nose and Then I seen them running it on this Outfit and I thought it was the funniest [ __ ] [ __ ] ever and I love that outfit Sense And after I saw I’m like you know I Think I want to play clown you know That’s what I said and I um That’s what I said and I um I play this clown and I and I just like The aspect of it and I kind of like the Same thing about Freddy at the time with

Like Freddy you had to use his pools of Blood in certain Loops you know But the issue was with Freddie a lot of People W keyed What do you mean the costume uh this one But for now to get those costumes I Don’t have that your insurance nor the Money No dude I mean yes Ethan don’t [ __ ] Jizz your pants I liked Freddy out of Time because I liked his thinking ahead Mechanic how you had to place pools of Blood at a corner of a loop and try to Make survivors run into it slowing them Down If they try to run around it then and Just give you more time why does the Coolest costume for killers Probably Krampus I [ __ ] you not it’s Probably Krampus You have this skin and by far it’s Probably the coolest one That are neither belated variants you Know this is his blighted version This one’s very nice Put on you because you like Freddy now That’s why I can hate on you But no you’ve got Krampus which I think Is probably one of the coolest skins If we move down though I think trickster Has a ton of amazing skins Um this all these are [ __ ] beautiful To me You know sorry that one’s not that good

But this one is great you know This one is me This one’s great this one’s great I Don’t know dude like trickster’s got a Lot of great outfits but really it’s Just on your preference you know I do But by far think that the uh or [ __ ] me You’ve got um The [ __ ] set which is the mordeau of the Birch witch and The looksie the looksie is a very nice Kid as well So This one’s pretty good too This is how I’d want doctor to look if He was recreated in the game this is how He should look this is an actual like Legit doctor Yeah so let’s see [ __ ] amazing I love That little uh that short video that [ __ ] TV made that was a great show [ __ ] yeah I love that skin but no like For instance I got clowned at the time And when I played him I really like the Aspect of having to place your bottles At the corners or some [ __ ] try to slow It on the Survivor so you can catch up To them and hit them fast enough Uh probably the one where he’s dripping Gasoline and pretty much set a flame Constantly it’s [ __ ] badass Um Disagree But no it’s like

Give me the game or [ __ ] Larry’s once And I will start using that bar thanks For the whole [ __ ] night on killer Watch me I’m trying to think if it would be a Great [ __ ] killer for that map damn Brutal ill go cry in the corner that is Not really but okay Uh [ __ ] [ __ ] What about Larry yes they’re giving me Larry’s and the game a ton tonight So what I might do is I might switch to Someone like Ghostface or someone like Onrio who is going to be [ __ ] great On that map because I’ve been getting a Ton tonight if they keep giving it to me I’m going to switch Killers because that Or unless I bring a [ __ ] map off Because I will not put up with it I’m Not getting sent to [ __ ] Larry’s of The game over and [ __ ] over because Both those maps are [ __ ] terrible Terrible For me I should play doctor I don’t mind doctor I feel like doctors kind of add on Reliant though I feel like In my opinion one of his best buildings I’m not gonna lie And use the build you did before in this MMR Twins which is this

Um A silent dock or whatever or whatever Oh I know what you’re talking about dude I don’t have the [ __ ] add-ons for That dude you see my doctor level zero I’ve got no add-ons I’m not saying doctor’s add-on Reliant But dude he [ __ ] sucks without Add-ons Doctor’s a great [ __ ] killer to play Though in my opinion love this [ __ ] Guy Oh excuse me what the [ __ ] How to Heart it what the [ __ ] [Music] Oh excuse me sorry I had a heart attack There [ __ ] Be cruel to see on high MMR in my Opinion oh [ __ ] Stretch res [ __ ] I don’t know pretty much it’s just loud Ass tear it is a doctor no biggie people Played The [ __ ] No [ __ ] Damn it No um I feel like people run impossible Healing doctor all the time which is Pretty much just [ __ ] distressing Unnerving presence coolrophobia with [ __ ] sloppy Butcher and the ring Double calm and then they bring a double Calm add-ons that’s [ __ ] annoying Pretty much makes it impossible to

[ __ ] heal and at that point doctors Just busted because you’re growing up Against a plague pretty much only Someone who’s anti-loop which is [ __ ] Horrendous to the highest level Um Mm-hmm What the [ __ ] is getting me tweaking Debate if we were on save or not I don’t Think save is needed though maybe we’ll Bring pain rescue some some wild [ __ ] Dante don’t make fun of them Um That’ll bring painters of it [ __ ] it Because it is ironic All right we’ll go with this doctor Build it’s this is a pretty [ __ ] meta Build I’m not gonna lie to you I thought I was running add-ons maybe it’s Coordinates would be a tad bit better I Actually really like discordance or Whispers too Um I’m not making fun of him I’ve never Heard this before Matter of fact I think I will run the Scoring and [ __ ] it why not Discordant is [ __ ] great with a Doctor in my opinion So this is the build we’re gonna go with It just Rhymes so I said it I’ll be honest I haven’t heard the word Oopsie in [ __ ] forever That’s what you [ __ ] think You know how much information get on

This Then we’re at the [ __ ] start Dante of Every match you’ve ever played how many Times do you double up with someone at The start of the game at a generator How many times have you spawned next to Someone and you both hop on the same [ __ ] generator boom discordance [ __ ] You over How many times have you been trying to Run prove myself with someone oh [ __ ] Let me hop on the generator with you Because I’m already improve myself oh [ __ ] Discord this products uh oh what Now uh oh it’s just like so many people Would like to double up to try to commit To the last [ __ ] gym there’s like a Super [ __ ] nice This is by far one of my I know I don’t run it but it is by far a Really great perk well That’s what you think not many people Bring prove that stuff in solo queue And still try to double up not even Swift dude I feel like Swift’s actually Don’t double up on gems I feel like Swift’s [ __ ] bring Stakeout hyper Focus That’s because half the time no [ __ ] Pressure gens I chase people fly Pressure exactly that’s what Swifts do Solo queues tend to just double up dude And just [ __ ] genresh Solos tender pretty much buy time pretty

