Which is Best? Nama J2 or Sana 727 Premium Cold Press Juicer

John from http://www.discountjuicers.com/ shares his opinions with you if you should buy the Nama J2 that is being heavily promoted online or the Sana 727 Supreme Juicer which is the other best-selling juicer this year.

In this episode, John will share his opinions on the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer and the Sana 727 Cold Press Juicer. You will learn why you may want to purchase one or the other. You will learn in what ways the Nama J2 is BETTER than the Sana 727, but you will also learn the ways that the Sana 727 has the Nama J2 Beat.

You will learn how each person has different needs and wants and features they would like to have in a juicer. You will learn why you might not want to immediately buy the juicer that your favorite influencer says “is the best”

You will be asked to write down your needs and wants and things you want to juice in a juicer and John will share a list of criteria with you and which juicer is better or worse at those specific needs on YOUR list.
John will go thru the following list:
1. Easiest to Clean Juicer
2. Easiest to USE Juicer
3. Makes a higher yield of juice
4. Which Juicer Costs Less Money?
5. Better for juicing wheatgrass & greens
6. Better for Juicing Fruits
7. Don’t have to Baby Sit Juicer?
8. Least likely to have parts breakage?
9. Which Juicer do more influences promote?
10. Better Customer Service if Warranty required
11. Which is a hands-free juicer?
12. Which Juicer is Quieter?
13. Offers Batch Juicing by loading a hopper?
14. Which juicer has a longer run time?
15. Which Juicer Grinds better and Extracts more Nutrients
16. Less Precutting of fruits and vegetables?
17. Longer Warranty?
18. Allows YOU to control the speed so you can juice FASTER or SLOWER?
19. Juicer that has one speed so you don’t have to think about it? Nama J2
20. Runs at a LOWER RPM?
21. Advanced Brushless DC motor that is more efficient?
22. Has a built-in safety system so it won’t turn on unless it’s assembled correctly?
23. Easier to Take assemble and disassemble?
24. Automatic Wiping Blade that keeps your screen clean of pulp?
25. Which juicer will aerate the juice less?
26. Has a smaller footprint (Takes Less Counterspace)?
27. You want a juicer that is not too tall?
28. Allows you to choose your level of pulp with an included sieve?
29. Designed in USA & South Korea?
30. Designed in Europe & South Korea?
31. Juicer that is lighter to move?
32. Feeds the juicer automatically so you don’t have to?
33. You prefer feeding items into the Juicer yourself
34. Juicer John Uses Most of the two
35. Juicer I buy get for elderly parents?
36. More time-efficient for juicing a quart
37. More time-efficient for juicing more than a quart
38. Wants a Juicer in Red to Match Your kitchen?
39. Wants a Juicer in White that looks clean?
40. Wants a juicer that is easier to keep clean?
41. Automatic Batch Juicing (up to 24 ounces)
42. Better Juicer to Buy for Gardeners?
43. Makes Frozen Fruit Sorbets
44. Makes Nut Butters & Grinds Herbs & Minces Garlic?
45. Makes Smoothies?
46. Better for Making Nut Milk (neither)?
47. Can Make Cold Pressed Oil from Select High Oil Seeds & Nuts?
48. Has Fewer Parts to keep track of?
49. Has a larger juice catch cup?
50. Has the juice catch and Pulp catch cup made from Stainless Steel?
51. Includes a recipe book to get you started?

After hearing all the answers to the questions listed above, you may be able to make a more educated decision on which juicer would be best for your specific needs based on the truth about these two juicers.

Finally, John will share his summary of these two juicers and why you may want to purchase one or the other of them. You will learn the trade-offs of each of the Juicers.

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