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Juicing orange juice and pomegranate

We started juicing! Hereā€™s a simple recipešŸ¤— #juice #juicing #juicingrecipes #namaj #health

Hi y’all welcome back here’s another Simple yet very delicious and very Nutritious juicing recipe For this recipe I use one full pineapple And a half of a quarter of a watermelon And listen the benefits are crazy like Hydration anti-inflammatory anti-cancer Antioxidant heart health healthy skin And it goes on and on and on quite Frankly I just didn’t want to name them All because it would have covered this Cream right but it made so much juice And it tastes like grape so here’s the Thing about it You can actually I filled three 12 ounce Jars and I had enough for some juice Shots there was some left over and the Whole household loves them the kids love It it’s a win for everybody so go ahead And try it out y’all let me know what You think thank you