Drop every [ __ ] power I got three Guys on separate guns [ __ ] popping Them all at the same time so by the time You end a [ __ ] 60 to a 90 second Chase boom three gyms are getting done At that Pop pop pop pop At the same [ __ ] time it’s super Annoying Luckily I hope these guys are not that [ __ ] good because I am not that good At doctor I definitely need to play him more Foreign S going Nope [ __ ] skill issue That’s a great [ __ ] add-on on doctor The plate mask I’ll run this one I like the plague mask I like the plague Outfit I’m not really a huge fan of this One but I feel like every scumbag from Here to his mom’s house runs um Skin Yeah maybe Oh no dude if I ever got into doc which I may later down the line because I’ve Always liked this power I uh concept and I always thought that he was a great Anti-loop What do you mean is resistance and Purple a good add-on Like resistance is the name of the per Or that I don’t I assume and then in

Purple you mean the Rarity so what does Resistance do and I’ll [ __ ] tell you If it’s good or not Like what’s the main what’s whatever Yeah what does it do does it decrease The cooldown does it column is the one That increases your Terrace and lowers It I don’t know what the [ __ ] resistance Does Or class three I don’t know what the [ __ ] that [ __ ] does Well I can look after this game for you If you want to stick around Not too familiar with Dr Adam so I’m Really comfortable with is no one calm Because every [ __ ] scumbag runs it With impossible skill check Who I am here I am here as long as you Are oh that’s such a cap because I could Be here all night I don’t have [ __ ] work tomorrow great [ __ ] map for me holy [ __ ] it’s a Little it’s a little big for me but Anti-loop is huge on the spot I forgot I Keep getting this map of ton too Clown would be amazing on this map so Shame Oh see look at that discordance value What do you expect [Music] Foreign Ah I love greedy survivors

That’s a swift understand that [Music] Two people here that’s a valley out of My Park So good Foreign Good one That shouldn’t be a stun Wow nice Make her mend ES [Music] Walker’s safest Look at these guys throwing all because They’re trying to get gritty Nothing Everyone’s with flashlights right now And let’s [ __ ] over three of them shall We [Music] Oh God [ __ ] dumbasses dude that my MMR is This [ __ ] low it’s embarrassing How many thumbs they’re actually some [ __ ] decent it’s just so good and Greedy as [ __ ] apparently another note I Hit in a locker From that Shack palette No I’m not sure connected Oh oh this is breakout this is Breakout On that stupid Thanks [Music] Foreign

Lovely stuff Soul Garden I’m a salty little [ __ ] about that [Music] Nice going right for them To our little friend of Charlene [Music] Downstairs that’s a save at least Someone uh at least I went to second [Music] Save Foreign What the [ __ ] [Applause] Oh I’m boosted as [ __ ] Like what in God’s name is your bathroom We want to Vault that Don’t want to vote that Shane he’s gonna let you have it soon [Music] Smells [ __ ] common sense once you see It dude you’re expecting it to be a Swift and wife one’s got it you gotta Expect the whole team’s got it so at That point he’s gonna have PTSD with the Lockers that’s all what it really is man Nothing too difficult Uh she’s done right away so nice nice Not really oh really These guys just [ __ ] threw Unbelievably hard making the game super Easy in my favor I didn’t really get any practice with Doctor there dude all they did was

[ __ ] throw Let me say double tip but yeah look at This uh head on head on head on you know It’s what you gotta expect these guys Are a swift humble brat with the NBD mod Face with tears It’s common sense for me at this point You know you see one yeah look at this Exposed Circle Expo Circle [ __ ] me uh Unbreakable builds uh we got breakouts That we call that out too on Rebecca so I was wrong I thought it was on UE uh Soul guard we called that out too Um Rebecca was metal a man makes sense Um Stuff What does breakout do Um I’m gonna still be watching but not Talking uh when he was in six meters of A carrying Survivor you gained the hay Status effect for moving at seven seven Percent haste so it’s pretty much Running at the same faster than the Killer I don’t know secure layers at you uh the Carried survivors wiggle streets Increased to or by twenty percent Letting them wiggle out faster The bully build but it’s more like a [ __ ] around building more than a bully Build but still wait as a kid you just Gotta Expects it’s good for the bill that

They’re trying to pull off you know head On break out as pretty much to prevent Hooks you know someone should have been What about medal of man uh metal man is Where if they take three protection hits Then they’ll gain the endurance status Effect for until they either work on a Generator or something Okay but all right it’s gotten changed So once all right once after you take Three protection notes uh Metal Man Activates once activate the next Occasion that would put you in the dying State uh puts you in the injured state Or Makes you in the it pretty much gives You [ __ ] endurance okay what is the Definition of the protection hit in DVD Um if somebody’s on your shoulders and If you okay so let’s say if jono is on My shoulders and Rebecca has metal man If she takes a hit while Jonas up on my Shoulders that’s a protection a Protection hit is when you take a hit For somebody when like you’re behind Them and they take a a hit when a person That’s injured is in Chase if that makes Sense so if Jonah was in Chase and Injured and Rebecca comes up and I slap Her while I’m in Chase with Jonah and Jonah is injured and that’s a protection Hit it only works though if the person That I’m originally chasing is injured That’s the only time it works

