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When you lose fitness habits, starting over can be just as tough as starting from scratch

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For a number of years, if you asked me, I’d tell you I was a fit person.

Despite too long of doing too little, I still see myself as a fit person. Ultimately, it’s easier to tell myself that than to realise if I attempted a workout I smashed a few years ago it would likely leave me curled in a foetal position on a sweat-drenched floor, in a world of pain.

Just a few years ago, I trained at a CrossFit gym most days. I competed at a pretty gruelling CrossFit competition and had plans to enter a novice weightlifting and strongman competition.

I spent my spare time at rock-climbing gyms and my go-to stress release was an evening run in the rain.

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A couple of times, I jumped on a rowing machine to hit a half-marathon (a little over 21km) distance because it seemed a fun challenge – and I had nothing else planned for the day.

Somehow, before I even noticed, life happened. Fitness habits were forgotten far quicker than they were made. Time with my husband was more valuable than time in the gym. I swapped freelancing for full-time work and ditched my lawn-mowing side-hustle. Around 15,000 steps a day instantly fell from my normal routine.

My formally strict diet made way for late-night snacks on the couch.

Yet, I told myself, I was still the same fit person. It’s an easy lie to tell ourselves when changes happen slow enough to not see them coming.

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A few years ago I was fit enough to compete in a scaled National…


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