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A recent study from Mexico was published that examines the potential impact that sucralose (commonly found as Splenda), has on our gut health, blood sugar, and insulin levels. The title quickly implies a link between sucralose, and something called ‘gut dysbiosis’.

You’ve probably heard this term in the wellness sphere (usually when someone is trying to sell you something), so coupled with the common belief that sucralose is horrible for our gut (I wrote about this here), this study got a lot of attention, especially from people who believed that it was going to confirm their suspicions that sucralose is the most horrible thing ever.

I feel like these studies are like a litmus test of who really knows their sh*t and can read research, and everyone else who just reads the headlines and then posts on social media about what they THINK they know (and don’t).

Sounds SCARY!! This is an older headline, but it’s consistent with the media’s portrayal of sucralose and the gut

Dysbiosis of the gut simply means the microbes living in our bowels are out of balance. This can play a role in digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic bowel syndromes like Crohn’s, and colitis. 

Our gut microbiome contains billions of bacteria; some are generally helpful, and some are not, although science around the links between certain bacteria and their effects on health is in its infancy. Our microbiome has been linked to bowel habits, neurologic function, mood, and even our weight. 

The food and drink we consume, genetics, and lifestyle factors such as physical and mental stress, travel, and infections, seem to have a strong influence on our microbiome. Because of how many bacteria we have, how many types of bacteria there are, and the numerous factors that can impact their levels, the gut microbiome can be tricky to study. 

These bacteria look like cupcake sprinkles. They don’t really look like that IRL, just saying.

We still have a lot to learn about this complex world inside of us. 

What is sucralose?

Sucralose has been approved for use as a general-purpose…


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