Um Front Do an exponents you pick yourself up Faster off the ground so that prevents [ __ ] like slugging circle of healing is Meant for getting just resets Head on pretty much let you stun the Killer for three seconds Oh it’s [ __ ] scuffed that’s a bully Build but at the same time it’s more Like a [ __ ] around build because it’s Not really bullying These guys didn’t know how to lock her Safe so it wasn’t so bad I didn’t even See the three flashlights I’ll be honest So if you’re gonna use flashlights don’t Get [ __ ] greedy with them and solar Guard allows you to pick yourself up Circle of healing lets you heal yourself From injured to full State exponential Picks you up from the dying state to the Injured State and soul guard pairs with That because if you um Go from dying state to Injured Soul Guard will activate and it’ll give you Pretty much the endurance effect for I Think what is it like eight seconds or Something So Another time I’m extremely patient when It comes to that So you’re asking what does resistance do I’m done 19k points I can really get all that

Much I don’t play too much doctor I probably Should though okay so guard just gives Endurance pretty much for eight seconds Discipline calm restraint all right so Pretty much reveals uh survivor’s words For three seconds when their Madness Level increases whether it’s this would Be a great add-on if you pair it with Queen I could see that being extremely Good I like order personally order reduces The static blast cooldown Calm is probably my most used it’s Increasing the terror radius by eight Meters and when the static blast is Ready because static blast Is based on your Terror radius it isn’t Based on your um 36 meters it is based On your Terror radius so calm pretty Much increases your territoris when Static blast is ready so it hits further And when it’s not ready your iteratus Gets decreased by 8 meters so it’s Really nice when you’re trying to play Like stealthy builds Discipline which is another one of Probably my favorite add-ons when it’s Paired with the green add-on for it it’s Detonation delay meaning when you shock Someone with shock therapy and they run Through it and they don’t and they don’t Like Scream by it for like a good second And a half these add-ons decrease how

Soon they scream hey so why don’t you Have many survivors and most of the time I do solo Qs is approved myself moon Circle adrenaline and overcome good pee I like that build but not a solo queue Understand solo queue you gotta play Kind of selfish Circle Healing is good Because it can be worth a selflessly but I can’t mostly work for the team Adrenaline I don’t liken that build Because again you are so accused so You’re either gonna have teammates with A hand up their ass not doing [ __ ] the Whole game or you’re gonna have the Fattest chin rat shoes so it really Adrenaline’s a give and go you know you Can take it or you can take it off Overcome if that’s your most preferred Exhaustion perk then that’s cool you Know Um Honesty instead of prove myself I’d say Take that off and I’d probably run off The Record And then I’d say that build is fine you Know prove myself off for off the Record In case you get tunnled into solo queue Because you already know your solo queue Teammates No you really don’t the only real good Gen friendly perks he hands off the Record cim strapped for perks [ __ ] but I hope it comes up in the Shrine soon

Do you have this Arena or no because you Should really try to get off the Record Is the best I don’t have too many Survivors Well luckily for you this arena is not a Licensed character so you can get her With Eerie shards so I recommend you Start saving your shirts for her For off the Record Is on the record an amazing Survivor Perk pretty much old DS but better and Then instead of that I’ll say run Sprint Burst or yeah overcome works great but Understand with overcome I’d probably say for you I’d probably Say around Sprint burst right Sprinters works if you’re slugged on the Ground and then you get picked up and Then you sprinkles Off the Record uh Zarina Or cassia or some [ __ ] it’s like I don’t Even know Foreign First cause you had to walk so much Though no you really don’t that’s not How you use [ __ ] Sprint burst Oh my God it annoys me that’s how people [ __ ] play it too because it is the Most annoying ass [ __ ] that they can do I bring Sprint burst all the [ __ ] Time you don’t see my ass walking around The whole [ __ ] map no what you do With Sprint burst use it off the right Way to get to a gen unless it generally

Respond less than five feet from you That’s when you walk because then you Might as well save it but if there’s a Gin like a good meter away sprinters to It don’t [ __ ] walk there waste time Sprinters there Most of the [ __ ] time one of your Other teammates are getting chased Before you do so while you’re on that Gen unless they have fear Monger of Course so while you’re on that gen most Likely you’re gonna get your sprinters Back while you’re on that gen all right Understand that right Also the only real time I tend to walk Off sprinters when I’m in chase you know If a Survivor or if a killer is mind Gaming here you know better yet I’ll Just [ __ ] run I’ll run I’ll run you a Build that I would recommend all right Which would probably be Sprint burst or starting off with off The Record if you run off the Record you Don’t need iron will but we’re also Taking off Iron Wheel for another Specific reason Because iron will only works when you’re Not exhausted so sprinters literally Cuts it so I’d run these two perks Um resilience is free resilience is your Choice though So that’s fine It’s fine I can just [ __ ] solo queue My teammates are going to be wild in

Anyways they’re gonna be good and They’re gonna be [ __ ] dog [ __ ] either Or Hope is good but again that’s an end Game perk This is off the Record then we got Sprint burst then we got Boone circle of Healing nuts to help the team and Yourself but it can be used for the team So then you look like a good teammate Um Unbreakable is not bad too in a solo Queue Okay so you swapped adrenaline for noon For Boone yeah I mean that’s because I Don’t like running adrenaline or hope in Solo queue Unless you’re like a god tier Looper can Loop a killer for five Johns there’s Really no [ __ ] point Uh nope resilience gets not an extra Speed to repairing sabotaging healing Unhooking vaulting cleansing and Blessing and totem I don’t know it worked with blessing and Totem Nice But no resilience is a free perk I like It though because half the time I’m Staying my ass injured and especially With a boon you can heal whenever you Want so I think it’s good [Music] Yuri’s World welcome in it’s been a

