Yes! Homemade Juice Contains Fiber + Juicing Microbiome Benefits

John from explains how fresh homemade juice contains fiber. He also backs up his statement with Journal Published Studies so you can learn the truth about fiber & fresh homemade juice.

In this episode, John will share his thoughts about the misinformation that some people spread about being no fiber in the juice. You will learn about two categories of fiber & how much or little soluble and insoluble fiber may be left in your juice. You will discover which juicers put more or less fiber into your juice, and how some clear store-bought juices may have very little or no fiber.

You will learn all about the topic of juicing and fiber. Including the science. why it can be a good thing, and why fiber with the food may not be a good thing.

You will learn about the overall percentage of fiber that may remain in your juice and the vegetables and fruits you should juice to maintain the most fiber in the juice. You will also learn the fruit that puts the least amount of fiber in the juice. You will be able to download a chart of the soluble and insoluble fiber found in various fruits and vegetables.

You will discover how some juicers keep more fiber in the juice than others. Slow juicers such as the Omega VSJ843 put more insoluble fiber in the juice than high-speed juicers and 2 stage hydraulic press juicers.

You will learn which juicers to avoid if you want to maximize your fiber intake when drinking fresh juice.

Next, John will share with you published studies about juice and fiber, proving once and for all that fresh juice contains fiber. You will also learn how the microbiome is affected by juice and what the microbiome feeds on (hint: its soluble fiber and polyphenols) that are still in the juice. You will learn the benefits of some of these polyphenols as well as the benefit of a juice-only diet and how cancer survivors were able to raise their beta carotene levels 2x more with juice rather than eating whole carrots. You will also learn how kale juice is being used to multiply probiotic material (akin to yogurt) and much, much more.

After watching this episode, you will learn that juice does contain soluble fiber that can help you lose weight, and create a healthier microbiome.

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