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What to Expect During a Nutrition Coaching Session

If you’ve never worked with a dietitian or nutrition coach before – or even if you have – it can be hard to know what to expect during a nutrition coaching session. Especially when you consider working with a dietitian who does more nutrition therapy work and who works from a weight-inclusive lens, as it can be a very different experience than your “traditional” nutrition coach. Read on for some more information about what to expect while working with a nutrition coach or dietitian.

Moving away from dieting and diet culture is not easy. Our culture constantly spreads messages that we need to “fix” ourselves in order to be deemed “healthy” or worthy. For many of my clients, they’ve spent years of their life, and often a lot of money, trying to “fix” their eating behaviors and their body. They end up spending so much time thinking about and worrying about what they’re eating and how they look.

But here’s the secret: the problem isn’t you or your body, it’s diet culture (aka anti-fat bias or fatphobia).

It can be hard to sort through all of the nutrition information or intuitive eating info out there and know which will be applicable to and/or helpful for you. This is where working with a dietitian and nutrition coach comes in!

My team and I specialize in helping people heal their relationship with food and their bodies so that they can live a more authentic, unapologetic, liberated life. We begin this process by starting to form a supportive relationship with you during the initial session.

Read on to learn more about how to choose a nutrition coach, questions to ask, and what to expect before and during your first nutrition coaching session.

How to Choose a Nutrition Coach

Finding the right person to work with is important. Moving away from diet culture can be emotional and bring up challenges. It can be difficult, emotional, and hard to be vulnerable and talk about yourself – especially when it comes to your relationship to food and with your body.

What can make a big difference as you heal your relationship with food and body image is having the right support for you……

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