While man I recognize that name Oh 59 I love to see that [ __ ] that’s Beautiful [Music] Beautiful stuff No but um You don’t really need resilience you Know I prefer it though it fits my play Style but really this last part can be Fit for whatever you want you know it Can be fit for Kindred because you’re in A Solo key so you won’t be able to come Out and unhook you it can be fit for Unbreakable because a lot of killers Like to suck for 4ks in solo queue Would that be something Um you can run Vigil for your sprinters really doesn’t Matter you can prove myself if you want I wouldn’t recommend it though Thanks Thanks It just works by yourself in a way yeah But I like for the window Vault speeds Um no but really this last part can be Whatever you want whether it’s Deliverance whether it’s borrow time Botany Um A boon another Boon of some kind uh dark Sense adrenaline I mean you don’t need Adrenaline but if that’s what your heart Desires and [ __ ] go nuts alert

I probably recommend Kindred most likely For you Because I don’t know again you’re low MMR like people could be just [ __ ] Hiding and too scared of the heartbeat So if you bring Kindred it could really Help tells people to uh It gives you nine percent extra spear Revolting windows so it’s nice plus my Dumb ass stays in injured for like half The [ __ ] game so you think I’d be Running adrenaline but I’m not Um no but um this is my build I’m gonna Run it though I really like sprinters With off the Record it’s one of my Favorite Duos to run Nah but sprinters can be taken off for Anything with its life I really don’t Prefer overcome but it can be great when You get value from it I mean overcome works great with um Great with um Boone You’re also bring botany too for boom as Well All right read it um once you’re Unhooked or you escape off a hook off The Record activates for 80 whole Seconds says perk and its effects are Disabled once exigates are powered so Once I guess it gets our powered say bye Bye right while it’s activated While um it’s activated your aura will Not be shown for the killer for 80 whole Seconds

Um grunts of pain caused by injury are Reduced by a hundred percent so that’s Iron Will for 80 seconds and then you Gain the endurance status effect for 80 Seconds it’s [ __ ] balls so the wall Is nice Foreign It’s [ __ ] something dude it does a Lot in this current [ __ ] meta it’s Great There’s really nothing to [ __ ] about Off the record with you know understand You can’t run Endurance on endurance so I highly do not recommend running that Hard with off the Record so whenever you See me run off the record most of the Time I’m running Sprint burst life Bounce Landing some [ __ ] like that Again I used to love after or or Overcome because my dumbass is to be the Guy to take a hit run away heal up take A hit or take a hit run away heal up Take a hit run away heal up you know Type [ __ ] but I stopped playing that Play style I started being more aggro in your face Being that annoying [ __ ] type but [Music] I don’t know how the game hasn’t patched This [ __ ] window glitch yet they did Like a whole 800 uh Millibyte [ __ ] Patch this morning They patched something that was an issue

Before but it oh yeah they they patched The stacking flashbangs Yeah right Oh no dude when you patch or when you Match overcome with moon and like botany And like maybe [ __ ] lucky break it’s Super [ __ ] good Or like bite the bullet Like some [ __ ] like that like medkit Bite the bullet Lucky break and overcome it can be nasty Notice I’m not [ __ ] walking to my Destination By the way Because right now look at this [ __ ] look At this [ __ ] I’m rooting the sword and Now my sprinters is already a quarter of The way back how [ __ ] nice is that Beautiful And now we’re running no time we’re not [ __ ] walking you know why because the Second we work on this [ __ ] gen look At our exhaustion it’s still [ __ ] Going down That’s under halfway killa’s not even [ __ ] us he’s ever made me like Jacking off like a [ __ ] [ __ ] It’s [ __ ] beautiful it’s so nice I’m sorry no don’t be sorry I’m just Trying to say um I [ __ ] hate how I see people walking With [ __ ] sprinters when they Shouldn’t be and wow look at that Sprint Burst already back

Guess who’s killer guess who the killer Isn’t on right now me Not really Um Oh My God Hold on She was not going to see our world Yeah They have it dude you didn’t see my um Damage oh it wasn’t Franklin it’s just a Green [ __ ] add-on it wasn’t Franklin’s there’s a green add-on I forgot to have a [ __ ] green add-on For that stupid [ __ ] Foreign Yeah that’s not Franklin’s [Music] But there you know I got greedy you know I’m so used to running dead hurt I just Got greedy there I’ll admit I should Just [ __ ] pre-jumped and kept going [Music] Also one of the reasons why I don’t like [ __ ] running um Foreign Get him spinning running for the Hills It was all off the Record still on so if They M1 me right now if they M1 me right Now I’m I’m not gonna go down right What are we gonna do we’re gonna Re-bless this totem I also like how they Changed the blessing totems now for Resilience that’s beautiful

No but we’re gonna bless this totem now We’re gonna go up top we’re gonna 99 Ourselves if killer starts coming over Here we’re gonna fully heal I’m just trying to give you a Play-by-play of what I’m thinking what I’m doing right Tap the Gen Make It Stop progressing no [ __ ] you gotta Claude So we’re gonna 99 healer stuff right Actually never mind We’re not gonna hear Myself because they’re sloppy butcher Work on the [ __ ] gym Work on the chin Oh my God these survivors [ __ ] kill Me Foreign Foreign Go take care of it Foreign Okay so she sees us [Music] Foreign [Music] There most killers are just going to Immediately break the pallet which is Why I like to use a flashlight so much We could have played that a million Times better and we didn’t But luckily we have all three of them on Gems [Music] What in the world Now we’re gonna yeah I was gonna say

