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Why You Don’t Have to Lose Weight For Your Wedding

There is so much pressure put on women to look a certain way on their wedding day. So instead of enjoying this special time, a lot of brides-to-be (understandably) start to panic and begin trying to figure out how to lose weight for the wedding. If you’re experiencing this, you are not alone!

Given the culture we live in, rife with anti-fat bias, I do not fault anyone for deciding to diet leading up to their wedding. But if you are willing to sit with some discomfort, and go against the mainstream tide of wedding ‘advice’, it is possible to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day – no matter what your body size. Read on for a roundup of body-positive tips, advice, and wedding content that does not focus on weight loss.

First things first: if you are engaged, congratulations!

Making this commitment with your partner is a really special time in your life together. 

Unfortunately, from the second most people – especially women – get engaged, they are inundated with scrutiny from family, friends, in-laws, and the world around them asking a million questions and giving unsolicited advice about how their wedding day should be.

This is also sadly true when it comes to weight and body size. I recently had a client tell me that her wedding dress tailor asked her, “What size do you plan to be on your wedding day?” without any prompting from my client. Talk about weight bias!

Luckily, she had been doing a lot of work on her own body image and so she was able to brush off that unsolicited comment fairly easily. But still, especially when you are trying to move away from dieting, all of the ‘wedding weight loss’ ads, social media posts, or comments can be a LOT. (Especially the sneaky ones that claim it’s a “lifestyle change” or just “a tone-up plan” and not a diet.)

If you’re experiencing this, you are not alone! There can be so much pressure about how you are supposed to look for your wedding, and it’s unfortunately difficult to avoid the topic of wedding weight loss, especially when it comes to women getting married. 

The good news: if you are working on moving…


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