We’re just gonna Sprint first because She’s got her [ __ ] power Now we’re gonna do something a little Bit scummy and it’s only because we’re On [ __ ] death Arc But we are gonna be bringing [Music] Foreign Uh yeah most likely just to help out the Team I mean that’s how everyone’s injured Right now when my totem was up everyone Was running to my uh Boone to heal up So what we’re probably gonna do is help Them finish this gen killer probably has Discordance oh tits up I guess you know Um Help them finish notice how sprinters is Almost back but not quite I am gonna Walk it off because it’s almost back All right but what we’re gonna do Is we’re gonna 99 hit and now we’re Gonna look for a gem Or not a jump sorry a totem There’s one there perfect right so we Come back here Bless his totem Sprint versus back You know it’s one of those things where I didn’t need to walk it off but it was More of like a safety precaution because I’m on death hook F killer all of a Sudden came up towards me with like Tinker or some [ __ ] I’m gonna want to Make sure I have my exhaustion because

It was so close to coming back so but Now we’re not gonna walk we’re just Gonna run we’re just gonna use it right Away Please notice on that blessing or how This time I didn’t bless the same [ __ ] totem because killer heard he Blessed totem twice in the same spot so If she hears me bless the totem for a Third time where did she where do you Think she’s gonna go go and look for it At the same [ __ ] spot I got done Blessing it twice at right so That’s why we want to look for a Different place to bless Unless it’s like a [ __ ] really good Like totem spot like for instance up on Second floor main building or something Where killer has to go so far out of Their way to go and kick it that’s the Only time [Music] I don’t know um sprinters is already Back from just us sitting on gems Claude Is here [ __ ] off go heal up in Boone I Don’t need you for moral support Boone Is like 10 feet away man thank you no Not even 10 feet five feet away please Let’s be efficient shall we Look your orange chicken healing yeah You guys can just kill each other while I sit on the gym If Boone was on the other half of the Map I probably was gonna heal her

Killer’s here with Furrow frenzy so I’m Just gonna Sprint first away if I can Killer is still on me so instead of like Pretty much trying to Loop close to her I’m just gonna keep wking so it can end Like that So to say that uh if I would say that That gold window it might have ended a Little bit sooner back welcome back Brother Usually I wouldn’t drop down there Personally but Force them to break the pallet run back This way hopefully they’re on the German Spot to pop any second now there we go I’m Gonna Keep [ __ ] running God damn It she wants me So we’re gonna do some crazy [ __ ] Pathing because we have the distance for It we’re gonna go all the way around Right just kidding Doesn’t go all the way around so we go All the way around right We still got good distance on her right So you keep going all the way around Just trying to bite survivor’s team Force the brink Go back to this door and it should be Open Praying that it’s [ __ ] open because If it’s not we are [ __ ] what took you So long lady [Music] [Music]

Now if this was how you want to play you Can just open up this door and get the [ __ ] out if you wanted to You know [Music] The door should be already been open but The survivors are in it oh yeah dude no I know my [ __ ] timing that door Should have been open by then I don’t Know why the [ __ ] it wasn’t I don’t know Why the [ __ ] it was only on one light by The time I got there that was [ __ ] It should have been [ __ ] open I Pretty much ran away they okay so Understand The air yeah I understand what I did There okay was discordance because there Was a baby Legion and it was this add-on During Pro frenzy from the second chain Hit owned or onward I hit survivors drop Their items it wasn’t Franklin’s it was That add-on but no understand Right Um when they finish the agenda together Right Um I shot Bandit no understand that um Uh Claudette should have [ __ ] been Running for the door right because uh She committed to me I don’t know and Neither none of them got hit with furl Frenzy so it’s not like they had to men They were probably just [ __ ] off Healing one another whatever which is

Fine but I ran around the shack twice it Takes 16 seconds to open up a door I’m Pretty sure like 16 or something like That but um I run around check or I run Through Shack that’s already like [ __ ] like 10 seconds right so when I Run to check from there right that’s Easily 10 seconds if they’re hiding in The bush now they’re out of it and they Should be working on the door I run Around backside of Shaq she doubles back So then we’re able to run around the Backside one more time and then we run Around the short side of Shack that is Easily a good 10 seconds right there Drop palette she forces the break and Now it’s now bugging it towards Thor That was another 10 seconds that was 30 Seconds I bought them to work on that [ __ ] door so unless there was like Some [ __ ] remember me and I was Obsession I wasn’t paying attention Which I don’t think there was that door Should have been open We’re doing but oh well You know we still got out in the end Okay Oh man What no You know that stuff uh Gigi’s well Played though No I just said a GG to my teammate Cracking about it and he’s um you Getting off because I assume you thought

I meant ggs and I’m getting off but no No that’s how to use that’s how I’d use This build Dante That’s just how I use this building I don’t tend to walk with Sprint first It’s very situational when I do Like if I know killers on my ass or some [ __ ] and I gotta like I gotta like spring burst away or Something But no most of the time understand If you would 99 your Sprint burst or Something you know what are you gonna do After you 99 sprinters run at the kill And take out girl no What you’re going to do when you have 99 Sprinters you’re most likely to go bless The totem work on a gen heal up your Teammate and at that point what are you Technically doing weighting off your Sprint burst you know so might as well Wait off that Sprint Burst when you’re Healing or when you’re on that gender When you’re blessing that totem which is Why I don’t tend to walk off Sprint First that much Unless it’s for like a safety precaution Like for instance being on death hug While no wind’s been hooked once so I Want to make sure my sprinters is [ __ ] 99 if I take Chase again because I gotta try to last as long as I can It’s very situational but Most of the time I’m never walking off

Sprint burst most of the time Because I can walk off sprinters when I’m on a gender or blessing a totem or Doing [ __ ] knows all you know It’s whatever though Glad we got off that last game she want To be tough Yeah dude I just hate how people think That they need to be running fixated or How they like vigil makes it even better Don’t get me wrong vigil makes it so Much better because then it comes back Within like I think 10 extra seconds Quicker so then it’s so much better to 99 and to use your Sprint person more But Foreign That’s why I get so pissed when I see People running Urban or fix it and when They’re running spring burst you know Especially when I say that they’re a Baby because they don’t know how to use Sprinters properly like if they’re Bringing thick SATA but they’re juicing Like in a Chase or something New stream please consider liking and Subbing yeah thanks Dante I think Everyone’s in here is a uh is the usual Knows how to deal with my [ __ ] Hmm Because they re-passive players Yeah that’s whatever One’s me and one’s used at least four

Left so probably people that are lurking People like Ethan great me and that’s Two more the last two people could be Literally anyone So I guess you’re right I mean people from previous games if That’s the case Gigi’s well played you Guys did Fabulous killer and Survivor All Into Oblivion fr O wait you just got done doing that or What Because if that’s the case in this job Dude I don’t know what the [ __ ] Ethan Does anymore dude like my man sleeps at Like what the time that I sleep like From like 10 in the morning to like four At night and then he’s like and then He’s awake in my shoes like the whole Night dude I don’t know when this guy sleeps when Or sorry I don’t know when he’s gonna Eat she sleeps takes a [ __ ] [ __ ] go To school I don’t know when he has time To touch grass it’s crazy I know nothing about Ethan in that Manner It’s nuts Hmm Terrible map What’s the main building’s got on this Map if it’s made right that is And you load in so fast That’s a blessed totem animation you can

Tell because her left hand is underneath And the other one’s up in the air plus Cleansing a totem like the only thing That makes sense plus cleansing a [ __ ] totem At work Now same thing here left or left hand’s On the knee because I’m blessing right If I’m cleansing both hands are on the Totem plus cleansing is way [ __ ] Louder right understand that I’m just letting you know bro some People don’t know in chat Apple’s blessing is so [ __ ] quiet What the hell did you just drop Why so little Should you bless a hex or no Depends on the hacks and depends where It is and depends where the Killer’s at [Music] Um if you know someone’s being chased Halfway across the map then [ __ ] yeah go Wild you know If it’s a killer like artist you’re Expecting pentimento you know they’re Running Dying Light or some [ __ ] with Plaything expectamento So if they if you know they’re gonna Have benzemenzo Especially So let me tell you something this guy’s Got fear Monger [ __ ] over my Sprint Burst you don’t see me walking off my Sprinters though I’m just gonna stand

The genome generous you know One of the biggest things I can tell you Is to never never ever get reliant on Your on your exhaustion perks okay Probably the biggest tip I can [ __ ] Give you because if you’re running Something like for instance in this case Um sprinters and he has fear Monger You’re most likely gonna see like maybe Three to maybe three at Max uses out of I’m walking here for um any traps Okay Um No it’s like with sprinters here for Instance against fear mongers so my Sprint person is pretty much [ __ ] Worthless right overcome is worthless And Sprint versus worthless if you have Things like that hard life balanced Landing it is worth walking off [Music] Yeah I’m sorry to hear about that Ethan That sucks Uh good Chase I had to wear a hard monitor damn bro Sorry to hear about that Actually should try to play something Down if I can I do not There’s a great boom spot we know we’re Three totems I got one over there one in Shack and one right here so this is Great for us Homie does have ruin though so It also we use the process of

Elimination to figure out where the Other uh hexes are So remember we have a boon over there The one that um Sorry to hear about that Um But um To figure out where this ruins at right We know that there’s a totem here that I Blessed you know you have thanks Totemetery blessed at the start of the Trial and we know that we have a hex or A totem in Shack right so most likely There are no more totems on this half of The map right because they try to evenly Spread totems on this map Um they try to put one in like every Corner and then the last one’s either in Middle or like close to another totem Hold on let me um should I finish this So most likely the tomys are gonna be Over there in that jungle gym or it’s Gonna be in Circus most likely in Circus But we’re gonna check over here I’m the [ __ ] I’m so blind I wasn’t even looking [ __ ] holy [ __ ] Trapper what is your add-ons [ __ ] y’all Oh they almost stepped in that one too All right but we’re looking in the four Lane real quick Not here is it on the hill perhaps [Music]

I do not know Perfect angle for a beamer surf Florence lung disorder I suffer from that too real uh real Kicker dude [ __ ] sucks I hate having a launch line Nope because claudette’s actually [ __ ] juicing so we’re not gonna waste Time and keep following Uh no pellets here so what do we do we Are running cop corner We had no pallets near us so we’re just Gonna run comp Corner because we’re in The fattest of [ __ ] dead zones we run To the cop corner Because Um it’s gonna waste Trappers we’re Pretty much gonna waste tracker’s time That’s why we go there no pallet no Pallet no pallet what the [ __ ] were they Doing back there what the hell Um we had no pallets back here so pretty Much you run to the furthest part uh From the middle of the map as we can so We have to waste Trappers time if he Wants to chase us Flashlights Oh yeah brother Also you know what the great thing here Is We Sprint this away Thanks for that fuckboy All right we’re gonna start running Middle map We’re not gonna try to

Again we have off the Record so we’re Able to do that Actually gonna run upstairs here looking Down for traps Just a lot because we’re [ __ ] God’s Here We’re just gonna keep wqn pretty much He sometimes I see the that’s a is that a [ __ ] is That the rooner is that a [ __ ] Pumpkin Over here Let’s [ __ ] run up there cancel I can’t [ __ ] tell Jesus This is dropping the crime Conditions Damn it that really sucks so man I’m Sorry to hear about that [Music] But we don’t do suffer from it anymore When is the last time you had symptoms Ah Let us go news there’s a team effort for Moon Kraken It’s not gonna lie All right body black key body block I Blind He’s too worried about avoiding the Flashlight where um You can self-care I’m getting this Flashlight safe It’s gone to November of last year I Think We’re just gonna hide around this tree

I’m [ __ ] pissed I that was a tough Angle for me to hit not even because of Aiming alone but um just because of the Timing on that I I think even with the A5 I would have had the angle there I Would have missed [ __ ] time that Regardless I based it off of when he Gets the shoulder so There’s a little bit we difficult to [ __ ] time I can time [ __ ] out in the open but when They’re out in the open and I’ve gotta Hit a Angle from which I can’t see them Picking up it [ __ ] Burns me This is what high MMR really do be Looking like me and Cheryl [ __ ] Chasing Trapper and Claudette doesn’t Get a [ __ ] Beamer and go [ __ ] off Cheryl shit’s mine [Music] [ __ ] chain if you can [ __ ] I Can’t believe you [ __ ] oh dude that was So [ __ ] free any God damn it that’s Not even me [ __ ] missing either just Chained that [ __ ] Oh We need a chain What do I mean by Chain it meaning if Someone blinds the killer with you the Blind is gonna go by faster meaning You’re gonna miss time your flashlight Saves which [ __ ] Burns you because When it comes to saving on the open like

That I um when it comes to saving on the open Like that it hurts because you have to Have like Pitch Perfect [ __ ] timings When you have someone blind the killer With you blind’s gonna happen faster Making this time it and it’s [ __ ] Chaining just means someone helping you I guess that’s what I use by the term Chaining Look at that [ __ ] Beamer save but We need somebody on our gym because I Don’t think Feng men’s thing I mean it’s On one Sucks because that’s super [ __ ] Embarrassing too [Music] Yeah I pick anybody you know you want my Ass [ __ ] pity Not before me nope not before me I was blinding and then he clicked it For like a split second meaning the Blind went slightly quicker or we Blinded the killer slightly faster than What we were originally trying to do Meaning it makes me miss because Pretty early timed it because I had help With the flashlight it was frustrating Oh my God I can’t believe you just [ __ ] did that I thought it must be no one [Music] So notice how there’s no hand on his

Knee notice how both of them are up yep Ah Shut me off buddy Tough It’s Time to Kobe thing Thanks No thanks I can show you on a custom Game later if you want when you blind The Killer When you’re blank blind a killer and um Understand where you’re going through a Flashlight say it has got to be the most Pitch Perfect [ __ ] timing right I Know this timing so when I go for a Flashlight save and I um Somebody helps flash like the killer With me at the exact same time We end up flashlighting him too early so He doesn’t drop because we blind him in The pickup animation I didn’t double in that [ __ ] really Super early but I’ll still watch this go Down This is what high MMR really do be Looking like hold on [ __ ] chasing Trapper and clutter plus I’m gonna [ __ ] Beamer and go [ __ ] off Cheryl What the hell Oh no should I no no Hold on hold on Okay so she’s still alive Angle from which I can’t angle from Which I can’t angle from where On this tree Angle from which I can’t see them

Picking out the [ __ ] angle I can’t [ __ ] I can’t get the clip damn dude I Might just [ __ ] tip pitch it earlier It just reminds him I did see it but That did not look [ __ ] early that Looked If anything late so it looks like you’re Trying to help whatever it could have Just been a mistake on my part So it looks like he’s trying to help Whatever I couldn’t just That burns oh well tough tits No I know I missed the one on the hill And I miss it clearly because I couldn’t See the animation of which she was at When he was picking up too difficult for Me uh me to see so I was basically not Just straight up off of timing alone Which I do not know raw timing I know animation timing but I do not Know raw timing That meaning Dante I based my Beamer Saves off of the animation that the Killer is and I don’t base it off of Like Counting like one two now blind you know I base it off of where the Survivor is Based on where he’s picking up you know For most people like Trapper it’s when The Survivor reaches his shoulder and Then you start to Blind for most killers When he pixel survives off the ground Then he’s about a half like half them up On his shoulder that’s when you start

The Blind and it works pretty [ __ ] Successful I don’t know how the hell I Missed that Whatever skill issue I guess [ __ ] rough They’re shutting off for Prestige 56 Tonight I’m feeling good That’s [ __ ] unlucky controller die no Um I was just trying to rewind the Stream So I guess and take someone I can’t Believe I [ __ ] missed that last one Then he’s swearing up and down he didn’t Chain it so I guess I gotta believe him He must have been a fluke Heading to bed now I’ve had a lot of fun playing see you Later yeah likewise great man see around Now he swears up and down they didn’t Change that [ __ ] so I’ll take his word For it Maybe I’m just bad Rottenfield’s terrible [ __ ] map Unless we got at least we got doubles on This map again we’re gonna save Sprinters here we’re not gonna Sprint First like two feet you know of course We’re gonna bless his totem And after that we are going to Sprint Burst and look around for you John Actually better yet we’re gonna walk Here Okay so we got a dredge here on us so

Now we’re gonna Sprint verse for Distance you have enough distance so we Don’t have to take the window So greedy drench Foreign Dude oh my God this club probably thinks I’m the most boosted [ __ ] Survivor This card is just my My [ __ ] weakness she walks up to me And misses skill check can’t hit a Single Beamer save a gunster Oh well miss clown [ __ ] up [Music] Foreign G over here let’s go We’re actually just gonna W key away Actually he’s gonna teleport away too so It gives us time to just work on this Jump Thank you Again Johnson if you have any questions Bro just let me know I know right now I’m probably stating Some pretty obvious [ __ ] but honestly I’m just compensating Nice Sorry I wanted to put something LOL Oh you’re good dude take your time Oh was it the flashlight I gotta like mad replay it back and back And back and back Okay right now it’s on Discord you said No Oh nice though

Oh [ __ ] out dude Oh dude I gotta rewatch that full thing Afterwards video that’s pretty much just Me laughing at [ __ ] meme That’s awkward as [ __ ] I’m not gonna run Over here I feel safer at this jungle Gym No [ __ ] shot tap just give me that [ __ ] dirty cookie I’ll dunk you in some [ __ ] milk swear To God [Music] I [ __ ] you cookie [Music] All right let me read this Hella bro [Music] [Music] [Music] All right [ __ ] you two for eating my off The Record [ __ ] See how walls on this map are [ __ ] Horrendous all you’re doing there isn’t Everybody going down so what I’d like to Do is try to buy as much time as we can Foreign Standing right here you can look through The window on our left see where the Dredges You like Jojo knows to play or play Against Um

I used to counterable uh to play but Playing against I think is really fun This Nightfall is like a hella [ __ ] Annoying but it’s not like the end of The world But when you have a map like this it’s Actually really nice to face against a Dredge Walking off sprinters because I’m Injured Foreign Because he started catching up to us Getting a hit means baiting Stand right here so we can see the judge From both angles claudette’s coming up From behind us so he could be coming Around this side soon like so I should be bringing adrenaline because We are in a [ __ ] Swift but Yeah Danny Phantom is definitely one of my Favorites Fairly Odd Parents I feel I Watch too much Uh Redemption [ __ ] Making it out with both of my Islands on My flashlight yeah Danny Phantom was [ __ ] awesome safety Um Poor guys I’m having a good time Um painters Barb And Dead Man’s and Darkness revealed I was never a huge fan of Jimmy Neutron Personally but hey man you do you

Feel like I was not having it that game Well Dante there comes a certain time When like like right there I didn’t have To use my spring burst there To help out Um clutter uh that’s uh chase that Shag I just saw that he was catching up uh Clara was most likely going to go for Shaq palette That’s not bad But no it’s like Claudette was drudge Was starting to catch up thought I was Gonna Show That yeah that was pretty good Claudette was gonna run for um Shaq and Um or was running through Shaq judge had Like bloodlust to her or like bloodless One or two So what I did was before Claudette could Like throw it on palette I made sure That she see me run an atom Whispering Burst run away because they had a super Fast speed drudge is most likely gonna No not a lot of people wouldn’t swing But a lot of babies do swing Um not even babies just a lot of people Do fall for that [ __ ] no matter what Um so that gave Claudette more time and It gave me more time as well so keep Looping your own check before preventing Shacked out from being dropped you know See the bird window The Shack is clutch Yeah I really like it

I mean Iron Shack almost I don’t want to Say identical almost every [ __ ] play But dude I run What time is it six holy [ __ ] six in the Morning Six viewers [ __ ] me I’m actually getting one suck Seven days that’s a bad day all right One day Shame No like Dante if we want to run on if You want to hop on a custom real fast And I’ll show you how I like to run Shaq Personally I’ll show you real fast you Know I didn’t watch Teen Titans to like later Years All right so swap my overcome for Sprinters I mean if I didn’t show you Enough reasons Myself for resilience Or for whatever you want really doesn’t Matter I’ll probably say keep on your Adrenaline because we’re gonna be a Pretty good Swift But here join up real fast and then No the [ __ ] no I’d say keep on your adrenaline I don’t Know where the [ __ ] you got kinship from What the hell No but I was just saying for instance Run Trapper right No actually can’t get anyone else online

Or no Fine Foreign Because Kindred helps out a lot in solo Queue but I wouldn’t say run Kindred in A Swift He said Kindred but then again maybe do Run out I think we’re gonna give him the fifty Thousand dollars and then it’s gonna be Like I lied Trying to invite this guy It’s not even online nope that might Have just been him that’s him No but don’t say I’ll um Dante switch The Spectator Sometimes I hop on PS4 voice chat Cracking Bandit also Dante I might have To re-fucking add you on PS4 I think Again So I’m gonna like beat you with Sprint Press myself for endgame yeah that could Work I mean it’s great because BT Works an Endgame and and off the Record doesn’t But that’s where sprinters does come in Clutch because you can just Sprint burst Away pretty much What the [ __ ] Party doesn’t what the [ __ ] Yeah you better shoot me another friend Request on PlayStation Oh wonderful bag of cough chops which One will I pull for there

[ __ ] keep giving me watermelon [ __ ] This flavor it’s nasty Hey I’m gonna invite you to a different Party just because my boy invited me and He’s on a mobile so I can’t add him Although I’d shoot to another one yeah Give me one sec Oh [ __ ] this watermelon oh damn [Music] Yo Um I can hear you I’m gonna invite my Boy Um you’re gonna switch The Spectator Okay It won’t let you join you want to try to Host it and I’ll join you Oh yeah Yeah Matt doesn’t matter I don’t even know how to change the map So let’s I’ll teach you how Is Are you in Milan There was but it’s not letting me load Uh Bandit you want to host the customer Now It don’t matter to me Right Uh try to host I think I’m glitched out Shit’s [ __ ] tweaking on my end Um all right trap I hate stands for we Might have to restart our stream Yeah shoot me an invite I’m gonna see if I can even join you Why does it say you’re playing against

An impact on your account Because I’m playing that on my PS5 All right I’m gonna restart my game my Game’s having a fan [ __ ] right now I’ll Be back chat I’m gonna reset my